Planning – Current Issues Papers (MSc)

MSc in Planning Program – Current Issues Papers

Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2018-19 Campbell Felicity From Revitalization to Community Benefits: The Case of Firgrove

2018-19 Chan Marty Where do the Babies Go? Examining Downtown Toronto’s Family-Oriented Vertical Community: West Don Lands
2018-19 Chan Sarah Qi-Ying Infill-in-the-park? Steps towards guiding development in Toronto’s apartment neighbourhoods
2018-19 Cheong Natasha Need over profit or profit over need? The tale of two Canadian cites and their diverging strategies to use public land for affordable housing
2018-19 Cui Lucy Keeping Pace: Planning for Community Infrastructure in Toronto’s High Growth Neighbourhoods
2018-19 Dow Stuart Planning for Intensification on Toronto’s Transit-adjacent Employment Lands
2018-19 Dumbrell Laura Prefab Possibility: Planning for Factory-Built Affordable Housing in Vancouver and Toronto
2018-19 Fan Junyi Bridging the Gap – Exploring the Potential to Use Automated Shuttles to Fill Toronto’s Public Transit Gap
2018-19 Ferris Ellen Guardians of Green Infrastructure: Understanding how household values and environmental organizations influence residential outdoor space
2018-19 Grant Sean Making Space for the Middle: Municipal Finance & Mid-Range Rental Development in Toronto
2018-19 Jallow Aisha All hands on-deck, all eyes watching: An Analysis of The King Street Pilot & Bloor Bike Lanes
2018-19 Johnson Gemma Walking while aging – Improving walking environments for older pedestrians in Toronto’s inner suburbs
2018-19 Kapenda Kevin Addressing demand for culturally-relevant sports facilities in Toronto: Community-led procurement and perspectives from municipal recreation plans
2018-19 Lamizana Kenny Millennials’ lived-experiences in Toronto’s Rental Market
2018-19 Lee Hubert From OMB to LPAT: Evaluating the Changes to the Planning Appeals Process in Ontario
2018-19 LeFort Alexander An Assessment of North American Vehicle-for-Hire Bylaws – Lessons for Toronto
2018-19 Loghrin Helen Who is #Cycling? Bike Share Toronto’s Portrayal of Gender, Race, and Ability on Social Media
2018-19 Ma Anson Safety Among Stakeholders: An Interview-Based Approach to Explaining the City of Toronto Vision Zero Road Safety Plan
2018-19 Marshall Zoe The Spaces in Between: How Baltimore’s Green Network Plan Fills in Physical and Social Gaps Through Ecological Design
2018-19 Martins Anamarie Who’s redesigning the local neighbourhood park? A critical view of the public consultation process in park planning in the City of Toronto
2018-19 Nelson Rebecca Mitigating Transit-Induced Residential Displacement Through Section 37
2018-19 Pereira Charlaine Fatal Attraction Assessing Bird-Window Collisions on Campus through an Urban Design and Landscape Evaluation
2018-19 Pham Steven A Community-Driven Approach to Suburban Retrofitting – Visions, Desires, and Changes for Mississauga Neighbourhoods
2018-19 Pye Yoko The Lived Experience of Women and Minorities at the Forefront of Transit Planning
2018-19 Saini Simmy Policy for Packaging Waste: The Transitioning Roles of Municipalities
2018-19 Samardzic Igor Incomplete Streets: Starting with Accessibility
2018-19 Woeller Jacob Housing the Dispossessed. An Examination of the Challenges of Siting Homeless Shelters in the City of Toronto

2017-18 Afful Adwoa ”Planning from the Margins”: Black organizing in the GTA and New Frameworks for Collaborative Planning

