PhD Theses – Geography

Year Last Name First Name Thesis/Paper title
2016 Noyce Genevieve LaBombard Biochar and Wood Ash Impacts on Soil Microbial Community Structure and Biogeochemical Functioning in Forests
2016 Richardson David Burgess Modeling, Optimization and Large-Scale Grid Integration of Solar Photovoltaic Energy in Ontario’s Electricity System
2016 Shabaga Jason The Influence of Section Siviculture Biomass Harvesting on Soil Carbon, Nutrients and Respiraton in a Northern Dmixed-Deciduous Fourest
2015 Abbasi Golnoush Story of Flame Retardants: Substance Flow Analysis of PBDEs from Use to Waste
2015 Barykina Natallia Socialist Constructions: Modern Urban Housing and Social Practice
2015 Mui Amy Bliss A Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Approach to Freshwater Turtle Conservation
2015 Packalen Maara Susanna Holocene Dynamics in the Patterned Peatlands of the Hudson Bay Lowland, Canada: Reducing Landscape-Scale Uncertainty in a Changing Climate
2015 Seitz David A House of Prayer for All People: Promises of Citizenship in Queer Church
2015 Shimoda Yuko Integration of Novel Mathematical and Statistical Techniques to Support Model-based Water Quality Management
2015 Story Brett Patricia Dis-placing the Prison: Carceral Space, Disposable Life, and Urban Struggles in Neoliberal America
2015 Winsborough Carolyn Louise Soil Nutrient and Greenhouse Gas Cycles in Managed Mixed Deciduous Ontario Forests: The Role of Elevated Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition and Nutrient and Biochar Amendments
2014 Catungal John Paul Cervas For Us, By Us: Political Geographies of Race, Sexuality and Health in the Work of Ethno-Specific AIDS Service Organizations in Toronto
2014 Cheng Vincent Yi San Modelling the Climatology of Tornado Occurrence with Bayesian Inference
2014 Cooke Jason Arthur The Fossil Fueled Metropolis: Los Angeles and the Emergence of Oil-Based Energy in North America
2014 Levkoe Charles Z. Mobilizing Collaborative Networks for a Transformative Food Politics: A Case Study of Provincial Food Networks in Canada
2014 Neumann Alexey Environmental Risk Assessment and Adaptive Management Implementation in Lake Simcoe, Ontario
2014 Phillips Roger Thomas James Alluvial Floodplain Classification and Organization in Low-Relief Glacially Conditioned River Catchments
2014 Pitkanen Laura Lynne A Hot Commodity: Uranium and Containment in the Nuclear State
2014 Sawyer Jennifer M. Evaluating the Transfer and Accumulation of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Freshwater Food Webs: a Modeling Approach
2014 Sun Yajun Mixing Patterns of Discharged Ballast Water and the Implications for Biological Invasions in the Lake Huron-Erie Corridor of the Great Lakes
2014 Tam Andrew The Impacts of Climate Change on Potential Permafrost Distributions from the Subarctic to the High Arctic Regions in Canada
2013 Akers Joshua Michael Deline Industry: the Market Production of Detroit
2013 Freeman Lisa Marie Making Room: The Geography of Rooming House Regulation in Toronto
2013 Macaraig John Marvin Rodriguera Urban Greenspace, Civil Society and Science: The Creation and Management of the Rough Park, Ontario, Canada
2013 May Jeffrey John Race, Gender, Youth and Urban Space: Young Men of Colour and Homelessness in the Greater Toronto Area
2013 Preston Michael David Microbial Community Composition and Activities across Northern Peatlands
2013 Ramin Maryam Towards a Methodological and Structural Improvement of Eutrophication Modelling
2013 Snyder Marcie Rachel Aboriginal Peoples: Mobility and Health in Urban Canada – Traversing Ideological and Geographical Boundaries
2013 Spigel Benjamin The Emergence of Regional Cultures and Practices: A Comparative Study of Canadian Software Entrepreneurship
2013 VandeBerg Brittany Securitizing Piracy: Development, Security and the Containment of Piracy Off the Coast of Somalia
2013 Vitale Patrick Nuclear Suburbs: the Westinghouse Corporation and the Everyday Politics of the Cold War in Suburban Pittsburgh, 1937-1979
2013 Wellen Christopher Charles Quantifying Urban and Agricultural Nonpoint Source Phosphorus Fluxes Using Distributed Watershed Models and Bayesian Inference
