Selected Articles Recently Published by Faculty

Featured Citations:

Alana Boland

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Ron Buliung

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Jing Ming Chen

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Amrita Daniere

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Joseph R. Desloges

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Richard DiFrancesco

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Meric Gertler

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Emily Gilbert

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Kanishka Goonewardena

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William Gough

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Jason Hackworth

Danny Harvey

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Nicole Klenk

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Igor Lehnherr

Lehnherr, I., V. St. Louis, M. Sharp, A. Gardner, J. Smol, S. Schiff, D. Muir, C. Mortimer, N. Michelutti, C. Tarnocai, K. St. Pierre, C. Emmerton, J. Wiklund, G. Köck, S. Lamoureux, C. Talbot. 2018. The world’s largest High Arctic lake responds rapidly to climate change. Nature Communications, 9: 1290 (Journal Impact Factor: 12.1). Read it here (open access)

Joseph Leydon

Leydon, J., Wilson, K. & Boyd, C. 2014. “Improving Student Writing Abilities in Geography: Examining the Benefits of Criterion-Based Assessment and Detailed Feedback” Journal of Geography, 113 (00) : 1-9.

Virginia Maclaren

Wang, C. and Maclaren, V.W.  (2012) Evaluation of Economic and Social Impacts of the Sloping Land Conversion Program: a Case Study in Dunhua County, China.  Forest Policy and Economics 14(1) 50-57.