2017-18 Alabi Tolulope Tackling the challenges faced by Toronto’s Committees of Adjustment: Present and future recommendations
2017-18 Ali Abbas When Shovels Hit the Ground: An Examination of Public and Stakeholder Engagement Processes during the Construction of Transportation Infrastructure Projects in Ontario
2017-18 Blagden Alison Regulating Payday Lenders – Policy Options for Toronto
2017-18 Bristow Timothy A Matter of Taste – Hipster Aesthetics and the Symbolic Dimensions of Gentrification
2017-18 Chang Adriana Cracks in the Foundation: The under representation of women in senior leadership positions within the Canadian infrastructure industry
2017-18 Chou Tammy Achieving Walkability in (Sub)urban growth centres: An analysis of Downtown Mississauga, Markham Centre, Etobicoke City Centre and North York Centre
2017-18 Didycz Adam Urban Redevelopment and Food Security: A Case Study of Regent Park, Toronto
2017-18 Forte Leah Green Development Standards: A Review of Implementation Challenges in the Greater Toronto Area
2017-18 Hicks Madeleine Sexism at Work: Deconstructing the Male-Dominance of Infrastructure
2017-18 Hussain Hiba The 21 Mile Walk: An Analysis of Regional Transit in Southeast Michigan
2017-18 Keel Robert Built Form, Urban Spatial Structure, and Office Commuting Patterns in the GTHA
2017-18 Lam Sharon Climate Change Preparedness Assessment Framework for Critical Infrastructure
2017-18 Liu Desiree Walking in the Age of Autonomous Vehicles
2017-18 Magsumbol Nadjie (Daniel) A Room of Her Own: Racialized and Gendered Violence Experienced by Live-In Migrant Workers in Private Homes
2017-18 Matthews-Hunter Keir The Macro Determinants and Geography of Household Formation Among Young Adults in Canadian Cities
2017-18 Miller Hannah Citizens of Today: Deepening Child Engagement Practices in Toronto
2017-18 Molendowski Izabela Evaluating the Effects of Rapid Population Growth on Pedestrian Infrastructure: A case study of Toronto’s Humber Bay Shores Community
2017-18 Petzold Natasha Cold Weather, Warmer Memories: A Community Guide to Winter Programming in Toronto’s Parks
2017-18 Roach Rebecca Exploring Monitoring in Practice: A Review of Community Improvement Plan Monitoring in the GTHA
2017-18 Shipman Clara Building in Common: (Re)Integrating Social Services and Community Spaces in Church Redevelopment Projects
2017-18 Shortly Anna Consuming the city: Making Space for foraging in Toronto’s Parks
2017-18 Van Dijk Arno The Role of the Planner in the Age of Social Media
2017-18 Wong Haydi Exploring the Effects of Travel Behaviour on Self-Rated Stress and Self-Rated Health in Canadian Urban Areas
2016-17 An Haein (Lauren) Privately Owned Publicly-Accessible Spaces: a win-win solution for the future of urban public realm?
2016-17 Banks Ira Mind the Gap: Exploring Why TTC Ridership Numbers Are Not Meeting Expectations
2016-17 Buelles Anni-Claudine Land Use Compatibility: An analysis of Industrial Land Use in the Context of a Mixed Use Growth Agenda
2016-17 Burkimsher Stuart Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Rooming House Policy Options for Toronto’s Inner-Suburbs
2016-17 Butler Keegan Aging in place with no place to call home: Seniors’ eviction in Toronto’s private rental market and lessons from Quebec
2016-17 Carriere Kelsey Backyards, Way Forward: Assessing the potential for detached secondary suites in Toronto
2016-17 Cirnu Stephanie Planning Accessible Communities: Lessons Learned from the Pan Am Athletes’ Village, Toronto
2016-17 Coopersmith Aviva ”You can’t squeeze blood from a stone”: Rooming houses and the ongoing gentrification of South Parkdale
2016-17 Forhan Eric Facilitating Developer-Supported Urban Agriculture (UA) in Toronto: Lessons learned from local developers and planning interventions in Vancouver
2016-17 Fortune-Rusynyk Alexandra Accessorizing Backyards: the Regulation and Impact of Detached Accessory Dwelling Units
2016-17 Hoelscher Michael The Frontiers of Social Procurement: Actor Risk Perception and Mitigation in the city of Toronto Social Procurement Program
2016-17 Kearns Michelle Active Transportation in Southwest Scarborough: Perceptions of Safety and Normative Suburbanism
2016-17 Khan Ameena The Misuse of Mixed Use: Employment Lands Retention Strategies
2016-17 Kitchen Jonathan Expanding the Niagara Escarpment Plan in Meaford, Ontario: Implications of regional landscape plans on smaller rural municipalities
2016-17 Malik Aqsa The Politics of Evidence and Decision-Making on Large Transportation Infrastructure project in Toronto
2016-17 Martelo Mesa Maria Cycling Interventions in Practice: The Case of Newcomer Cyclists
2016-17 Masoudi Mana Toronto’s Mid-rise Design Guidelines: Effectiveness, usage and possible adaption for deep lots
2016-17 Nogiec Hannah Don’t Grow Old: Mobility Challenges and Opportunities for an Aging Population in Erin Mills, Mississauga
2016-17 Paniccia Brandon Working Towards Greater Artist Diversity in Toronto’s Art and Public Monuments Colection
2016-17 Refaat Noha Egypt’s New Urban Communities: Inclusive or Exclusive?
2016-17 Rizvi Haya Walkability in the (Sub)Urban Growth Centres: An analysis of streets in Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York & Markham
2016-17 Stewart Nathan The Uneven Geographies of Entitlements and Climate Change Vulnerability in the Slum Communities of Khon Kaen, Thailand
2016-17 Trainor Emily Re-purposing the Right-of-Way: An Implementation Toolkit for Canadian Municipalities
2016-17 Wacker Holly Treading Water: Toronto’s Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program
2016-17 Walker Andrew An Armistice in the War on Graffiti: Toronto’s Street Art Policy and Engaging Artists in the Construction of Public Space
2016-17 Willard Louise Exploring the Role of Urban Municipal Governments in Broadband Planning
2016-17 Williamson Jennifer Climate of Change: Evaluating the Impact of the Toronto Green Standard
2015-16 Bamforth Jonathan Impacts of Financial Policies and Practices in a High-Growth Municipality
2015-16 Bialek Corey The right to stay put? Investigating the zero displacement policy in Alexandra Park
2015-16 Chan Kevin Latent Demand for Cycling-Transit Integration at GO Train Stations in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area
2015-16 Corbo Natalie Planning for Equity in Transit-Adjacent Commercial Areas
2015-16 D’Souza Lillian Revitalizing Commercial Retail on Main Streets: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Canadian and American Cases
2015-16 Garcia Adam The Interaction of Heritage Preservation and Affordable Housing in Toronto
2015-16 Grandez Maria Accessibility Benefits of the New LRT and Subway Transit Stations in the GTHA
2015-16 Hilder Matthew Balancing the conversation: Towards more meaningful public participation in Toronto’s development review process
2015-16 Ilacqua Giulia Lights, Camera, Action: Toronto’s Studio District as a Catalyst for Economic Development
2015-16 Krushnisky Jessica Unlocking density: Examining the implementation of second unit policies in Ontario
2015-16 Macrae Emily Apartment Tower Renewal in Toronto: What motivates private sector participation
2015-16 Malcher Stephanie Chasing Equity: Investigating the Potential of Homeownership for Toronto’s Low-Income Households
2015-16 Marques Alex Fasten Your Greenbelts: Transportation Infrastructure Development in Ontario’s Protected Countryside
2015-16 Maund Meaghan Planning Beyond the Boundary: Strategies for Managing Rouge National Urban Park in an Evolving Urban Environment
2015-16 McNeill-Knowles Angus Regeneration in Toronto: Guiding redevelopment along the Dupont Street corridor
2015-16 Mehan Rishab New High-Rise Family Housing: Directions, Choices, and Preferences for Toronto’s Market and Policies
2015-16 Melikian Anna Exploring Tools for Parkland Planning and Dedication in Mississauga, Brampton and Markham
2015-16 Melo Carli Enclaves of Capital in Myanmar: Urbanization and the Dawei Special Economic Zone
2015-16 Menkad Amina Space Reserved… Access Denied A Study of Toronto’s Non-Compliant Designated Accessible Parking
2015-16 Milito Lia Contextualizing the Role of Open Data in Facilitating Civic Participation: Strategic and Operational Lessons Learned in Toronto, Ontario
2015-16 Oliver Nadine Marx to Market: Urban Form and Governance in Post-Communist Bucharest, Romania
2015-16 Percival Nicole This is Grizzly country! Making space for large scale ecological corridors for wildlife movement in Alberta’s regional planning process
2015-16 Picard Andrew A new road order? Cycle space in Berlin, Munster, and Toronto
2015-16 Prindiville Tara-Lyn Homelessness Reforms in Ontario: Strengths & Weaknesses of a Paradigm Shift Towards Prevention
2015-16 Rene Shareefah Evaluating unplanned development strategies in Saint Lucia: a critical analysis of policy and planning
2015-16 Santos Del Rio Carolina Walking towards the next wall: the impact of gated communities on active transportation in Monterrey, Mexico
2015-16 Sharpe Zayas Mercedes Equity in the Time of Precarity: Inclusive Local Economy Projects in Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas
2015-16 Wahab Farad Understanding and Analyzing the Potential Conflicts Between Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Motorists on Waterfront Toronto’s Newly Revitalized Queens Quay Boulevard
2015-16 Woo Frances Beyond the Building Code: Barriers and opportunities for Ontario municipalities to achieve more accessible housing
2015-16 Woo Stanley Transit fare equity: Assessing social equity impacts of distance-based fare policies in Toronto, Canada
2014-15 Augsten Tamara Pedaling Toward Equity in Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis: Incorporating social equity into bicycle planning and policy
2014-15 Babin Meghan Emergency Response Planning and Social Vulnerability within the City of Toronto: An Analysis of the 2013 Ice Storm on the Kingston-Galloway Orton Park Neighbourhood
2014-15 Bennington Monica Municipal social planning inclusion for (im)migrant populations:
2014-15 Bonner Allan Why is Toronto’s SkyDome where it is?
2014-15 Cascone Nicholas Trashing the Trend: Assessing the Current State and Prospective Solutions for Multi-Residential Waste Diversion in Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan
2014-15 Chu Sarah Life After School: Repurposing Toronto’s surplus
schools as community assets
2014-15 Farvolden Judy Unlocking the Economic Potential of the GTA University
2014-15 Hillbrecht Chris We the North? Planning Toronto as a Winter City
2014-15 Himmel Michael Evolutionary to Revolutionary: Understandinf Innovation in Infrastructure Projects through Public-Private Partnerships
2014-15 House Sean Gaining Traction: Rural Transit in Haldimand and Norfolk
2014-15 Hughes Tyler Accommodating Faith in the City: An Analysis of Place of Worship Planning in the GTA
2014-15 Kalnina Anna Pre-Application Consultation: A Planning Tool for an Efficient and Transparent Planning Practice
2014-15 Kelling Matthew Towards Inclusive Neighbourhood Change: The Feasability of a Holistic Community Land Trust in Parkdale, Toronto
2014-15 Kemp John Inclusive Plans and Necessary Practices: The Provision and Maintenance of Affordable Housing Near Rapid Transit in Vancouver and Ottawa
2014-15 Lattimer Robin Community Matters: Maximizing the Role of Local Governments in British Columbia’s Environmental Assessment Process
2014-15 Lau Rebecca Challenges and opportunities for reinvesting into Toronto’s office parks
2014-15 Lewis Mieka Optimizing Space Utilization in Higher Education
A Study for the University of Toronto Scarborough
2014-15 Lockhart Alexandra A Study of Backyard Chickens By-laws
2014-15 Miller Kyle Analyzing Two Wastewater Project Procurement Processes in East-coast Canada
2014-15 Nader Brenton Privately Owned Public Spaces in Toronto and the Struggle for the Soul of Humanity
2014-15 Naklicki Kara In Search of Predictability: Evaluating Toronto’s Development Permit System
2014-15 Plottel Sophie Making the Switch to Local Energy: The Case of District Energy Planning and Governance in Southeast False Creek, Vancouver
2014-15 Procopio Anna The Challenge of ‘Reno-viction’ in Preserving Toronto’s Privately Owned Affordable Rental Housing Stock
2014-15 Rowan Carolyn Planning (Band) Aid, The Planner, The public Interest, and Their Discontents
2014-15 Rust Jason Skewed Up Statistics: What has the National Household Survey meant for municipal planning?
2014-15 Sewell Heather Moving Forward with Seniors Cohousing
2014-15 Simova Dessislava A Risky or Rewarding Cure for Public Infrastructure Development? A Study of Risk Transfer in a Long-term Public-Private Partnership Hospital in Ontario
2014-15 Thompson Kerry Contested Ground: Provincial Policy and Local Land Use Planning for Sea-level Rise in British Columbia
2014-15 Torkos Steven Moving Forward: Improving Senior Mobility in Scarborough
2014-15 Vu Thi Nhu Sha Implementing the Hanoi Master Plan: Overcoming difficulties with water supply in the capital
2014-15 Wynveen Anna Beautiful day in the neighbourhood? Unpacking the complexities of residents’ associations and their role in the planning process.”
2013–14 Biggar David Planning for energy: Assessing alternative methods for linking energy to municipal planning in Ontario
2013–14 Bonilla Hugo Organizing project-induced rapid growth in isolated rural regions to prevent boom-bust cycles: The role of regional planning
2013–14 Bradley Sarah Beyond bike lanes: How Ottawa and Toronto`s community organizations are filling the infrastructure gap
2013–14 Brown Daniel Crowd (re)sourcing urbanism
2013–14 Drury Lisa Evaluating the effects of prolonged transit strikes on transit-captive populations
2013–14 Gaber Basma Recommendations for urban climate adaptation in Cairo, Egypt
2013–14 Gibson Geoffrey Growing mid-rise: Evaluating the potential for taller wood frame buildings
2013–14 Grove-White Aidan Examining the role of development charges in shaping new communities
2013–14 Huang Hao Wen Beyond the boundary: Examining cross-municipal planning at Yonge-Steeles
2013–14 Hubbs Sarah Gentrification and non-profit social service delivery in Toronto’s west end
2013–14 Khimani Noreen Inner-suburban accessibility: Examining lifestyle and travel patterns of residents in Flemingdon Park, Toronto
2013–14 Lebow Allison Access denied in a “Sanctuary City”: Undocumented immigrants and subsidized housing policies in Toronto
2013–14 Libaneo Adriano Municipal and federal financial/regulatory mechanisms and the Canadian housing state
2013–14 Luciano Isabel Decline of open public space in San Juan, Puerto Rico
2013–14 Maslard Mathieu Making space for culture: Lessons from the redevelopment of the West Queen West Triangle
2013–14 Matthys Michael Planning in the Public Interest: The Ontario Municipal Board and the hierarchy of planning in Ontario
2013–14 McLean Grant The “Kensington Walmart” development: A big box store in the “compact city”?
2013–14 Milos Joseph DARP or DON’T: Exploring the Toronto development industry’s approach to stakeholder management for site-specific approvals
2013–14 Minichiello Alexa Power, planning and participation: Approaches to consultation for the siting of harm reduction facilities
2013–14 Morgan Garrett Missing the Rocket: A study of accessibility of Toronto’s subway system for users with mobility impairments
2013–14 Nigro Jacob Assessing and Improving walkability conditions in suburban GO Transit station areas
2013–14 Richardson Seana Aggregate recycling in Ontario: Challenges and opportunities
2013–14 Roberts Evan Opportunities & Challenges for Bicycle Boulevards in Toronto: Lessons from Vancouver & Portland
2013–14 Schmidt Jessica How strong can place-based action render neighbourhoods?
2013–14 Tranmer Alexandra Contradictions in the creative city: A case study of Berlin, Germany
2013–14 Udow Sara Identifying the ‘hot’ and ‘cool’ spots: New approaches to participatory processes in Toronto
2013–14 Vasic Mirej The role of transportation accessibility on immigrant integration: A case study of Serbian immigrant women in Toronto
2013–14 Wittmann Katherine The Bike to School Project: Evaluating and tailoring cycling initiatives for high schools in Toronto
2013–14 Wright Seth GHG Mitigation in Canadian Cities: A Case Study Analysis of Three Canadian Cities