2012 Bissonnette Jean-Francois Envisioning Agribusiness: Land, Labour and Value in a Time of Oil Palm Boom in Indonesia
2012 Chum Antony
Wai Ho
Socio-Environmental Determinants of Cardiovascular Diseases
2012 Cleary Julian Incorporating Waste Prevention Activities into Life Cycle Assessments of Residential Solid Waste Management Systems
2012 Langlois Paul Edouard Condo Living: Creating the High-Rise Condominium as a Designated, Female-coded Brand
2012 Parlette Vanessa On the Margins of Gentrification: The Production and Governance of Suburban Decline
2012 Roberts David Jay (Un) Mapping the Contested Geographies of Urban Knowledge Production During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa
2012 Shrestha-Bajimaya Namrata Exurban Development Mapping, Locating Factors, and Ecological Impact: a Geomatic Perspective
2012 Stephens Lindsay Katyana Art, Work and the Body: The Politics of the Contemporary Circus
2012 Tam Benita The Effects of Weather and Climate Variability on the Well-Being of a Rural and Urban Aboriginal Group in Ontario, Canada
2012 Weaver Jennifer Elisabeth Species Distribution Models of Invasive Speccies: Issues of Scale, Sample Selection Bias, Model Transferability and Prediction
2011 Deng Feng Global CO2 Flux Inferred from Atmospheric Observations and its Response to Climate Variabilities
2011 Forkes Jennifer Lynn Measuring the Impacts of Municipal Policies on the Ecological Sustainability of the Food System
2011 Jackson Paul Stephen Cholera and Crisis: State Health and the Geographies of Future Epidemics
2011 Loder Angela Lynn Greening the City: Exploring Health, Well-Being, Green Roofs and the Perception of ‘Nature’ in the Workplace
2011 Oswald Claire Jocelyn Hydrological, Biogeochemical and Landscape Controls on Mercury Distribution and Mobility in a Boreal Shield Soil Landscape
2011 Parizeau Katherine Marie Labour Strategies, Environmental Health, and Coping Among Informal Recyclers in Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011 Young Thomas Stances on the Land: Political Perspectives on Land Use Governance in Vermont
2010 Dalton Zoe Katherine As We Move Ahead Together: Foregrounding Reconciliation and Renewed First Nation/Non-Aboriginal Relations in Environmental Management and Research
2010 Geddie Katherine Paige Transnational Landscapes of Opportunity? Post-graduation Settlement and Career Strategies of International Students in Toronto, Canada and London, UK
2010 Hracs Brian Jennings Working in the Creative Economy: The Spatial Dynamics of Employment Risk for Musicians in Toronto
2010 Kogler Dieter Franz The Geography of Knowledge Formation: Spatial and Sectoral Aspects of Technological Change in the Canadian Economy, 2983-2007
2010 Mathews Vanessa Kirsty Place Differentiation: Redeveloping the Distillery District, Toronto
2010 Rekers Josephina Veronica Maria Considering Adoption: How are Innovations Validated in Cultural and Science-Based Industries?
2010 Richardson Murray Landscape Structure and Watershed Mercury Sensitivity in Boreal Headwater Regions
2010 Ridgeley Jennifer Suzanne Cities of Refuge: Citizenship, Legality, and Exception in U.S. Sanctuary Cities
2010 Siciliano Amy Marie Policing Poverty: Race, Space and Fear of Crime after the Year of the Gun (2005) in Suburban Toronto
2010 Strazzeri Charlie Networks, Boundaries and Social Capital: The Historical Geography of Toronto’s Anglo Elite and Italian Entrepreneurs, 1900-1935
2009 Eaton Emily Marie Getting behind the Grain: The Politics of Producer Opposition to GM Wheat on the Canadian Prairies
2009 Fenech Adam L Rapid Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change (RAICC): An Integrated Approach to Understanding Climate Change in the Halton Region of Ontario, Canada
2009 Feng Xiaojuan The Molecular Composition of Soil Organic Matter (SOM) and Potential Responses to Global Warming and Elevated CO2
2009 Ho Elise Children’s Ideas About Climate Change
2009 Picton Roger Martin A Capital Experience: National Urban Renewal and Neoliberal Urban Governance in Canada’s National Capital
2009 Pisek Jan Development and Refinement of New Products from Multi-angle Remote Sensing to Improve Leaf Area Index Retrieval
2009 Simic Anita Refining the Concept of Combining Hyperspectral and Multi-angle Sensors for Land Surface Applications
