Manage your Geography email address and account


Username: Your full email address (eg:
Quota: 100MB, and 25MB for “forwarding” accounts. Please note that no-emails will be delivered to your email once your quota has been reached (with forwarding accounts being the exception). Please empty your trash, and save and remove email messages with large attachments.
Webmail: There are two systems to choose from:

figure 1:
Horde Webmail Login Screen
figure 2:
Roundcube Webmail Login Screen


Forwarding Mail, Password Changes, and Autoresponder Messages

Email account management can be accessed online at To log in to the Postfix Admin web interface (figure 3) please use your full email address as the username and your email password.

figure 3:Postfix Admin Login Screen

Once logged into the website you are presented with the following options (figure 4)

  • Auto Response – Set an “out of office” message or auto responder for your mail.
  • Change your forward – Change your email forwarding.
  • Change Password – Change your current password.
  • Logout – Logout from the system

figure 4:Postfix Admin Account Management Options

Mail Server Settings

Username: Your full email address (eg:
SMTP (on campus only):
SMTP (for off campus use): configuration information can be found online at