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2012-13 Barol Shirin Exploring Partnership in Urban Development Practice: An analysis of TIFF Bell Lightbox project
2012-13 Bath Amy Narrow conditions: Considering residential laneway development as a densification initiative in Toronto
2012-13 Routley (Bebee) Melissa What Does the Junction Flea Mean for the Junction? A Case Study of a Neighbourhood Market
2012-13 Berquist Michelle Stormwater Infrastructure on Private Land: Accountability through Accounting Lessons learned form the development of stormwater credit programs in three Ontario municipalities
2012-13 Bird Alyssa Defining Placemaking Practice and the Perceptions about its Influence on Community Health
2012-13 Cohlmeyer Emma Re-imagining Vacant Storefronts: Exploring New Models for the Temporary Use of Space in Seattle, New York, Newcastle and Toronto
2012-13 Corey Sarah Enabling Urban Agriculture in Toronto: diverse farming systems as thriving businesses and compatible land uses
2012-13 Dean Michael Measuring the success of Stream Restoration Projects: an evaluation of five Ontario Conservation Authorities
2012-13 Denson Catherine Co-Financing Television Dramatic Series in Toronto:  The Role of Policy
2012-13 English Lauren A Rise in Midrise? Evaluating the reality and goals of Toronto’s Avenues and Midrise Buildings Study
2012-13 Fairbairn Brent Street Food: Not Just for Hipsters
2012-13 Girard Daniel Non-Strategic Assets’ or ‘Putting People First’:The Social Implications of Selling Toronto Community Housing’s Scattered-Site Standalone Homes
2012-13 Heath Brendan Green Space, Community Gardens and the Regent Park Revitalization
2012-13 Hussaini Zubaira From Principle to Practice: A look at Part II Orders in the Environmental Assessment Process
2012-13 Ireland Stephanie Arts & Culture Festivals as a Tool for Community and Cultural Development: The Case of GlobalFest in Calgary
2012-13 Khan Sheraz A Case Study in Planning and Digital Media: Exploring the use and development of web maps in the city of Toronto
2012-13 Korn Jeremy Reducing Stigma Through Built-Form Interventions: The Case of CAMH
2012-13 Langlois Natalie Open Data: Bridging the gap between government open data and community data needs
2012-13 Law Robert Eco-innovation Clusters: Benefits and Best Practice
2012-13 Lee Sean The Influence of Bus Rapid Transit on Development Decisions in York Region, Ontario
2012-13 Lemon Sean An Evaluation of Ontario’s Global Adjustment Mechanism (GAM): Evidence from 2011-12
2012-13 Li Wang (Edwin) Creating the Right Tool: Walk the Walk – Assessing walkability in mobility hubs and GO station areas in the GTHA in the context of walking as a higher-order transit access sub-mode
2012-13 Major Sean Homeownership and Alternatives in Revitalizing Neighbourhoods
2012-13 Mitchell Joshua The Socio-economic implications of tourism in Harlem
2012-13 O’Donnell Darren Performing Young Enterprise – the youth arts landscape, Toronto Canada
2012-13 O’Hagan Brittany Creativity in Placemaking: Inspiration from the Regent Park Revitalization and the Daniels Spectrum
2012-13 Panesar Harleen First Nations Communities & Source Water Protection Planning in Ontario
2012-13 Plaizier Katie Neigbhourhood Responses to the Use of Motels as Shelters: The Scarborough Experience
2012-13 Sandink Dan Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Mitigation in Ontario Municipalities: Challenges and Opportunities
2012-13 Sato Megumi Increasing corporate sustainability reports in the Canadian oil and gas industry
2012-13 Sun Yiru Towards Market-based Solutions for Improving the Energy Efficiency in Toronto’s Building Sector
2012-13 Xu JieLan New Urbanist Development Pattern of Suburban Neighborhoods: A Case Study in the Greater Toronto Area


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2011-12 Ahluwalia Sumeet Are We Ready to Evacuate? Planning for the Evacuation of Vulnerable Populations in Toronto
2011-12 Ali Habon Housing Legacies of the 2015 Pan-American Games: A Case of the West Don Lands Athletes’ Village
2011-12 Backs Michael Laying the framework for Transit-Oriented Development along Ottawa’s East-West Light Rail Corridor
2011-12 Bartlett Bonnie Revealing the Hidden Harvest: Prospects and Challenges for Urban Fruit Tree Projects
2011-12 Beck Thomas Planning Approaches for a Family-Friendly Central Edmonton
2011-12 Choonsingh Nita Land Expropriation in Ontario: Obstacles and Opportunities for Improvement
2011-12 De Franco Tony Tall Towers in Toronto: An Evaluation of the City’s Tall Building Design Guidelines
2011-12 Duckworth Douglas Garages Facing Other Garages: Downtown Revitalization and Automobile Parking in St. Louis City
2011-12 Flowers Lori The Influence of Parents’ Perceptions of the Built Environment on School Transportation Mode Decisions
2011-12 Garrett Jake The Adaptable Park: How New York, San Francisco and Vancouver are Creating New Models for Urban Open Space
2011-12 Ianucci Anna Developing Complete Communities in the Suburbs: The Role of Retail
2011-12 Jattan (Iogna) Charissa Mobility in the Flemingdon Park Area: Issues of Implementation
2011-12 Jenset Inger Section 37 – Adrift in a Sea of Politics and Uncertainty
2011-12 Luo Yi Partnering for Mobility: Partnership to Support the Creation of Mobility Hubs
2011-12 Macdonald Graham Mobilities of Creativity-Led Development: The Introduction of a Creative Economy in Tanna
2011-12 Madani Mercedeh What Happens Next? The Expiry of Agreements in the Co-operative Housing Sector
2011-12 McGibbon Maria The Archetype Houses: Unaffordably Green?
2011-12 Nam Dukhee Building Communities to Live and Work: Evaluating Balance and Self-Containment in New Towns, Seoul Metropolitan Area
2011-12 Pasta Shagufta Faith in the City: Deconstructing the Ideologies that Underpin Mosque “Conflicts’
2011-12 Rajakumar Narmadha Secondary Suites as Affordable Housing in the Region of Peel
2011-12 Sinclair Heather Making Ontario’s Transit Systems Accessible: The Development and Implementation Challenges of the Transportation Standard of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation
2011-12 St Paul Butler Jennifer Corporate Social Responsibility Certification in Exploration: A Way Forward for PDAC’s e3 Plus Program
2011-12 Tsang Carla A Planning Headache or Private Woe? The Legal Issues and Redevelopment Potential of Toronto’s Unclaimed Laneways
2011-12 Wall Emily Shopping in the Suburbs: Retail and Mixed-Use Intensification in Suburban Centres in the Greater Toronto Area


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2010-11 Ajayi Jesse Waste Management in Indonesia: Integrating the Informal Sector
2010-11 Akande Aderonke Creating Sustainable Communities: A Role for Community Energy Systems in Planning
2010-11 Baumeister Mia Development Charges across Canada: Can they promote sustainability?
2010-11 Beaupre Pauline Deconstructing Climate Change Policy through the Decomposition of Waste
2010-11 Bryson Valerie The future of heritage conservation in Toronto
2010-11 Cashin Ann-Marie Lessons in inclusionary housing for St. John’s, Newfoundland
2010-11 Chadwick Emma The ‘school within a school’: Alternative public schools and choice in Toronto
2010-11 Clark Ian Waiting for a Bus: Transportation Challenges for Low-Income Transit Riders in Suburban Toronto
2010-11 Coutu Samantha Walking to the Mall: A Review of Transportation Challenges for New Immigrant Populations in Suburbia
2010-11 Dandy Kimberley Ottawa’s Green Bins at Schools Program
2010-11 Friedman Jonathan Delivering Urban Transit Infrastructure through Public-Private Partnerships: The Importance of Demand Risk
2010-11 Fusca Daniel Buildings for People: Evaluating Tall Building Design in Toronto from the Perspective of Walkability
2010-11 Goodmurphy Brendon Neighbourhood Revitalization and the Politics of Aesthetics in Toronto
2010-11 Gullikson Erin Bringing New Meaning to Religious Conversion: Residential Adaptive Reuse of Churches in Toronto
2010-11 Hardy Gabrielle The Streets to Homes Program and Client Food Security: Examining Barriers and Opportunities
2010-11 Htoo Sheila Improving the Planning Process through Community-Based Research
2010-11 Iwaniw Aubrey Beyond the Tap: Groundwater Planning Issues in Southern Ontario
2010-11 Janzen Kristine Preserving Scadding Cabin and Fort Rouillé: A Cultural Heritage Landscape
2010-11 Kamizaki Kunitomo From Everyday Struggles to Broader Anti-Poverty Organizing: Lessons from Community Practices in Toronto
2010-11 Lakanen Raili Sustainability Planning and Social Capital: The role of partner organizations in the EarthCare Sudbury Action Plan
2010-11 Richer Chloe Community-Driven Planning in Mimico: An Alternative Response to Revitalization
2010-11 Salakoh Brendan Achieving Complete Communities: Implementing Winnipeg’s Urban Intensification Strategy
2010-11 Shyllit Robyn Seeing Beyond the Rocks, Water & Trees: A Creative Economy in Muskoka, Ontario
2010-11 Thorpe Michael Evaluation of Environmental Governance in the Region of Durham
2010-11 Valiallah Aadila A Case Study of the Roncesvalles Village BIA and neighbourhood collaboration in the Streetscape Renewal
2010-11 VanMeer-Mass Lucas The Art Gallery of Ontario & the Grange Park Neighbourhood
2010-11 Vidoni Michael Community Composting in Toronto: Closing the Food Waste Loop
2010-11 Wilmot Kimberley Can alternative loans help meet the needs of poor Jamaicans?
2010-11 Wu Jessica Partners for Change: Exploring Public Health & Planning Efforts to Promote Walkable Communities in Halton Region