2009 Spencer Gregory Martin The Creative Advantage of Diverse City-regions: Local Context and Social Networks
2008 Cornwell Adam Robert An Off-line Intercomparison of AGCM Soil Moisture Simulations Using a Potential Evapotranspiration-Leaky Bucket Model
2008 Eckley Chris Mercury Fate and Transport in Urban Watersheds
2008 Etcheverry Jose R. Challenges and Opportunities for Implementing Sustainable Energy Strategies in Coastal Communities of Baja California Sur, Mexico
2008 Govind Ajit Spatially Explicit Modeling of Hydrologically Controlled Carbon Cycles in a Boreal Ecosystem
2008 Harris Glenna Catherine Learned Citizenship: Contemporary Geographies of Education in Ontario Schools
2008 Mitchell Carrie Lynne Recycling the City: The Impact of Urban Change on the Informal Waste-recovery Trade in Hanoi, Vietnam
2008 Nguyen Tuan Quang Concerns, Opposition and Community Activism against Landfills in Vietnam
2008 Petrov Andrey Nickolaevich Marginal Regions in Discursive Space: An Examination of Socio-economic Conditions, Development Paths, and Spatial Differentiation in the Economic Systems of the Canadian and Russian North
2008 Sanschagrin Johanne The End of the Male Breadwinner-Female Homemaker Model? Gendered Earnings Arrangements in the Couple, and their Socio-Spatial Expressions in Canada
2008 Sider David Ross Community-Based Urban Environmental Management: A Case Study of Low-Income Settlements in Delhi, India
2008 Sonnentag Oliver Spatially Explicit Simulation of Peatland Hydrology and Carbon Dioxide Exchange
2008 Wu Chin-Yen The Spatiality of Social Identities: Taiwanese Migrant Women Practice Everyday Space in Toronto
2007 Laidler Gita Joan Ice, Through Inuit Eyes: Characterizing the Importance of Sea Ice Processes, Use, and Change Around Three Nunavut Communities
2007 Mitchell Carl Peter John Mercury Methylation Hot Spots in Peatlands
2007 Taylor Laura Elizabeth The Production of Nature in Planning for Urban Expansion: A Cultural Landscape Study of New Urban Growth in Oakville, Ontario
2007 Zhang Yongqin Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Algorithms for Retrieving Forest Chlorophyll Content
2006 Cadieux Kirsten Valentine Productive and Amenity Relationships with ‘Nature’ in Exurbia: Engagement and Disengagement in Urban Agriculture and the Residential Forest
2006 Ju Weimin Spatially Explicit Modelling of Coupled Water and Carbon Cycles in Canada’s Forests and Wetlands as Affected by Disturbance, Climate and Atmospheric Composition
2006 Kasanin-Grubin Milica Influence of Clay Mineralogy on Rill System Development on Badland Hillslopes
2006 Luka Nicholas James Placing the ‘Natural’ Edges of a Metropolitan Region Through Multiple Residency: Landscape and Urban Form in Toronto’s ‘Cottage Country’
2006 Mollett Sharlene Louise The Politics of Natural Resource Access: Indigeneity, Race and Property Rights in the Honduran Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve
2006 Shakya Yogendra Bahadur Grassroots Neoliberalism and the Reconstitution of Development in the 1990s: the Case of the Mainstreaming of the Microfinance Sector in Nepal and Vietnam
2006 Veronis Luisa Rethinking Transnationalism: Citizenship and Immigrant Participation in Neoliberal Toronto
2006 Wigle Sarah Jill Land, Shelter and Livelihoods: Exploring the Linkages in Mexico City
2005 Cowen Deborah Emily Welfare Warriors: Genealogies and Geographies of the Soldier and Social Citizenship in Canada
2005 Gewurtz Sarah Beth An Evaluation of Factors Controlling the Dynamics of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Aquatic Food Webs: A Modeling Approach
2005 Opoku-Boateng Ernest Urban Environmental Finance: Opportunities and Barriers for Canadian Municipalities
2005 Peros Matthew Charles Middle to Late Holocene Environmental Change and Archaeology on the North Coast of Central Cuba
2005 Remmel Tarmo Kaarel Characterizing Differences Between Categorical Maps as Functions of Composition and Configuration: a Hierarchical Spectra Approach
2005 Swanson Katherine Elizabeth Begging for Dollars in Gringopampa: Geographies of Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Childhood in the Ecuadorian Andes
2005 Vinodrai Tara Locating Design Work: Innovation, Institutions and Local Labour Market Dynamics
