Focus in Planning

The Planning Focus provides students with the opportunity to learn about how planning is a key component of the dynamic relations that exist between places, policy, power, and people. It focuses in on the conscious choices and decision made by various groups to shape the spatial organization of human activities. The Planning Focus will appeal to students who wish to develop an integrative understanding of the cultural, economic, political and social forces that shape the development and redevelopment of metropolitan and rural regions. Students are encouraged to explore the breadth of our courses that engage planning questions in relation to transportation, social segregation, health and housing, economic policy, environment change, and globalization.

Enrolment Requirements:

Enrolment in the Human Geography Specialist (ASSPE1667) program is required.

Completion Requirements:

Core (required) Courses: 1.0 FCE from GGR217H1 and JGI346H1

Planning Electives: Any 3 courses (1.5 FCE) from GGR241H1GGR338H1GGR339H1GGR343H1GGR349H1GGR354H1GGR359H1GGR424H1GGR433H1GGR434H1GGR460H1GGR493Y1 (0.5 FCE can be used based on internship)

Note: At least 1.0 FCE must be 300/400 series courses.