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2009-10 Ali Dema Greening Development Applications.  An Investigation of Third-Party Evaluation Systems for Municipal Green Development Strategies
2009-10 Alisch Maryann The Dilemmas of Planning in the Presence of Decline: Examining Planning and Economic Development Responses to No-Growth in Northern Ontario
2009-10 Armstrong Matt An evidence-based approach to design: Improving Beasley Park
2009-10 Bidordinova Asya Utilitarian Cycling in Downtown Toronto: Motivators and Barriers.  A University of Toronto St. George Campus Case Study
2009-10 Cal Craig “Real” Real Estate Development: How Can I build a Community Land Trust & Create Affordable Homeownership Opportunities in Toronto? A Case Study Analysis
2009-10 Cermak Stefan Greener Roads for Toronto
2009-10 Chan Ada Welcoming Newcomers to Neighbourhoods: A Strategy for Neighbourhood Houses in B.C.
2009-10 da Cunha Roger A preliminary decision support framework for ranking Brownfield Redevelopment Alternatives
2009-10 Farooqi Naeem How are Value For Money documents used by various senior stakeholders to make informed decisions in the Public Private Partnership Process in Ontario?
2009-10 Garcia Andrea M. Pushing the Pedals: An Evaluation of the Dociking Station Netowrk for Toronto’s Public Bicycle System
2009-10 Hong Sharon Historic Preservation Planning and Minority Narratives
2009-10 Jerme Erika Solveig Growing a Just Garden.  Environmental Justice and the Development of a Community Garden Polocy for Hamilton, Ontario
2009-10 Johnson Paul Calgary’s East Village Redevelopment: How policies encouraging social mix are unfolding and suggestions to help integrage exisitng low-income residents in socially mixed redevelopments
2009-10 Joy Meghan Incorporating Residents into a Place-based Approach to Poverty Reduction.  A Case Study of the United Way Toronto’s Action for Neighbourhood Change
2009-10 Klassen Carla Community Development in Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Hubs
2009-10 Looker Helen Greener Pastures: Retirement planning in smaller Ontario communities
2009-10 Lubell Kyra Alleys and Art: An Opportunity for Placemaking
2009-10 Lue Carol The Role of Ecosystem Services Markets in Caribbean Tourism Planning: An Assessment based on the Global Carbon Market and Jamaica
2009-10 Mah Julie The feasibility of inclusionary housing in Toronto
2009-10 Nelligan Jessica A Creative Conundrum or a Planning Pickle? Contextualizing changes in the neighbourhood on Taikang Road, Shanghai
2009-10 Nicolescu Emanuel Road Space Reallocation:  Impacts on Business.
2009-10 Nzainga Grace Challenges in Land-Use Planning for Peri-Urban Regions: A Case Study of Mavoko Municipality, Kenya
2009-10 Sherwood Bryan Howard Local Displacement.  A Study of the Sense of Place Impacts on Relocated Regent Park Tenants
2009-10 Soma Tammara The Missing Link? The Role of a Food Systems Planner
2009-10 Stein Kirsten Warehouses of Worship: Religious Institutions in Toronto’s Industrial Districts
2009-10 Thomspon Nicholas In What Style Shall We Interpret? Currents in Toronto Heritage Planning
2009-10 Vandervecht Brian Transforming Enclosed Community Malls into Mixed-Use Centres in Toronto’s Inner Suburbs
2009-10 Vink Cassandra A Case for Tax Reforms to Rental Housing
2009-10 Wong Anna Stepping Down Arnstein’s Ladder: Consumer Participation in the Homelessness Partnering Strategy


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2008-09 Anderson Kristin Planning for Ramai: An Evaluation of Public Space for Youth
2008-09 Birnbaum Edward Tower Renewal & Community Economic Development
2008-09 Chow Shawn The Sheppard Subway, If you build it, will they come?
2008-09 Cohen Dan The Medium is the Message: Policy Transfer, Bandung, and the Implications for Urban Policy Making
2008-09 Danyluk Martin Andrew Cultivating Potential: Planning for Urban Agriculture in Toronto’s Hydro Corridors
2008-09 Duque Erica Victoria Utilitarian Cycling and Systemic Racism in Toronto
2008-09 Greguol Brian Anthony Building Community and Participation on Computer Campuses
2008-09 Gris Stephanie Gentrification and School Selection in Southwest-Central Toronto
2008-09 Harris Melissa Going Grey in Mississauga – Evaluating the Older Adult Plan using Quality of Life as a Measure of Success
2008-09 Jang Myoungeun Angela Toronto’s Little Italy and Urban Ethnic Landscape
2008-09 Kelleher Susan The Community Food Animators Project: An Evaluation of the Role of the Food Animator
2008-09 Krepostman Suzan Beyond Boundaries – Evaluating the current state of cross-boundary specialized transit for persons with disabilities in the GTHA
2008-09 Kwong Joyce Lok-Sze Housing Dynamics of an Aging Population: Residential Preferences of the Aging Baby Boomers and Implications for the Greater Toronto Area
2008-09 Lam Cherryl Rethinking Chinatown as a Space for Youth: Planning for Future Generations
2008-09 Mazer Katrine Margaret “It’s changed a hell of a lot”/ “It’ll never change”: The social space of gentrification in Parkdale, Toronto
2008-09 McConville Mark Feasibility of Offshore Wind Farms in Lakes Ontario & Erie: Potential Power Sources for Ontario
2008-09 Mendis Erathnie Rapunzel in the Tower? Mobility of Low-Income Women in Toronto’s Inner-Ring Suburban Apartments
2008-09 Obando Francisco A Valuable Lesson in Sharing Power: Meaningfully Including Youth in Planning – A Dorset Park Case Study
2008-09 Pyl Michael John Right sizing a shrinking city – Land use strategies from Youngstown, OH
2008-09 Sidlar Chris Evaluating Public Involvement in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Process
2008-09 Simons Jennifer Anne Bachlorette Apartments in Parkdale: Evaluation of the Parkdale Pilot Project
2008-09 Skowronski Morgan Lee Community Engagement & Capacity Building in Contested Public Spaces.  A Case Study of the Crothers’ Woods Trail Management Strategy
2008-09 Sohrab Malick Naseem Understanding how Land Use Indicators are reported: An analysis of exisiting reporting practices
2008-09 Tehara Auvniet Kaur Approaches to People of Colour and Food Bank Use in the City of Toronto, Peel region and York University
2008-09 Timotin Liviu D Building Greener and Healthier Neighbourhoods – Evaluating the LEED-ND Pilot Project
2008-09 Vaidyanathan Vrinda Can Money Grow on Trees? Implementing Carbon Credit Programs for Tree-Planting
2008-09 Yuen Anthio Municipal Finance Tools and Metropolitan Growth: Exploring Issues, Barriers and Opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2007-08 Bailey Graham Using tax increment financing for brownfields redevelopment in Ontario
2007-08 Bildfell Gudrin A sustainable buildings agenda: Promoting green building development in the City of Toronto
2007-08 Drylie Michelle Reading Istanbul through the sign: Selective borrowing, neighbourhood identity, and the implications of EU membership for planning in Istanbul, Turkey
2007-08 Farish Paul Planning for temporary migrant residents: The Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program, social outcomes and community responses
2007-08 Fong Karen Overcoming structural racial discrimination: An analysis of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council’s approach to improving skilled immigrant labour market integration
2007-08 Fuhrer Tamar Whose right of way is it anyway? Understanding pedestrian crossover use and barriers in the City of Toronto
2007-08 Hatoum Katherine Intensification and the Growth Plan: The untapped potential of brownfields
2007-08 Hernden Ricky Introducing cool pavement in Toronto: Calculating potential reductions in air temperature and developing an implementation strategy
2007-08 Hunt Mia A “vision” of (integrated) health: Reimaging the space of CAMH
2007-08 Kennedy Patrick Understanding intensification: How municipalities in Ontario develop residential intensification targets
2007-08 Luk Vincent Attitudes to density and housing choices among Hong Kong Chinese immigrants
2007-08 Mendez Malena Local production of ethnic food: Is it a viable alternative to strengthen the connection between farmers and food processors?
2007-08 Mirkarimi Shima Urban open spaces in North York
2007-08 Mitchell Katherine White or green? Identifying a natural heritage system within the White Belt
2007-08 Molson Adam Building the better life: An analysis of Shanghai’s transition to a high-rise city
2007-08 Neumann Jana Shifting gears or stalling? An analysis of bike lane planning and building in Toronto
2007-08 Nicholson Daniel Suburban revitalization and the redevelopment of Toronto Community Housing Corporation lands
2007-08 Noble Michael Lovely spaces in unknown places: Creative city building in Toronto’s inner suburbs
2007-08 Novoa Abril Sustainable tourism and historic preservation: A case study of Cuernavaca, Mexico
2007-08 Palombo Lauren Tightening the belt: Challenges in implementing southern Ontario’s Greenbelt
2007-08 Pennington Scott MaRS effect (Phase One): Early evidence of an institution’s impact on commercialization in the Toronto Region
2007-08 Robichaud Andre Urban mining: An exploration of the challenges of mineral extraction taking place in or near the urban environment
2007-08 Wachsmuth David From abandonment to affordable housing: Policy options for addressing Toronto’s abandonment issues
2007-08 Wallace William Development permit systems in Ontario: Case study of Old Lakeshore Road precinct in Burlington


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2006-07 Au Andrew TTC transit funding strategies: Capturing the value of transit-oriented development
2006-07 August Martine Is social mix socially beneficial? Evaluating the philosophy of social mix in Toronto’s public housing redevelopments
2006-07 Barna Miriam Bridging divides: An examination of the 1998 Parkdale conflict resolution process
2006-07 Bowman Carly Hope for Toronto’s Avenues: What City of Toronto planners and policy-makers can do to make the Avenues policies more effective, efficient, consistent and accountable
2006-07 Brooks Suzanne Community gardening to benefit the marginally housed and homeless: A fresh ideas for faith institutions
2006-07 Cervenan Amy Toronto’s Capital of Culture campaign: A program evaluation of Live with Culture
2006-07 Chan Arnold Preserving Toronto’s employment lands: Establishing planning criteria for individual site assessment
2006-07 Crump Rebecca Hart House Farm wind power pre-feasibility study
2006-07 Dorries Heather As of right? Planning with land claims in Ontario
2006-07 Harrison Jordan Connecting the drops: The potential for energy conservation in Ontario’s municipal water sector
2006-07 Lau Sabrina Towards inclusive public transport: Immigrant mother and their daily mobility
2006-07 Linovski Orly Beyond aesthetics: The value of strip malls
2006-07 Maurizia Valeria Something to chew on: Issues in food security in urban neighbourhoods
2006-07 McKay David Redeveloping greyfields in the Greater Toronto Area
2006-07 Murray Danielle Community solar energy initiatives in Toronto: Potential for city involvement
2006-07 Ohashi Tomomi Community involvement in redeveloping inner-city Tokyo: Myth or reality?
2006-07 O’Rourke Amanda Planning for the urban forest in urbanizing landscapes: Lessons from three Ontario case studies
2006-07 Owens Lee The uses, abuses and unintended consequences of Section 37 of the Planning Act: How to move forward
2006-07 Passmore Dylan The missing leg: The experience of walking to public transit in Sao Paulo
2006-07 Potter Keith A room of her own: The costs and benefits of providing long-term supportive housing to women at risk in Toronto
2006-07 Ricotta Rachelle Challenges to meaningfully engaging youth: An exploration of the Toronto Youth Cabinet
2006-07 Snyder Leigh Public space planning in the Greater Toronto Area: Goals, processes and outcomes
2006-07 Srinivasan Devyani Sacred groves and environmental conservation in India
2006-07 Sztabinski Fred Out of the car and into a healthier lifestyle: A provincial role in promoting municipal investment in active transportation infrastructure
2006-07 Tennina Daniela Civic engagement through civic awareness: Using the city to link classroom and community
2006-07 Ukidave Shuchita What are the impacts of opening zoning on the built form of the King-Spadina Reinvestment Area?