2004 Brunton Dalston Alex Morphology, Flow Hydraulics and Sediment Movement in Rill Networks
2004 Finkelstein Sarah Anne Middle to Late Holocene Paleoenvironments in a Great Lakes Coastal Wetland, Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada
2004 Gadallah Fawziah Louise Remote Sensing For Monitoring Of Wildlife Habitat: Lesser Snow Geese And Sub-Arctic Coastal Marshes
2004 Gagnon Alexandre Recent Trends and Scenarios of Climate Change in Hudson Bay and Surrounding Seas
2004 Houser Christopher Andrew Feedback Mechanisms in the Morphodynamics of Multiple Barred Nearshores
2004 Penfold Robert B. The Economic Geography of Risk: Three Papers on Organization, Development and Agglomeration
2004 Walks Robert Alan Polling Apart: Suburbanization and the Political Polarization of Large Canadian Urban Areas, 1945-2000
2003 Hall Jennifer Rebecca Time, Place, Suburbia: Landscape and Meaning in the St. Croix Valley
2003 Levitte Yael Mina Social Capital and Aboriginal Economic Development: Opportunities and Challenges
2003 Mitchell Scott William Does Pattern Matter? Spatio-temporal Modelling Strategies to Predict Grassland Productivity Dynamics, Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan
2003 Weaver Adam C. The McDonaldization of the Cruise Industry? Tourism, Consumption, and Customer Service
2002 Basu Rajashree The Geography of Neighbourhood Based Collective Action: A Flyvbjergian Perspective on School Closings in Toronto
2002 Carlyle-Moses Darryl Ernest Measurement and Modelling of Canopy Water Fluxes in Representative Forest Stands and a Matorral Community of a Small Sierra Madre Oriental Watershed, Northeastern Mexico
2002 Davidson Andrew Integrating Field Sampling and Remotely Sensed Data for Monitoring the Function and Composition of Northern Mixed Grass Prairie
2002 Mok Ka-Yan Diana Real Estate Liquidity Risks, Price Risks, and Cities
2002 Rantisi Norma Matuk Unpacking the Garment District’s Innovation System: How the New York City Women’s Wear Industry Stays in Fashion
2001 Crook Carolyn Biodiversity Prospecting Agreements: Evaluating their Economic and Conservation Benefits in Costa Rica and Peru
2001 Dirszowsky Randy William Sediment Routing Applied to Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction in the Upper Fraser River Watershed, British Columbia
2001 Drouin Carl Seeking Flexibility: The Rise of New Forms of Work in Large Canadian Urban Areas (1971-1996)
2001 Graniero Phillip Andrew The Effect of Spatiotemporal Sampling Strategies and Data Acquisition Accuracy on the Characterization of Dynamic Ecological Systems and Their Behaviours
2001 Handcock Rebecca Nina Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Net Primary Production Across Ontario Using an Ecoregionalization
2001 Jenkins William Michael Social and Geographical Mobility Among the Irish in Canada and the United States: A Comparative Study of Toronto, Ontario, and Buffalo, New York, 1880-1910
2001 Kuhn Nikolaus Josef The Effect of Rainstorm Sequence on Soil Erodibility
2001 Leibovitz Yosseph Associative Governance?: The Political Economy of Institutional Change in Two Ontario City-Regions
2000 Charney Igal The Conditions for Capital Investment in the Real Estate Sector: The Case of Office Development in Toronto
2000 De Sousa Christopher Anthony The Brownfield Problem in Urban Canada: Issues Approaches and Solutions
2000 Robinson Pamela Jean Canadian Municipal Response to Climate Change: A Framework for Analyzing Barriers
2000 Tague Christina Lee Modeling Seasonal Hydrologic Response to Forest Harvesting and Road Construction: The Role of Drainage Organization
1999 Andrew John Stewart The Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Resolving Waste Management Conflicts: A Study of Cases in Ontario and Massachusetts
1999 Donald Betsy Jane Economic Change and City-Region Governance: the case of Toronto
1999 Dupuy Damian Anthony Technology Development in Ontario’s Environmental Technology Industry: Towards a Model of the Environmental Regulation-Innovation Relationship
1999 Fernandes Richard Anthony The Influence of the Scale of Moss Cover and Soil Hydrologic Parameterization on Model Estimates of Evapotranspiration and Net Ecosystem Production in Boreal Conifer Landscapes
