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Alemu Gonsamo remarks on a research project – Researchers use 36 years of bike race footage to illustrate Belgium’s changing climate – CBC

Matti Siemiatycki examines the Bombardier deal with the TTC – CBC

Congratulations to Neil Nunn, winner of a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to be a visiting scholar with Professor Nik Heynen in the Geography Department at the University of Georgia

He has recently published a paper in Antipode: Toxic Encounters, Settler Logics of Elimination, and the Future of a Continent, Antipode 2018 pp. 1–19 This paper engages the relationship between toxic geographies and settler colonialism. By bringing to light larger structures and histories that underpin the settler colonial project, I examine a series of toxic […]

Anna Kramer discusses Canada’s future – Maximum Canada: How big is enough on CBC: Ideas

Andrew Kaufman (PhD student human geography) & Diala Lteif (PhD candidate urban planning) awarded the Prestigious Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

Andrew’s research on financial firms that invest in other countries’ debt and Diala’s investigation of how refugees and internally displaced populations in Lebanon have appropriated concepts of migration and citizenship have earned them the prestigious title of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholars. Andrew Kaufman and Diala Lteif are the 31st and 32nd scholarship recipients nominated by the University of […]

Matti Siemiatycki remarks on the idea of retrofitting the Toronto subway system with platform barriers

Death of man on Toronto subway tracks puts platform barriers in spotlight: National Post Globe and Mail 680 News City News

Matti Siemiatycki comments on Doug Ford’s promise to put subways in the suburbs and comments on a report suggesting Toronto has the worst commute in North America – CBC Radio

Bousfield Distinguished Visitor Jennifer Keesmaat calls for urgent action on Toronto road safety.

(Toronto Star) (Globe and Mail) (Global News) (CBC Radio: Metro Morning)

Matti Siemiatycki comments on the Canadian Government’s decision to purchase the Kinder Morgan pipeline – The Guardian

Matti Siemiatycki analyzes Ontario party positions on transportation – Toronto Star