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2005-06 Allen Eric Adapt and Renew: Urban Design Approaches to Conserving Toronto’s Social Housing
2005-06 Biggar Kirk Greener on the Other Side? Alternative Planning for Employment Lands in an Emerging Policy Framework
2005-06 Birchall Scott Accessory Dwelling Units and the Construction of a Policy Framework
2005-06 Collins Lesley The Future of the Recent Past? Planning for Modern Heritage in Ontario
2005-06 La Fleur Kristina Rebuilding a Foundation: Examining Redevelopment in Regent Park
2005-06 Loberto Michael Evaluating Employment Lands in the City of Toronto
2005-06 McGuire Julie Rethinking Policy and Planning to Implement Energy-Efficient Building in Toronto
2005-06 Mintz Susan Making What Matters Happen: Organizational Needs Assessment of Toronto’s Urban Health Nonprofit Community
2005-06 Rajagopalan Radha Strategizing for the Future: Policy Perspectives on Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Municipal Waters
2005-06 Ross Dana Improving Toronto’s Planning Process: Balancing Supportive Housing with Civic Engagement
2005-06 Sagaris Lake Integrating Bicycle Commutes into City Transit Networks (Buses, Metro and Trains) in Santiago, Chile
2005-06 Wall Stephanie University-Community Partnerships: Homeownership as a Method of Neighbourhood Revitalization
2005-06 White David Urban Design Review in Toronto: Exploring Misconceptions and Unpacking Potential
2005-06 Wilczak Jessica Negotiating a place in the hierarchy: strategy and scale in China’s urban districts
2005-06 Zonena Annely A New Approach to Brownfield Incentive Programs: Planning for Residential Development in Changing Markets


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2004-05 Austin Ryan Building Around Transit in the Restructuring Metropolis: Issues and Policy Options for the Warden Corridor Redevelopment
2004-05 Chauhan Uttara Community Planning as Citizenship Learning: Towards a New Unit for the Ontario Grade 10 Civics Curriculum
2004-05 El Kalache Sirine Commercial Activity in Informal Settlements of Beirut: Informality, Micro-Entrepreneurship and Coping Strategies
2004-05 Fang Limin Planning for Kensington Pedestrian Sundays in 2005
2004-05 Fung Felix Planning Urban Parks for a Multicultural Population: Strategies and Implications for the Town of Richmond Hill
2004-05 Hunter Erik Social Spaces: Community Oriented Spaces in Government Assisted Housing
2004-05 Janzen Tom Adapting to the New Environment: The Interface Between Municipal Affordable Housing Strategies and the Non-Profit Housing Sector in Canada
2004-05 Kar Abbie Laneway Studies in Cornell, Markham
2004-05 Moriah Abigail Making it Happen: Successes in Employment Revitalization
2004-05 Parizeau Kate Community Based Waste Management: A Feasibility Study for a Pilot Project in Siem Reap, Cambodia
2004-05 Pearsall Carmen Natural Heritage and Urban Intensification: Tensions in Toronto’s Official Plan
2004-05 Rodriguez Luz Are Immigrant Remittances a Development Tool? Community-Based Remittances from a Planning Perspective
2004-05 Rosen Dan Life in MaRS: Stakeholder Objectives and How They Can Be Used to Measure and Achieve Success for Toronto’s Medical and Related Sciences Discovery District
2004-05 Sotomayor Luisa Commuting Patterns, Lifestyles and Household Dynamics: Learning from a Firm’s Relocation Process
2004-05 Stott Shayna Wind Power Development: Policy Options for Ontario
2004-05 Tapper Melisa Assessing the Role of Neighbourhoods in Determining the Well-Being of Residents in Toronto’s West End
2004-05 Vokey Scott If the Price is Right: Obstacles to Implementing Pay-As-You-Throw User Fees in Large Communities in Ontario
2004-05 Webster Natasha Heritage Development and the Case of Houhai, Beijing
2004-05 Woo Yi Jin Better Civic Spaces for Better Communities: Case of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2004-05 Yap Corinne Immigration and Places of Worship
2004-05 Zaletnik Kathy Water Reuse for Lawn Watering as One Component of the Soft Water Path Approach: Global Perspectives and Lessons for Canadian Cities
2004-05 Zhang Jessie Lessons from Decision Making on Urban Transportation Investment in Toronto


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2003-04 Albo Ornella Vaughan Corporate Centre: Suburban Downtown Development
2003-04 Bottoni Jason Overcoming the Barriers to the Redevelopment of Downtown Brampton
2003-04 Caceres Ruth Promoting Diversity and Equality in the CAW through Paid Education Leave
2003-04 Campbell Mates Sara Education for Change: The Role of the Third Sector in the Provision of Environmental Education in Ontario
2003-04 Cantos Jeffrey Parking Strategies for Affordable Housing: An Efficient and Equitable Approach
2003-04 Cristello Robert From Infill to Win-Winfill: A Collaborative Approach for Better Managing Land Development Disputes Between Developers and Affected Residents
2003-04 Eugene Caroline Community Participation in Poor Rural Community Development in St. Lucia: Myths or Reality?
2003-04 Fox Michael Upper Canada Historical Park
2003-04 Gilmour Brent Moving Forward: Market Transformation for Green Buildings
2003-04 Gomes Renee Thinking about Road Pricing: Options, Examples and Issues for Consideration in the Greater Toronto Area
2003-04 Grunwald Alena The Effectiveness of a Collaborative Policy Process: A Case Study of the National Round Table on the Environment and Economy in Promoting Brownfield Redevelopment
2003-04 Hall Amy-Lyn Environmental Issues in the Oil and Gas Industry: An Evaluation of Corporate Responses to Climate Change and Access to Resources
2003-04 Hanson Matthew Waterfront Planning in Deep River: Meeting the Growth Challenges of a Single Industry Town
2003-04 Lerner Josh Building a Democratic City: How Participatory Budgeting Can Work in Toronto
2003-04 Mabee Susan The Mid-Peninsula Highway: Smart Growth Solution or Problem?
2003-04 Meade Meredith Perception of Safety at the University of Toroto:  St. George Campus
2003-04 Nieweler Stephane Transit-Oriented Development for the Greater Toronto Area: An International Policy Perspective
2003-04 Reisman Emily Station Cars: Suburban Car-Sharing in the GTA
2003-04 Rozek Peter Midtown Detroit Residents’ Perception of Transit and Pedestrian Safety
2003-04 Seetaram Dawn Idealism Meets Reality: The Role of Creative Industries on the Toronto Waterfront
2003-04 Stephens Lindsay Reflecting More Clearly: Evaluating Participation Processes
2003-04 Szybalski Damian Harvesting Wind from Idle Ground: Integrating Land-Use Planning Policies for Wind Power into the City of Toronto’s Official Plan and Zoning By-law: The Case of the Toronto’s Port Lands
2003-04 Tesolin Lori Information and Computer Technology Cluster Development in the Greater Toronto Area:  An Assessment of Regional Research and Development Infrastructure
2003-04 Ventresca Christian From Waterfront to Water’s Edge: Reconnecting Toronto to its Lake through Community-Based Boating


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2002-03 Birnbaum Leah Building Recreation Space: Advocacy Planning in East Mall
2002-03 Bordone Sabrina Siting Supportive Housing Facilities:  An Analysis of Lessons Learned
2002-03 Feinman Sasson Joyce Growing Old in NorthYork
2002-03 Gallo Paula Feasibility Study for Establishing a Reuse Centre for the Arts within the City of Toronto
2002-03 Gammon Steven Growing in a Different Direction: Building Success into Smart Growth Redevelopment in St. Catharines
2002-03 Gibson Angela A Blueprint for Transit Innovation: The Implementation of an Integrated Mobility System in the GTA
2002-03 Jacob Carol Return for Refund Where Applicable: Implementing a Deposit-Return System for Used Beverage Containers in the Province of Ontario
2002-03 Kinsley Lesley The Effectiveness of the City of Toronto’s Municipal Planning Tools in Facilitating the Creation of Affordable Housing: Perspectives from Non-Profit Developers
2002-03 Lum Linda Responding to Crime: Evaluation of the Police Foot Patrol in the Downtown Yonge BIA
2002-03 Messere Nadia Preserving Toronto’s Public Schools: An Examination of the Toronto District School Board’s Criteria for School Closures
2002-03 Mitchell Carrie Promoting Cleaner Production in Vietnam: The Role of Training and Education in Strengthening Industry’s Environmental Behaviour
2002-03 Neto Paula Evaluating Brownfield Programs in the Greater Toronto Area
2002-03 Nicolet Lorenzo From the ROM to Spadina: Considering a Bloor Street Cultural District
2002-03 Phipps Sarah Houses Behind Houses and Laneway houses: A valid method of intensification?
2002-03 Pilley Andrzej Cost Allocation and Fees Design Recommendations for Ontario’s Proposed Environmental Labeling, Tracking, and Certificates Trading System
2002-03 Rubin Jonathan From Failing Shopping Centres to Great Neighbourhoods: The Case of Thornhill Square Shopping Centre
2002-03 Shaw Eric Design for Change: A Response to Homeslessness in Toronto Using  Manufactured Housing
2002-03 Shepherd Amy An Evaluation of Residential Intensification Policy in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
2002-03 Siu Marcus The Geography of Biotechnology: Growth in the Greater Toronto Area and Factors Affecting Location Choice
2002-03 Spence Drew ONTARIO WORKS: From Welfare Poor to Working Poor; Is There a Better Way?
2002-03 Taylor Zack Living with the Gardiner Expressway: Urban Design Approaches
2002-03 Zavitz Kate Muskoka’s Resorts: An Assessment of the Tourist Commercial Resort Accommodation Industry in the District Municipality of Muskoka