1999 Majury Niall Charles Local Knowledge, Global Markets and the Geography of Investment Banking
1999 Pfeifer Mark Edward “Community”, adaptation, and the Vietnamese in Toronto
1998 Brail Shauna ‘New’ media in ‘old’ urban areas: The emergence and evolution of Toronto’s multimedia cluster
1998 Brun Soren Erik Sequential scouring: Alternating patterns of erosion and deposition. Laboratory experiments and mathematical modelling
1998 Creed Irena F Topographic regulation of nitrate-N export from catchments within an old-growth sugar maple forest in the Turkey Lakes Watershed, central Ontario, Canada
1998 Djabatey Raphael Lawer Space, land-use planning and the household economy: The role of urban agriculture in the Accra Metropolitan Area, Ghana
1998 Farenhorst Annemieke Influence of earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris L.) on the dissipation and distribution of herbicides in soil
1998 Gyamfi Matthew Kwasi Environmental change and farmer response in the forest-savanna transitional zone of Ghana
1998 Hanna Kevin Stuart Integrated resource management: A review and evaluation of the Fraser River Estuary Management Program
1998 Lammers Richard Extending hydroecological simulation models from local to regional scales
1998 Reynolds Harold David The modifiable area unit problem: Empirical analysis by statistical simulation
1998 Stamp Judith Indigenous agroforestry and sustainable development in Mutoko Communal District, Zimbabwe
1998 Tsenkova Sasha Petkova Private housebuilding and housing markets in transitional economies: The case of Bulgaria
1998 Xu Zhiming Sediment suspension under groupy waves
1998 Zhu Tongxin Overland flow and tunnelflow generation on a semi-arid catchment: From field and experimental studies to simulation modeling
1997 Digiovanna Sean Michael Andrew Fighting for a working future : emerging models of local union strategy in a new era of global competition
1997 Hawke Richard Michael The energetics and dynamics of surface sealing: A laboratory investigation
1997 Vojnovic Igor The relationship between the pricing of linear infrastructure and urban development patterns: The Metro Toronto experience
1996 Chan Ka Yan Regional Inequalities in the Transition to a Market Economy: Changing Spatial Distribution of Income in China
1996 Gomez Insausti Jose Ricardo The Industrial Restructuring of Argentina in the 1980s: Regional Decentralization and Economic Concentration
1996 Jerrett Michael Leo Brennan Green Cost, Red Ink: An Environmental Accounting of the Defensive Expenditures Made by Municipal Governments in Ontario
1996 Owusu Thomas Yaw The Adaptation of African Immigrants in Canada: A Case Study of Residential Behaviour and Ethnic Community Formation among Ghanaians in Toronto
1996 Van Dommelen Dorn Territory and Rule: Territorial Institutions and the Anglo-Saxon Kings
1995 Cornish Susan Lynn Product Innovation and the Spatial Dynamics of Market Intelligence: Evidence from the Canadian Software Product Sector
1995 Labatt Sonia Helene Corporate Response toward Environmental Issues: A Case Study of Packaging
1995 Leydon Joseph Thomas Francis The Irish Provisions Trade to the Caribbean, c. 1650-1780: an historical geography
1995 Newton John Coping in Context – Adaptation to Environmental Hazards in the Northern Regions of Canada
1995 Rockwell David Leon Effects of Groundwater Development on Surface Flow Erosion during Simulated Rainstorms in a Laboratory Flume
1994 Boone Christopher Gregory The Rio de Janeiro Tramway, Light and Power Company and the Modernization of Rio de Janeiro during the Old Republic
1994 Fox Dennis Michael The Influence of Slope Angle on Infiltration Rate Surface Seal Characteristics, and Soil Loss: a Laboratory Experiment
1994 Gurtner Arnold Ecosystem Approach to Planning in the Great Lakes: a Mid-term Review of Remedial Action Plans
1994 Irwin Theodore Emmanuel Development of a Blanket Bog at St. Shotts, Newfoundland
1994 Nation Marcia Louise Gender, Irrigation and Development in the Upper Valley of the Senegal River
1994 Sela Nurith Gender, Irrigation and Development in the Upper Valley of the Senegal River
1994 Wang James Jixian Understanding Travel through the Scheduling of Daily Activities
