PhD Theses – Planning

Year Last Name First Name Thesis/Paper title
2016 Arviv Tamir The Diverse Geographies of Jewishness: Exploring the Interesections beteween Race, Religion and Citizenship among Israeli Migrants in Toronto
2016 Teeple Hopkins Carmen Precarious Work in Montreal: Women, Urban Space, and Time
2015 Alene Nebiyu Baye City Cleaning as a Project of Rationalizing Citizenship: a Critical Investigation of Waste Collection Practice in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2003-2012)
2015 Sotomayor Luisa Fernanda Planning through Spaces of Exception: Orderly Disorder in the Innovative City
2014 August Martine Jade Mixed-Income Public Housing Redevelopment in Toronto’s Regent Park at Don Mount Court
2014 Friendly Abigail Implementing Progressive Planning in Brazil: Understanding the Gap between Rhetoric and Practice
2014 Larsen Kristian Safety and School Travel: Assessing How Correlates of Safety and the Built Environment Influence Mode of Travel and Physical Activity Levels To and From School
2014 Sauter Gabriela Resort Urbanism: Understanding the Power, Planning and Politics of Urban Development in Bávaro-Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
2014 Suttor Gregory Canadian Social Housing: Policy Evolution and Impactson the Housing System and Urban Space
2013 Hatch Carolyn Jean Competitiveness by Design: an Institutionalist Perspective on the Resurgence of a ‘Mature’ Industry in a High Wage Economy
2013 Pasternak Shiri Sarah On Jurisdiction and Settler Colonialism: The Algonquins of Barriere Lake Against the Federal Land Claims Policy
2013 Sagaris Lake Citizens, Complexity and the City: Lessons from Citizen Participation in Urban (Transport) Planning in Satiago Chile, 1997-2012
2012 Burke Jason Robert In the ‘Defence’ of Cities: a History of Security Planning in Canada
2012 Dorries Heather Jeanne Aboriginal settler Alliances and recognition of Aboriginal Land Rights in local planning process
2011 Mitra Raktim School Travel Mode Choice Behaviour in Toronto, Canada
1985 Ozornoy Gennady The Role of Equalization and Efficiency Goals in Soviet Regional Development Policy: An Empirical Analysis
1985 Sanford Barbara The Origins of Residential Differentiation: Capitalist Industrialization, Toronto, Ontario 1851-1881
1984 Rabenda Christopher Andrew The Process of Energy Impact Assessment: An Investigation of the Early California Experience
1981 Hulchanski John David The Origins of Urban Land Use Planning in Ontario, 1900-1946.