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2001-02 Aguda Nathaniel Securing Their Future:  Improving Adolescents Access to Reproductive Health Care in Accra, Ghana
2001-02 Alleyne Gail Developing Indicators for Sustainable Urban Land-Use: Recommendations for the Hamilton Land-Use in Urban Areas Taskforce
2001-02 Andrews Leah Planning in Housing Design for an Ageing Population
2001-02 Beaudin Girard Evaluation Guidelines for Tax Increment-Based Financing Applications Intended for Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment Projects in Hamilton, Ontario
2001-02 Belaieff Antoine The Role of Surface Parking Lots in Toronto’s Downtown Core – An Examination of the Past, Present and Possible Future of Surface Parking
2001-02 Bjorn Andrew Incorporating Life-Cycle Assessment into Voluntary Environmental Initiatives in Ontario
2001-02 Ciavarro Mark GO Transit:  Oakville Station Parking – Economic Feasibility and Options
2001-02 Friel Meagan Commercial Power Centres in the GTA:  Implications for Commercial Policy
2001-02 Fujiki Shawn Paying the Price:  The Financial Consequences of Ontario’s Planning Process
2001-02 Gouveia Jonathan Our Future Together – A Community Based Revitalization Plan for St. Clair West
2001-02 Hood Heather Barriers to Mixed-Use Development in North York
2001-02 Hope Andrew Improving Transit Governance in the Golden Horseshoe Region
2001-02 Houde Rachel Pricing Public Transit:  A Model Based Evaluation
2001-02 Locher Ursula Public Art for the Public:  Public Art as a Participatory, Empowering and Political Planning Tool in Toronto
2001-02 MacIntyre Kyle Local Governments and their Biotechnology Clusters
2001-02 Malaviya Nupur On the Road to a More Ecological Industrial System:  The Role of Waste Exchanges in Ho Chi Minh City
2001-02 Mercer Jason The Economic Impacts and Labour Force Implications of Large Capital Projects in the GTA
2001-02 Payne Laurie A Collaborative Process for Implementing the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign in the City of Buffalo
2001-02 Rendek Sherri Cool Roofs:  Taking a New Approach Towards Reducing Toronto’s Urban Heat Island
2001-02 Robin Sarah Supporting Community-Based Economic Development:  Micro-Lending in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
2001-02 Rodger Jonathan Residential Intensification:  An analysis of Industrial and Commercial Conversions in the City of Toronto
2001-02 Sone Michael The Integration of Land-use and Alternative Transportation Policies in the City of Barrie
2001-02 Steinman Carly In the Path of Bulldozers?  Attempting to Regulate Rental Housing Demolition in the City of Toronto
2001-02 Weinstock Sarah Diversity and Planning Education:  A Canadian Perspective
2001-02 Wishart Alastair An Evaluation of Office Location Decisions by Dot-com Companies in the Greater Toronto Area


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
2000-01 Babulal Deborah Can New Urbanism provide an important Source of Affordable Accessory Housing?
2000-01 Barragan Jackeline Hispanic Immigrant Women in Toronto Labour Market
2000-01 Bialowas Yvonne Regulatory and Investment Risks of Emission Trading: An analysis for Toromont Energy Ltd.
2000-01 Clements Melissa Turning Rooms Into Homes: An Analysis of the Toronto Housing Company’s Involvement in the Rooming House Sector
2000-01 Cowen Deborah Chaos in the ‘Compromise’: The North York Model of Public Recreation
2000-01 Foofat Sabina Affordable Housing in Golden (A study of the changing housing market in conjunction with the development of a major ski resort)
2000-01 Giles Christian Transit First: Building Transit Supportive Structures in York Region
2000-01 Haremza Jason A New Parkway for a New Buffalo: Redesigning Route 5 to Unite the City with its Harbor
2000-01 Hazel Ellis Achieving National Physical Development Through Vulnerability Reduction: An Assessment of the Housing Sector in St. Kitts
2000-01 Henry Reid Building Common Wealth in Riverdale – A Strategic Action Plan
2000-01 Lisiak Catherina Conservation Incentives Required for Historic Preservation in Gastown
2000-01 Lynch Joanne The International Medical Graduate Program:  An evaluatin of the means of access for foreign-trained physicians seeking an Ontario medical license
2000-01 McGee Kate Public Private Partnerships: The Missing Link Needed to Expedite Infrastructure Projects in Toronto
2000-01 McLean Heather Growing Green Spaces: New Possibilities for Promoting Community Gardens in the City of Toronto
2000-01 Meletis Zoe Connecting Credit and Recycling: An Exploration of the Feasibility of Extending Credit to Women Workers in the Vietnamese Informal Waste Economy
2000-01 Mychajluk Lisa Managing Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) in Ontario: Considerations for the Development of a Province-Wide Management Strategy
2000-01 Nazar Christopher Financing a Rebuilt Gardiner Expressway for Toronto: An Analysis of the Options and their Impact
2000-01 O’Hara David Reintegrating St. James Town: Urban Design and Open Space Improvement Strategies
2000-01 Poncelet Julie Youthscapes:  Planning and Design Alternatives for Toronto’s Youth:  Hypothetical Designs for a Neighbourhood Skateboard Park
2000-01 Stea Angela Green Building Policy: Strategies for Residential Developments
2000-01 Sun Karen Niagara Escarpment Plan Review: Estate Wineries
2000-01 Treskon Mark Balancing Change with the Community: Intensification Projects along the Sheppard Subway Corridor
2000-01 Van Loon Josh Feasibility Analysis and Recommendations for Encouraging Energy Efficiency Retrofitting of Toronto Houses
2000-01 Yeo Jing Strategies for the Sustainability of Toronto’s New Media Industry


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1999-00 Collins Helen Funding GO Transit: the Question of Municipal Cost Sharing
1999-2000 Iveson John A Policy Framework for Second Suites for the Town of Markham
1999-00 Joshi Aarty Managing Ontario’s Groundwater: An Assessment of Current Regulatory Practices and Pricing Regimes as they Pertain to the Commercial Bottled Water Industry
1999-00 Lamb Cynthia A Composting Program for the City of Tarija, Bolivia
1999-00 Lan Caroline New Format Retail Developments in the Greater Toronto Area — Applying Planning Policies to Minimize the Impacts of Oversupply
1999-00 Lee Poy Perryne Identifying Community Development Opportunities for a Neighborhood in Transition
1999-00 Lim Fat Joanne Strategies to Retain King-Spadina’s Arts Community Amid Revitalization
1999-00 MacKenzie John Freshwater Management in South Korea:  Implementing the Iclei Fresh Water Management Campaign
1999-00 Melnick Jodi Office Growth in the GTA: A Case Study of the Banking Industry
1999-00 Moylan Denise Growing Biotechnology in Toronto: Recommendations for City Action
1999-00 Phatate Anumaya Towards Place-Specificity: Urban Design Principles and Guidelines for the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus
1999-00 Pickavance Lee Financing Economic Development: Can Tax Increment Financing
1999-00 Taylor Brent Road Development and Habitat Fragmentation in Southern Ontario: an Evaluation of Planning and Design Practices in York Region
1999-00 Thompson Penny Public Attitudes Towards Wind Turbines on the City of Toronto’s Waterfront
1999-00 Tropper Eva-Marie Towards a Solution: Involving Multicultural Groups in Promoting and Planning a Community Centre for St. James Town
1999-00 Waxman Robyn Subdivision Design for Local Environments: Planning for Neo-Traditional Development in the Greater Toronto Area
1999-00 Welsh Jane An Environmental Plan for the New City of Toronto: How to Make It Work


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1998-99 Anderson Michael On the Right Track? The Feasibility of a Fixed Rail Link from Union Station to Pearson International Airport
1998-99 Bahadoorsingh Devina Planning for Empowerment: Recommendations for a Microfinance Program for Poor Women in Trinidad and Tobago
1998-99 Broughton Christopher Environmental Impacts and Private Sector Development: A Case for Municipal Environmental Assessment
1998-99 Cambray Corwin Grey Power – An Engine for Downtown Revitalization
1998-99 Canzi Michael Paying for GO Transit:  Municipal Cost Sharing and the Alternatives
1998-99 Chow Jeffrey Planning for Community Facilities in King-Spadina
1998-99 Duda Penelope Unraveling the Industrial Real Estate Dilemma in New York: Land Use Planning for Industrial Retention and Expansion
1998-99 Gosse Barbara Development Charges, are They an Appropriate Tool for Revenue Generation to Support Affordable Housing and Other Supportative Housing Needs?
1998-99 Haldenby Timothy Protecting the Past: The Ontario Realty Corporation and the Sale of Heritage Property
1998-99 Han Angela A Catalyst for Change: Municipal Initiatives for Promoting the Use of Renewable EnergyTechnologies in the New City of Toronto
1998-99 Hartmann Ingrid A Retail Analysis of King Spadina
1998-99 Liao Shellen Multi-Functional Uses of Grand Public Spaces: Designing for Diversity, Culture, and Events in Nathan Phillips Square
1998-99 Millington Claire Why Preserve Farmland?  A Review of the Non-Economic Benefits of Agriculture in the GTA
1998-99 Ng Mimi Home Sweet Home?: An Evaluation of Condominium Tenant Rights Under Current Legislation
1998-99 Orchard Lisa A Supportive Single Room Occupancy Implementation Strategy for the City of Toronto
1998-99 Silva Enrique Barriers to Urban Planning Policy Implementation: (un)Strategic Planning in Cochabamba 1993-1998
1998-99 Skoberne Vivienne Brownfield Sites in Rexdale: A Framework for Understanding
1998-99 Spencer Gregory The Reurbanization of the Allen Road Corridor
1998-99 Tam Terence Enhancing Efficiency of Electricity Distribution in the New City of Toronto: Rationale, Strategies and Challenges
1998-99 Tom Diane Cleaning Up Our Sewers: Exploring Enforcement and Compliance Alternatives for the City of Toronto’s Sewer Use Bylaw
1998-99 Ujike Yoko Improving the Level of Community Safety in the City of Toronto:  What can be Learned from Japanese Policy Systems
1998-99 Wigle Jill Deregulation in King-Parliament: Market Response and Implications for Employment Uses
1998-99 Wintrup Scott Portfront: Design Guidelines for Redeveloping Toronto’s Port Area
1998-99 Wu Stella The Housing Preferences of Vancouver’s Aging Baby Boomers