1994 Yu Chang Ching Waste-Economy of Industrial-Commercial-Institutional (ICI) Establishments in the Metropolitan Toronto Area: An Integrated Methodology
1994 Zhu A-Xing Soil Pattern Inference Using GIS under Fuzzy Logic
1993 Boyle John Alexander Socio-Cultural and Political Influences on the implementation of Environmental Assessment in Southeast Asia: Insights from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia
1993 Snelder Denyse J. R. M. Methods of rangeland improvement and revegetation for denuded, semi-arid savanna areas in the Baringo district, Kenya
1992 Dunster Katherine Jane The Ecology of Two Northern marginal Disjunct Populations of Celtis tenuifolia Nutt. in Ontario Canada
1992 Oostwoud Wydenes Dirk Jan The Dynamics of Gully-Head Erosion on a Semi-Arid Piedmont Plain, Baringo District, Kenya
1992 Summerby-Murray Robert Edward The Centralization of Power: A Historical Geography of Roads, Railways and Manufacturing in Wellington County, Ontario, 1849-1930
1991 Bell Stephen Andrew Ranching in the Campanha of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil, 1850-1920: A Historical Geography of Uneven Development
1991 Hamilton Stuart Hugh Soil Erosion and Losses of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the Loess Plateau; Wangjiagou, Lishi, People’s Republic of China
1991 Winder Gordon Mathew Following America into Corporate Capitalism: Technology and Organization of the Ontario Agricultural Implements Industry to 1930
1990 Isin Engin Fahri The Birth of the Modern City in British North America
1990 Maclachlan Ian Robertson Industrial Plant Closure and Competitive Strategy in Ontario, 1981-1986
1990 Mckeown Larry Edward Urban Public Transit Subsidies: Theory and Policy Analysis with an Assessment of Commuter Rail in the Greater Toronto Area
1990 Osborne Philip Daniel Suspended Sediment Transport on Barred and Non-barred Beaches
1989 Huang Shirlena Swee Lian Office Suburbanization in Toronto: Fragmentation Workforce Composition and Laboursheds
1989 Penrose Janet Mary The Role of Ethnic Political Activism in the Preservation of Frisian Ethnicity in the Netherlands
1989 Truelove Marie Irene Pre-School Day Care and Public Facility Provision: A Case Study of Metropolitan Toronto
1989 Watters Robert John The Effects of Acid Deposition on Nutrient Cycling in an Aspen-Birch Ecosystem
1988 Chan Kam Wing Urbanization in China, 1949-1982: Policies, Patterns and Determinants
1988 Friedman Susan Walker Geography and Sociology from Marc Bloch’s Perspective: Tools for the Revitalization of “les etudes humaines”
1988 Lo Pui Chun Lucia Spatial Structure and Consumer Preferences: A Translog Model of Shopping Demand
1988 Macpherson Alan Douglas Service-to-Manufacturing Linkages and Industrial Innovation Among Small-to-Medium-Sized Firms: Empirical Evidence from Metropolitan Toronto
1988 Mcgillivray Daniel Greer Modelling Shoreline Stability: Predicting Time-Averaged Rates of Longshore Sediment Transport in the Toronto Waterfront, Lake Ontario, Canada
1988 Sutherland Ross Andrew A Sediment Budget for a Semi-Arid Catchment, Baringo District, Kenya
1988 Verseghy Diana Lubow On the Measurement and Modelling of Radiative Exchange for Building Surfaces
1987 Hepworth Mark Eric The Geography of the Information Economy: A Study of Technical and Economic Change in Canada
1987 Hiebert Daniel Joseph The Geography of Jewish Immigrants and the Garment Industry in Toronto, 1901-1931: A Study of Ethnic and Class Relations
1986 Harvey Leslie Daryl Danny A three-level energy balance climate model with topography, explicit radiative transfer, and explicit sea ice and snow mass budgets
1986 Quigley Neil Clayton Bank credit and the structure of the Canadian space economy c. 1890-1935
1986 Wilson John Peter The Use of Statistical Models to document Environmental Change in the Lake Simcoe Basin
1985 Hodges William Kaufman Experimental study of Hydrogeomorphological processes in Dinosaur Badlands, Alberta, Canada
1984 Geiger Charles Joseph Solar Energy and Environmental Ethics
1984 Psutka Stanley Vincent The Spatial Behaviour, Structure and impacts of Labour Unions in Canada
1983 Oladipo Emmanuel Olukayode On the Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Drought in the Interior Plains of North America – A Statistical Analysis
