Bousfield Distinguished Visitor in Planning

Kofi Hope 

Dr. Hope’s academic training in Political Science in combination with his extensive community involvement as founder, and former executive director of, the Centre for Young Black Professionals (CEE) in Toronto, will allow him to engage with planning students on issues around the nexus of race and socioeconomic inequality in city building.
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John Farrow 

John Farrow received a post graduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Oxford Polytechnic and an M.B.A. from the Schulich Business School in Toronto. He worked for the Boroughs of Rotherham and Chelsea managing social housing and for the City of Coventry as a member of the team planning the central area. John is an international consultant on city planning and management. He is Chairman Emeritus of the international infrastructure planning consultants, LEA Group Holdings, where he was CEO. Prior to that he led Canada’s premier Urban Policy think tank, the Canadian Urban Institute, and was the Managing Partner of The Coopers and Lybrand Consulting Group.  He has prepared numerous masterplans for large cities and city regions and worked extensively in India, Central Europe, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and Canada. He is currently a member of a team preparing a masterplan for the capital of Oman. His primary research interest is how cities can respond faster to changing social and economic circumstances and utilize innovative approaches to providing infrastructure and services more effectively. His own experience has convinced him that a planning education provides the skills necessary for those who wish to play a larger role in shaping the future of cities. Therefore, in addition to his research he will introduce students to former planning graduates who will share their career experiences of working in a variety of fields.




The John Bousfield Distinguished Visitorship in Planning was established through a major donation to and a matching grant by the University of Toronto. The Visitorship honours John Bousfield,  (1929-2016), founding Partner of Bousfields Inc., and a committed and visionary professional planner for nearly six decades. It enables the Planning Program to bring to the University accomplished individuals who can teach, give public lectures and participate in collaborative research projects on issues important to the field of planning.

The Bousfield position is intended to offer the visitors an opportunity for research, writing and reflection, while also enhancing the learning experience of students in the Program in Planning, providing diverse and innovative perspectives on contemporary planning issues and enhancing the relations between the Planning Program and the community at large.

Located in one of the most diverse cities in North America, the Planning Program offers its students a dynamic, interdisciplinary blend of practical knowledge and critically engaged theory. Information on the Program in Planning can be obtained from its website (


The Planning Program is seeking applications from practitioners and scholars who have substantial planning experience in public, private, non-profit or community organizations, in local, national or international venues. The program especially encourages applications from those whose experiences and viewpoints are underrepresented within planning.

The Planning Program can support a one-semester visitorship with a stipend commensurate with the duration and intensity of the period in residence at the University.

For requirements, please refer to the 2017-2018 Application advertisement:

Fall term 2017 and/or Winter term, 2018 Bousfield Visitorship Application