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1997-98 Abili Caroline Housing Experiences of African Immigrants:  A Case Study of   Black Ugandans in Toronto
1997-98 Aster Dylan A Public Art Policy for the City of Mississauga: Background Study
1997-98 Cameron Andrew Financing Municipal Golf Courses in Metro Toronto
1997-98 Costello Eileen Driving Clean? An Evaluation of Ontario’s Smog Reduction Strategy
1997-98 Dresher Richard Impediments to Brownfield Redevelopment:  the Case of the West Don Lands
1997-98 Ferrigan Jason Future Directions:  An Assessment of the 1997 Scarborough State of the City Report Initiative
1997-98 Hardy Sarah A New Approach to Capital Funding for Education: The Impact on the York Region District School Board
1997-98 Jones Christopher The Camden Yards of Hockey:  Exterior Design Recommendations for the New Maple Leaf Gardens
1997-98 Josefowicz Judy Building a Park over the Gardiner Expressway: a Community Consultation Process for South Parkdale
1997-98 Kerbel Tamara An Examination of the Future Viability of a Chinese Theme Mall Development in Markham, Ontario
1997-98 Koo Richard Toronto 2008:  Alternative Organisational and Financing Structures for Sport Facilities Development
1997-98 Kosciuk Renata A Condominium Conversion Policy for Scarborough: An Examination of Possible Policy Directives in Response to the Repeal of the Rental Housing Protection Act
1997-98 Levitte Yael City of Toronto: Demand Analysis of Utility Corridors to Bicycle Trails Conversion and an Assessment of Environmental and Health Benefits
1997-98 Lisle Karl The Future of Manufacturing in Toronto’s King-Spadina Area Under the 1996 Part II Official Plan
1997-98 Lorius Antony An Economic Development Strategy for the Food Processing Industry in the City of Toronto.
1997-98 Melynk Melanie Campus Master Planning in the New Era of Town-Gown Co-operation
1997-98 Minocha Kamlesh Service Delivery Planning for Sherbourne Hospital Corporation
1997-98 Romagnoli John Ecosystem Planning:  The Professional Planner
1997-98 Skinner Justin The Practice and the Technology of Modern Urban Planning Information Systems: A Planner’s Guide
1997-98 Stein Julie Housing Market Trends & Aging Baby Boomers: A Markham Case Study – A Study of the Changing Lifestyle and Housing Preferences of Front-end Baby Boomers into the 21st Century
1997-98 Stonehouse David A Planners’ Perspective on The Use of Land Use Controls to Implement a Green Infrastructure System in the Toronto Port Lands
1997-98 Tanzola Gregory Charity Gaming Clubs: An Evaluation and Assessment of Local Costs and Benefits
1997-98 Taylor Christian Yonge and Dundas:  A Strategy for an Urban Entertainment District
1997-98 Wong Solomon Proposal for a Hamilton International Airport Vicinity Protection Area
1997-98 Zonruiter Gerda Child Care Fee Subsidy Programs in London and Middlesex: A Description and Needs Assessment of the City of London, Middlesex County, and Provincial Fee Subsidy Programs


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1996-97 Agostino Remo Arenas and Stadia:  Developing a Framework for Microarea Analysis
1996-97 Appleton Andree Standards & Guidelines:  Design Tools for Government Housing in the Netherlands Antilles
1996-97 Asprey Susan Planning for the Redevelopment of Contaminated Lands: The West Don Lands
1996-97 Cheng Doris Redefining the Suburb: Environmental Implications of the New Urbanism Movement
1996-97 Chin Nancy Resident Participation and Community Development in Public Housing : Implications for Management.
1996-97 Dales Andrew Live-Work Zoning in the Liberty Area of Garrison Common North
1996-97 Dick Brian Central Business District Decline and the Need for Revitalization – St. Catharines, Ontario
1996-97 James Mark City of Toronto PCB Destruction Plan: Site Identification Study, Phase One Evaluation
1996-97 Knoeck Kyle The Big Box Goes to Town: Implications of New Format Retail for Downtown Urban Design
1996-97 Laing Christina An Evaluation of Land Use Change in the Yonge – St. Clair Area and the Planning Decisions Helping to Facilitate Residential Condominium Development
1996-97 Lavallee Louis-Philippe A Report on the City of Toronto’s Third-Party Advertising Sign Policies
1996-97 Little Christine Economic Opportunity Cost, Environmental Health and Inefficient Use of Resources:  A Case for Applying Direct and Indirect Incentives for Contaminated Site Remediation in the City of Toronto
1996-97 Mamdani Anar Self-Help Housing: An Alternative Approach to Housing Low Income Households
1996-97 McCammond Julia The Wave of the Future?:  An Analysis of the Growing Trend Towards Public/Private Partnership Involvement in the Construction of Large Scale Infrastructure Projects
1996-97 McGregor Marnie Investing in Toronto Daycare Centers: Everyone Benefits
1996-97 Mudrinic Nancy Transportation Systems Management and its Impact on Transit in the GTA
1996-97 Nickel Valdemar Industrial Phoenix: Awakening Urban Design on King Street West
1996-97 Niles Sarah Telecommunications and Economic Development in Metropolitan Toronto: Defining the Issues
1996-97 Pestieau Katherine Normalizing Diversity: A Guide to Providing Immigrant-Responsive Social Services, the Experience of Metro Children’s Services
1996-97 Schankula Tina Environmental Management Systems
1996-97 Siitam Taavi Transit-Oriented Development Principles in Practice: A Case Study of Neighbourhood Concerns and Issues in the Sheppard East Subway Corridor Reurbanization Initiative
1996-97 Tizzard Christina Demarginalizing the Marginalized : Strategies for Including Street Youth Services in the Redevelopment of Lower Yonge Street
1996-97 Warson Jeremy Downsview Lands Park Space: Opportunity for Voluntary Stewardship


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1995-96 Ahamed Sonya Chicago and Toronto: Comparison of Responses to Social Services Cutbacks
1995-96 Ahearn Jennifer MIDTERM ONLY:  An Evaluation of the City of Toronto’s Tree Cutting By-Law
1995-96 Belsey Edward The Implications of Bill 20:  The Right to Appeal a Minor Variance Decision to the OMB
1995-96 Cardwell Gregory Economic Transition in Metro Toronto:  An Employment Study of Metro’s Industrial Districts Between 1985 to 1994
1995-96 Dassi Helen The Financial Implications of Growth Management Policies:  A Case Study of the City of Vaughan
1995-96 De Sousa Christopher An Evaluation of Alternative Institutional Systems for the Long-Term Administration of the Oak Ridges Moraine Bioregion
1995-96 Flowers Mark Using Development Charges to Achieve Housing and Residential Land Use Policy:  A Case Study of York Region
1995-96 Garland Helen Toronto Streetspace
1995-96 Gregoric-Adzemovic Diana Planning the Reconstruction:  Sarajevo After the War
1995-96 Grochowski Randy The Determination of Environmental Contributors to the Toronto Downtown East’s Drug and Prostitution Problems:  Final Report
1995-96 Kennedy James The Costs and Benefits of Gaming Operations:  Planning Strategies for Dealing with the Casino Rama Development
1995-96 Kerr Seanna Stopping the Sprawl:  The Effects of Net Density and Public Agency Land Requirements of Gross Density
1995-96 Lashbrook Bill Local Responses to Economic Change:  Toronto’s Legal and “Estra Legal” Loft Conversions
1995-96 Mallen Neil Towards an Integrated Vision for the Reevelopment of Toronto’s Port Industrial District
1995-96 Naundorf Daniel Building Consensus Around Innovative Planning Initiatives:  The Case of Toronto’s King-Spadina and King-Parliament Part II Plans
1995-96 Ng Wong Hing Mirella A Local Economic Development Initiative:  A Case Study in the City of Scarborough
1995-96 Sergnese Joseph The Downsview Lands:  A Large Scale Redevelopment Approach
1995-96 Sturtridge Shelagh Private Property Stewardship:  Protecting Natural Heritage in the City of Toronto
1995-96 Tang Monica The Relevance of the Living Machine Technology to Water Management in Metropolitan Toronto
1995-96 Thoma Peter Municipal Control of Night Time Leisure Activities:  Dancing Around the Issues
1995-96 Thompson Angela A Stakeholders’ View of Packaging Stewardship Initiatives
1995-96 Van De Vegte Michael An Analysis of Non-Residential Development Charges in the Town of Oakville
1995-96 Vandenberghe Melinda Highest and Best Use?  Planning Issues in the Conversion of Industrial Space to Alternative Uses
1995-96 Whelton Daniel The Building Code as a Barrier to Residential Intensification
1995-96 White Michael Development Control in Vancouver and Toronto:  A Comparative Perspective
1995-96 Yearsley Andrea Municipal Provisions for a Safer City:  Relevance to the Experiences of Women from Racially and Culturally Diverse Groups in Toronto


