Asian Geographies

Asian Geographies offers a structure exchange opportunity between the University of Toronto and National University of Singapore (NUS). This program allows students to study geographic themes through the lens of development and change in Asia. They complete half of this minor program while at National University of Singapore (NUS), selecting from courses there that locate geographic questions in a local or regional context.

This minor program represents a unique opportunity to study geography in a different cultural environment. For more information, contact the Undergraduate Office and the Centre for International Experience (CIE, Students are advised to contact the U of T Geography Department in advance of going abroad to discuss course selection at NUS.

Enrolment Requirements:

Enrolment in the Asian Geographies Minor is administratively suspended effective February 28, 2020 and is no longer admitting students. Students currently enrolled will be permitted to finish the program.

This is a limited enrolment program. Students must have completed 4.0 credits and meet the requirements listed below to enrol.

Special Requirement

  • A supplementary application is required. For more information, contact the Centre for International Experience (CIE,

Completion Requirements:

First Year Geography Course: Any course (0.5 credit) from GGR100H1/​ JEG100H1GGR101H1GGR107H1GGR112H1GGR124H1

Applications (UofT): Any 3 (1.5 credits) higher level GGR/JGE/JGI/JFG/JUG courses

Applications (NUS): Any 4 courses (2.0 credits) from NUS250H0NUS251H0NUS252H0NUS253H0NUS254H0NUS255H0NUS256H0NUS350H0NUS351Y0NUS352H0NUS353H0NUS354H0 (or other NUS course with permission of the department)

Note: At least 1.0 credit must be at the 300/400 level (from U of T or NUS)

Total credits: 4.0