Environment & Energy

Environment and Energy (Science Program) – Joint Program with the School of the Environment

Note: Students combining this program with a Specialist/Major sponsored by the Department of Geography will normally be allowed to count only 1.5 (of the 4.0) FCEs towards both programs.

Jointly sponsored by the School of the Environment and the Department of Geography, this interdisciplinary program addresses the scientific, technological, environmental and policy aspects of energy use and supply, with a focus on the reduction of environmental impacts.

Minor Entry Requirements: Note that the four full course equivalents that constitute the Minor Program are those listed below under “Higher Years.” Consult David Powell, Undergraduate Student Advisor, School of the Environment, Room 1049A, Earth Sciences Centre, 416-946-8100 or david.powell@utoronto.ca

For the full list of course descriptions, please see the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar

Number of half courses Courses FCEs
A: First Year: One FCE from MAT135H1MAT136H1)/ MAT137Y1, and at least one FCE from CHM138H1/​ CHM136H1CHM139H1/​ CHM135H1CHM151Y1PHY131H1PHY132H1PHY151H1PHY152H1
B: All ENV221H1ENV222H1/​ GGR223H1 1.0
C: All ENV346H1ENV350H1ENV450H1 1.5
D: Any 2 of  GGR310H1/​ FOR310H1GGR314H1GGR347H1GGR348H1 1.0
E: Any 1 of CHM210H1CHM310H1CHM415H1ENV237H1ENV238H1FOR410H1GGR203H1GGR314H1 (if not taken for previous section), HPS313H1PHY231H1PHY250H1 0.5
Total   4.0


(Last updated: May 7, 2018)