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1994-95 Arnold Marc The Futures Work Experience Program:  Targeting Youth Employment in a Changing Econom
1994-95 Buckley Patricia The Atlantic Groundfish Strategy
1994-95 Cella Debbie Suburban Employment Areas:  A Case Study of the City of Vaughan
1994-95 Conway Robert Common Interest Developments, Planning Implication
1994-95 Covington Derek Financing Growth in Toronto: Evaluating Development Changes in the City of Toronto
1994-95 Demsky Sean Case Study of the Montgomery Village Subdivision Development in the Town of Orangeville, Ontario
1994-95 Despatie Marc Discussion Paper on the Possibility of Using a Neotraditional Development Approach in the Port Hope West Planning District
1994-95 Fall Susan Establishing Parking Standards for Accessory Apartments:  Municipal Response to the Residents Rights Act
1994-95 Girard Denise An Evaluation of User Fees as a Waste Management Tool
1994-95 Goodeve Thomas Transit-supportive land use planning in the Outer GTA: An evaluation of official plans as delivery mechanisms for planners’ prescriptions to sprawl
1994-95 Hill Sharon The Duffin Rouge Agricultural Preserve:  A Review of Land Use Characteristics and an Evaluation of Proposed Land Management Policies
1994-95 Jackson Julia An Analysis of the Application of the Concept of “Urban Environmental Health” to the Texas-Mexico Border Region, A Case Study:  Brownsville, Texa
1994-95 Kowal Peter Public Housing in Ontario:  Considerations for Future Policy
1994-95 MacGregor Wayne The Impact of Rapid Transit on Station Area Development
1994-95 Morton David Curbing Private Automobile Use in Metropolitan Toronto
1994-95 Pollock Susan The Sheppard East Subway – An Examination of Land Use Intensification in a Transit Corridor
1994-95 Pollock Lauren Municipal Implementation of Neotraditional Development:  A Feasibility Study
1994-95 Rowlands Beverley Environmental Sustainability Reporting:  a Franework for the Nottawasaga Valley Watershed
1994-95 Smith Brett Recreational Lakefront Planning: A Case Study of Limerick Lake Estates
1994-95 Smith Fraser Economic Development and Planning, An Integration and a New Direction
1994-95 Tassie Dan OTAB, LTABs and the Politics of Skills Training


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1993-94 Christie Todd The Use of the “Heritage Conservation District” Designation in Southern Ontario (The Experiences in Toronto, Mississauga, and Markham)
1993-94 Elmarsdottir Matthildur Kr. Residential Intensification in Reykjavik
1993-94 Gavinha Jose Public Funding for the MTCVA:  A Cost-Benefit Analysis and Discussion of Alternatives
1993-94 Macchione Eugenio Housing Vouchers:  A Comparative Evaluation
1993-94 Martin Lori Zoning Provisions for Rail Corridors within the City of Toronto
1993-94 Murphy Melissa Sustainable Development, Environmental Responsiveness and the Food Industry
1993-94 Plautz Kevin Environmental Carrying Capacity:  Examination of the Concept and Development of a Methodology for Implementation
1993-94 Seoni Rupen Tourism Policy and Government Support for Festivals:  A Case Study
1993-94 Sherratt Judy GIS Implementation:  The Importance of User Needs Studies for Planning Departments:  Case Study – City of Guelph
1993-94 Singh Terrence Joseph Environmental Equity and the Distribution of Waste Disposal Sites:  the Case of the Greater Toronto Area
1993-94 Stewart Paul Planning for Retail Developments and the Public Interest
1993-94 Taubman Darren The Effectiveness of ADR for Resolving Planning Disputes
1993-94 Yule Lesley-Ann Residential Property Taxation:  An Assessment of Alternatives


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1992-93 Ali Yvette A Strategy for Integrated Pollution Prevention and Planning for Ontario
1992-93 Cieply Catherine The Measurement and Management of Cottage Conversions in Ontario: A Case Study of the Townships Of Mara, Saugeen, Muskoka Lakes, and Dysart et. Al.
1992-93 Pianosi Karen Municipal Regulation of Residential Development:  A Review of Development Standards and Reform Initiatives
1992-93 Skelly Michael Housing Intensification in the City of Toronto:  Constraints to Implementation


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1991-92 Lakatos-Hayward Kerry Electrical Energy Implications of MISA on the Municipal STP Sector
1991-92 Mierzynski Brian The Saaty Analytic Hierarchy Method (SAHM) As a Planning Evaluation Tool
1991-92 Naperstkow Peter The Role of Municipal Planning Policies and Actions in the Maintenance of Housing Opportunities for Low Income Households in Selected City of Toronto Census Tracts
1991-92 Nishibayashi Motohiko Expanded Traffic Management System in Metropolitan Toronto:  Defining the Issues
1991-92 O’Connor Erin Owner Occupany in City of Toronto Cokndominiums:  An Analysis
1991-92 Onyskay Stephen Housing as a Matter of Provincial Interest:  Implementation of the Ontario Land Use Planning for Housing Policy Statement
1991-92 Vojnovic Igor Energy Conservation in New Subdivision Designs
1991-92 Young Sandra D. An Evaluation of the Density Transfer Policies Adopted by the City of Toronto
1991-92 Zeunert Nicola Methods for Reducing Neighbourhood Opposition to Affordable Housing:  A Survey of Planners and Housing Developers


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1990-91 Blake Christine Winter Use of Mel Lastman Square
1990-91 Casey Matthew Future Development Scenarios for the Port Industrial District
1990-91 Corbett Tracy An Analysis of the Ontario Municipal Board Cases on the Provision of Affordable Housing:  The OMB’s Interpretation of the Ontario Policy Statement:  Land Use Planning for Housing
1990-91 Fleming John McLean An Investigation of Long-term Occupancy in Public Housing Turnover Rates and Tenant Characteristics
1990-91 Fournel Francois Housing in Third World Cities:  A Strategy for Slum Areas and Squatter Settlements Improvement, Based on Community Participation, with a particular emphasis on the case of Port-Au-Prince (Haiti)
1990-91 Hartford Michael Promoting Heritage Preservation:  Private Sector Incentives
1990-91 Lartey Stanley Local Government Administration in Ghana:  Problems and Prospects
1990-91 Lawrence Gillian Family and Community Support Service Big Brothers and Big Sisters Affiliation Study
1990-91 Nunes Filomena New Subdivisions and Energy
1990-91 Quan SoMei Privately Serviced Rural Development:  Implications for Planning and Policy
1990-91 Robling Mike Options for the Port Hope Harbour:  An Analysis of the Port Hope Harbour Remedial Action Plan
1990-91 Mark Ling The Land Division Process in Rural Ontario:  A Case Study of Frontenac County


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1989-90 Fair Maureen Community Land Trusts and Homes First Society Land Leasing and Homeownership in the Non-Profit Sector
1989-90 Fisher K. Evaluation Design for the Independent Health Facilities Act
1989-90 Fowler Kim Sustainable Development and Lane Use Planning:  Proposed Guidelines for Municipalities on Managing Growth
1989-90 Gosse Robert Controlling Site Re-use and Soil Contamination Through the Planning Process
1989-90 Heck Karl Industrial Policy and its Effect on Location: an Examination of Greater Buffalo and Metro Toronto
1989-90 Neal Jeffrey The Delegation of Niagara Escarpment Plan Development Control:  A Survey and Discussion of Municipal Views
1989-90 Rhodes Stephen An Evaluation of the Ontario Home Sharing Program:  Specifically Agencies Within Metropolitan Toronto
1989-90 Rickards Christine Examination of a Strategy to Induce Filtering in the Toronto Area Rental Market
1989-90 Robichaud Stephen Resale Control Mechanisms for Owner Occupied Affordable Housing
1989-90 Singh Therisa Benefits of Streamlining:  the Subdivision Approval Process
1989-90 Zanin J. Community Services Report for the East Downtown


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1988-89 Dyck Toozie Housing on Industrial Lands:  The Need for Comprehensive Planning and Appropriate Design
1988-89 Rottenberg Cyndi Performance Monitoring for the Ontrio Ministry of Housing’s Housing Advocacy Task Force
1988-89 Spears Catherine A. Public Open Space in Urban Planning:  Changing Land-Use Regulations.  A Case Study of King and Bay Street
1988-89 Zuniga Lizette L. Absentee Landlords and Housing Conversion in Scarborough


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1987-88 Blumer Lisa The Provision of Nutrition and Fitness Services to Senior Citizens in Metropolitan Toronto Housing Company Buildings in Ward 9 (North York)
1987-88 Dickey Shelley A Cost Benefit Analysis of the Sheppard Subway
1987-88 Verdirame Joseph Residential Intensification in Scarborough:  The Potential for Conversions and Neighbourhood Impact
1987-88 Waring Janet Managing the Growth and Evolution of  Business Improvement Area Organizations in Ontario


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1986-87 Binks Alan The Utilization of Computers for Planning:  The Case of the County of Victoria
1986-87 Davis Donna An Evaluation of the 1986 Provincial Housing Demonstration Project in the City of Halifax
1986-87 Drozd Alan The Basis for the City of Toronto’s Small Site Density Transfer Policy:  A Review
1986-87 Helik Jim An Outlook of the Industrial Land Market in the Toronto Area
1986-87 Kilpatrick Joan Rental Standards for Ontario:  A Discussion Paper
1986-87 Richardson Glenn OWMC’s Facilities Development Process:  An Analysis of Compliance with the Ontario EA (Environmental Assessment) Act


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1985-86 Angus Helen An analysis of the Minister’s Zoning Order for the Pickering Airport, Some Policy Alternatives and Recommendations
1985-86 Cornish Susan An Implementation Analysis of the Canada Rental Supply Plan: A Potential Need for Local Housing Market Data
1985-86 Elsen Karin Histroic Preservation as a Bargaining Problem in the City of Toronto
1985-86 Graham Ian The St. Clair Heritage District
1985-86 Theobald Alan R. Polo I in St. Nicholas Village:  A Case Study of Two Development Review Processes Utilized in the City of Toronto


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1984-85 Alexander Lance Municipal Industrial Policy: A Case Study of the Toronto CMA Electrical Products Industry
1984-85 Aliga Ezrom Urban Transportation Planning and the Role of Informal Matatu Transportation in Nairobi
1984-85 Benham Kyle The Hostel Problem: An Evaluation of the Metropolitan Toronto Hotel System
1984-85 Brodati David Gentrification in Toronto: Tjhe Loss of Housing Opportunities
1984-85 Brunet Laurian Corvee-Habitation: A Housing Policy Methodology for Evaluation
1984-85 Danilko Lucy Public Participation in Transportation Planning – Go Alrt – A Proposed Strategy


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1983-84 Cheesman Charles Residential Conversion in the City of Niagra Falls
1983-84 Clark Mary Sharing the Costs and Benefits of Railway Lands Development
1983-84 Fletcher David Second Home Conversion Trends:  A Discussion of Trends Which May Influence the Rate of Conversion of Second Homes to Year-Round Occupancy
1983-84 Gleeson Paul Lot Levies: Current Issues and Guidelines


Year Last Name First Name Paper Title
1975-76 Jacques Steve Cosby, Mason and Martland Zoning By-Law Creation
1975-76 Morrow Lynn Zoning for Diversity