2014-15 TUGS Executive

President – Christelle Broux

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Christelle is in her fourth year pursuing a double major in Environmental Science & Physical and Environmental Geography. She is interested in renewable energy, sustainable urban development, and an extensive list of environmental and social issues. She is a self-proclaimed physical geography enthusiast with an addiction to glaciers, volcanoes, and landscape photography. She enjoys hiking, travelling, and exploring hidden areas- from the graffiti alleys of Toronto to the steam valleys and glacial lagoons of Iceland. This is Christelle’s second year as a TUGS executive and she looks forward to meeting more passionate geographers and helping to make TUGS a student oriented and interactive organization.​

Vice President (Internal Affairs) – Charlotte Lee

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Charlotte is in her final year pursing a specialist in Human Geography and minor in History. She is interested in housing, community development, and array of social issues in the urban and suburban landscape. She hopes to make a difference in people’s life, whether it is community development or working with youths, she loves helping people. This is Charlotte’s second year on the TUGS exec committee and she is happy to be back with TUGS! Charlotte looks forward to meeting other geographers in this upcoming year! Drop by the office and chit chat with us! P.S. She may or may not love cats and food.

Vice President (External Affairs) – Momin Ahmad









Momin is in his 4th and final year with a double major in Urban Studies and Human Geography. He hopes to use his interdisciplinary degree and love of cities in a digital media and strategic marketing career. In his free time he can be found sifting through instagram filters, skyping with his cat and photographing every new urban experience.

Secretary – Patricia Wilches

My name is Patricia and I am a fourth year student pursuing a double major in Human Geography and Diaspora and Transnational Studies (DTS). I’m an aspiring Urban Planner and hope to focus on revitalization projects in developed and developing nations. After graduation I plan to apply for my Masters of Urban Planning but not before I get some time off to travel and do some hands on research regarding social housing and redevelopment initiatives in global cities like New York! As TUGS secretary I am excited to make this last year the best yet!

Treasurer – Nabila Prayitno


Nabila is in her fourth year at Uoft completing her double major in urban studies and human geography with a minor in GIS. Having lived in 3 different countries, she has a passion for travelling which led her to pursue geography. After taking many geography courses at UofT, she found a special interest in urban planning ranging from community development to environmental and transportation planning. She hopes to graduate this year and pursue her Masters in urban planning specializing in transportation. Having lived in Germany for a few years and wishing to learn planning in a different perspective, she finds that Germany is the great place to study transportation. From its extensive rail line coverage to successfully providing road infrastructures (autobahn) and transit lines, Germany is a complete case study to learn from. Nabila believes that the future of urban planning in Canada lies in the transportation sector and hopes that she is able to apply what she has learned abroad to the Canadian context.

Academic Outreach Officer – Danielle Culp


Danielle is in her fourth year, pursuing a Specialist in Human Geography. Born and raised in Toronto, her love for all things urban began young! Danielle has a strong appreciation for architecture and is passionate about issues surrounding gentrification, community engagement in the planning process, as well as finding bold, creative solutions for the redevelopment of public spaces. After completing her undergraduate degree, Danielle plans to pursue graduate studies in urban planning in hopes to help redefine and foster innovation across urban areas of the great white north! This is Danielle’s first year as a TUGS executive and she is excited to share her passion for Geography with other students.

Media Officer – Bowang Dai

Social Coordinator – Noel Ariyaratnam

Howdy People. This is Noel. Im currently a 3rd year student majoring in Human Geography, Political Science with a minor in Canadian Studies. My focus of study is the implications of social reproduction in urban cities caused by political negligence and public policy. Also with a big interest of concept of Canadian Nationalism and the representation of Multiculturalism in Canada. I hope to pursue this interest in more detail in post undergraduates studies. I hope to better create a definition of national identity and bring back Captain Canuck. Oh and I’m always in the TUGS lounge

G.I.S Representative – Michael Di Febo


Michael is in his senior year pursuing a double major in both Human and Environmental Geography specializing in Urban Planning and GIS, respectfully. His interest lay in the field of transportation where he hopes to develop sustainable and innovated transit oriented planning decisions. He hopes that these decisions will be able to shape emerging transit networks in the worlds growing economy. His ambition is to continue his academic career by pursuing a thesis based masters program where he will be able to focus on transportation infrastructure. His topic stemmed while enrolled in an graduate level GIS research course where he had the opportunity to lead a group of 6 students under the supervision of Dr. Don Boyes. Currently enrolled in a co-op course working as a transportation planning student, Michael hopes to bridge the gap between what he has learnt theoretically at the University of Toronto to real world scenarios that will shape our community for decades to come.

Human Geography Representative – Vanessa Agnoletto

Vanessa is in her fourth year pursuing a double major in human geography and environmental studies, with a minor in environmental geography. After leaving university, she is interested in working in the field of environmental assessment after working at an environmental consulting firm for the past two summers. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, cycling, baking and travelling. This is Vanessa’s first year as a TUGS executive and she looks forward to meeting other geographers and getting immersed in the amazing geography community at UofT.

Environmental Geography Representative – Katharine Lee


Katharine is in her 3rd year pursuing a major in Environmental Geography with minors in French and Spanish. She enjoys learning, travelling, reading, getting lost and exploring unfamiliar terrains. In the future, she hopes to live on a self-sufficient organic farm, surrounded by mountains as far as the eye can see! She’s also super friendly and loves helping her peers, so come say hi…she can almost always be found lounging in the TUGS office

Physical Geography Representative – May May So

My name is May May So, I am the Physical Geography Stream Representative for TUGS 2014-2015. I am working towards a science degree with Fine Arts on the side. I hope to have opportunities in biogeography and surveying field work aspects this year.