1983 Sherman Douglas Joel Longshore Currents: A Stress Balance Approach
1982 Lakhan Vishnudutt Chris Stochastic Simulation of Wave Action on Concave-Shaped Nearshore Profiles
1982 Liu Kam-Biu Postglacial Vegetational History of Northern Ontario: A Palynological Study
1982 Weirich Frank Sedimentation Processes in a High Altitude Proglacial Lake in Southeastern British Columbia
1981 Gibson Sarah Duane Sense of Place – Defense of Place. A Case Study of the Toronto Island
1981 Hilts Stewart Garvie In Praise of Progress: Attitudes to Urbanization in Southwestern Ontario, 1850-1900
1981 Lea Anthony Carson Towards a Theory of the Public Space Economy. (Three vols.)
1981 Mittler Peter Robert Storm Related Sediment Flux and Equilibrium in a Balled Nearshore Kouchibouguac Bay, New Brunswick, Canada
1981 Robinson John Bridger Both Feet Planted Firmly in Mid-air: An Investigation of Energy Policy and Conceptual Framework
1980 Dufournaud Christian Michel The Lower Mekong Basin Scheme: The Political and Economic Opportunity Costs of Cooperative and Sovereign Development Strategies 1957-2000
1979 Lindsay Ian James An Exploratory Time-Space Model of Activity Selection and Travel Behaviour with Special Reference to New Forms of Work Scheduling
1979 Marchand Claude Francoise Marie Quebec and the Continental Economy: Spatio-Temporal Change, 1957-1975
1979 Morgan Christopher Llewellyn Field and Laboratory Examination of Soil Erosion as a Function of Erosivity and Erodibility for Selected Hillslope Soils from Southern Ontario
1978 Ennals Peter M. Land and Society in Hamilton Township, Upper Canada, 1797-1861
1978 Griffith Daniel Alva The Impact of Configuration and Spatial Autocorrelation on the Specification and Interpretation of Geographical Models
1978 Moore Peter W. Zoning and Neighbourhood Change in the Annex in Toronto, 1900-1970
1978 Morrison Philip Scott Residential Property Conversion Subdivision, Merger and Quality Change in the Inner City Housing Stock, Metropolitan Toronto, 1958-1973
1978 Peddie Richard Residential Mobility, Occupancy Conversion and Neighbourhood Change
1977 Doucet Michael J. Building the Victorian City: The Process of Land Development in Hamilton, Ontario 1847-1881
1977 Goodison Barry E. Snowfall and Snow Cover in Southern Ontario: Principles and techniques of assessment
1977 Sheppard Eric S. Interaction Feedback Modelling: Explorations into Configurations, Flows, and the Dynamics of Spatial Systems
1977 Wang Liang-Huew Public Policy, Investment and Interregional Inequality – A Case Study of Peninsular Malaysia
1976 Amato Jon P. The Physical Environment Factor in the Analysis of Agricultural Land Use Patterns: A Case Study in Western New York
1976 Gad Gunter U.K. Toronto’s Central Office Complex: Growth, Structure and Linkages
1976 Hill Frederick I. The Integration of Peripheral Towns into an Urban Field: The Toronto-Centred Region
1976 Jacobs Hersch A. The Response of Farmers to Industrial Air Pollution in England
1976 Mock Dennis R. Agglomeration and Industrial Linkages: Case Studies of Metropolitan Toronto
1976 Rannie William F. An Approach to the Prediction of Suspended Sediment Rating Curves
1976 Roberts Ellis N.R. Environment, Community and Lifestyle: Components of Residential Preference for Cities
1976 Sharpe Christopher A. Vacancy Chains and Residential Relocation: The Response to New Construction in the Toronto Housing Market Area
1975 Bunting Trudi E. Behaviour Systems in the City: A Conceptual and Analytical Approach to the Investigation of Household Activities
1975 Davidson-Arnott Robin G.D. Form, Movement and Sedimentological Characteristics of Wave-Formed Bars – A Study of their Role in the Nearshore Equilibrium, Kouchibouguac Bay, New Brunswick
1975 Duckworth Peter B. Paleocurrent Trends in the Latest Outwash at the Western End of the Oak Ridges Moraine, Ontario
1975 Ericksen Neil J. A Scenario Approach to Assessing Natural Hazards: The Case of  Flood Hazard in Boulder, Colorado
1975 Foster Leslie T. The Response of Local Government to the U.K. Clean Air Act, 1956: A Case Study in the Adoption of Permissive Environmental Legislation
1975 Hewings John M. Environmental Indices and Public Attitudes: The Case of the Ontario Air Pollution Index
1975 Houston Cecil J. The Spatial Components and Consequences of Contemporary Urban Population Growth in the Central European USSR
1975 Pitblado J.Roger Land Capability and Land Tenure: Problems and Prospects for Agricultural Development in the North Mkata Plain, Tanzania
1974 Bannister Geoffrey Modes of Change in the Ontario Economy
1974 Barber Gerald M. An Optimization Approach to a Node-Network Development Problem
1974 Granger Orman E. The Evapotranspiration Oimatonomy of the Lake Ontario Drainage Basin
1974 Guelke Leonard T. The Early European Settlement of South Africa
1974 Jackson Edgar L. Response to Earthquake Hazard: Factors Related to the Adoption of Adjustments by Residents of Three Earthquake Areas of the West Coast of North America
1974 Mellen Frances The Development of Toronto Waterfront During the Railway Expansion Era, 1850-1912
1974 Miron John R. Economic Bases in the Theory of City Growth
1974 Punter John V. Urbanites in the Countryside – Case Studies of the Impact of Exurban Development on the Landscape in the Toronto-Centred Region, 1954-1971.
