Selected Articles Recently Published by Faculty

Featured Citations:

Meric Gertler

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Emily Gilbert

Gilbert, E. and Ponder, C. 2014. “Between tragedy and farce: 9/11 compensation and the value of life and death” Antipode 46 (2): 404-425.

Kanishka Goonewardena

Stefan Kipfer and Kanishka Goonewardena. 2013. ‘Urban Marxism and the Postcolonial Question: Henri Lefebvre and “Colonization”’, Historical Materialism 21.2, 1-41.

William Gough

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Jason Hackworth

Danny Harvey

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Nicole Klenk

Smith, A.L., Klenk, N., Wood, S., Hewitt, N., Bazely, D.R., Yan, N., Henriques, I. 2013. Second Generation Biofuels and Bioinvasions: An evaluation of invasive risks and policy responses in Canada and the United States. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 27: 30-42.

Joseph Leydon

Leydon, J., Wilson, K. & Boyd, C. 2014. “Improving Student Writing Abilities in Geography: Examining the Benefits of Criterion-Based Assessment and Detailed Feedback” Journal of Geography, 113 (00) : 1-9.