1974 Saunderson Houston Eskerine Sedimentation: An Analysis of Hypotheses and an Empirical Test
1974 Skeldon Ronald Migration in a Peasant Society – the example of Cuzco, Peru
1974 Wilkinson Paul F. Public Participation and Environmental Management
1974 Wynn Graeme The Assault on the New Brunswick Forest, 1780-1850
1973 Dewey Kenneth F. An Analytical Study of Lake-Effect Snowfall
1973 Hodgson Michael John Highway Network Development and Optimal Assessibility Change in the Toronto-Centred Region
1973 Owens Ian F. Alpine Mudflows in the Nigel Pass Area, Canadian Rocky Mountains
1973 Relph Edward Charles The Phenomenon of Place: An Investigation of the Experience and Identity of Place
1972 Barker Mary L. The Structure and Content of Environmental Cognitions – An exploratory study of evaluation of air pollution among five professional and disciplinary student groups
1972 Maher Christopher A. Residential Change and Filtering Process: Central Toronto 1953-1971
1972 McDonald Geoffrey T. Agricultural Land Use Forecasting: An Example of Field Crops in Ontario, 1960-1968
1971 Mannion John J. Irish Imprints on the Landscape of Eastern Canada in the Nineteenth Century: A study in Cultural Transfer and Adaption
1971 Walker David F. An Adaptive Framework for the Study of Industrial Location Decisions
1970 Collins Lynhurst Markov Chains and Industrial Migration: Forecasting Aspects of Industrial Activity in Ontario
1970 Gilmour James M. Structural and Spatial Change in Manufacturing Industry: South Ontario, 1850-1890
1970 Grima Angelo P. Residential Water Demand: Alternative Choice for Management
1968 Barr Brenton The Role of Transfer Costs in the Location and Flow Patterns of the Soviet Wood-Processing Industry
1968 Blackbourn Anthony Locational Patterns of American Owned Industry in Ontario
1968 Kelly Kenneth The Agricultural Geography of Simcoe County, Ontario, 1820-1880
1968 Lee Terence R. Residential Water Demand and Economic Development
1968 Marshall John U. The Analysis of Central Place Systems – A Study in Geographic Methodology
1968 May Joseph Austin Kant’s Concept of Geography and Its Relation to Recent Geographical Thought
1968 Sitwell George Land Use and Settlement Patterns in Pictou County, Nova Scotia
1967 MacDougall E. Bruce Farm Number Changes in Relation to Land Capability and Alternative Employment Opportunity in the North Part of Central Ontario
1966 Silva W.P.T. The Southern Georgian Bay Region l855-1961: a study in economic geography
1961 Warkentin John H. The Mennonite Settlements of Southern Manitoba (Two Vols.)
1958 Wood H.A. Department du Nord, Haiti. A Study of Land Utilization and Settlement
1956 Reeds L.G. Agricultural Geography of Southern Ontario
1956 Wolfe Roy I. Recreational Land Use in Ontario
1954 Richards John Howard Land Use and Settlement Patterns on the Fringe of the Shield of Southern Ontario. (Two Vols.)
1951 Wonders William C. The Climate of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
1950 Kerr Donald P. The Regional Climatology of Southern British Columbia
1945 Watson J.W. The Geography of the Niagara Peninsula – a regional study. (Two vols.)
1943 Lee Chen-Fu The Middle Grand River Valley of Ontario – a regional study