MSc Theses & Research Papers – Geography

These include theses or research papers under the MA/MSc Environmental Collaborative Program, and the Masters of Spatial Analysis Program

Year Last Name First Name Thesis/Paper title
2016 Buchanan Sarah Willow Intraspecific variation in leaf and root traits across nutrient and light gradients in coffee agroforestry systems
2016 Chakraborty Arnab The Influence of Forest Fires in Central Canada on Carbon Monoxide in Southern Ontario
2016 Coleman Brent Shadetree effects on interaspecific leaf trait plasticity and decomposition in a willow agroforestry system
2016 Hosseinibenhangi Parastoo Effects of Stand Age on the Coupling beetween Carbon and Water Fluxes in White Pine Stands in Ontario, Canada
2016 Sage Larissa Katherine Recovery of Boreal Forest Carbon Pools Following Stem-Only Harvesting in Quebec, Canada
2015 Arabian Joyce Retrieving leaf chlorophyll content in wheat and corn using Landsat-8 imagery
2015 Didiano Teresa Julia The Impact of Variable Preciptiation on the Performance of Wetland and Grassland Plants
2015 Jung Jenny
Ha Yon
Tropospheric Ozone Variations over North America
2015 Lane-Coplen Daniel Landscape Influences on Hydrological Transit Times in Precambrian Shield Catchments
2015 Malone Matthew Hydrological and Biogeochemical Fluxes of Throughfall and Stemflow in Temperate Swamps
2015 Megens Anna Marie Development of Sand-Bedded Rivers in Glaciated Southern Ontario
2015 Nasielski Joshua Soybean N2 Fixation Rates in Tree-based Intercropping Systems: Effects of Water Limitations and Environmental Modifications
2014 Gagliardi Stephanie Intraspecific Trait Plasticity in Coffee Agroforestry Systems of Costa Rica
2014 Kowal Slawomir Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Hudsom Ba Sea Ice (1971-2011)
2014 Link Candice Mackenzie Determining Tree Water Acquisition with Stable Isotope Analysis in a Temperate Agroforestry System
2014 Ormshaw Hannah Elizabeth Ecohydrolical Controls on Temperate Wetland Shrub Dynamics
2014 Saliola Assunta Object-based Image Analysis for the Delineation of Canopy Gaps and Individual Tree Crowns Using Multi-Source Data: a Case Study in Haliburton Forest, Ontario
2014 Tong Alexander Estimating Grassland Chlorophyll Content for a Mixed Grassland: Exploring the Performance of the Empirical-Statistical and the Physical Modeling Approach
2014 Visha Ariola The Temporal Trends and Fish Consumption Advisories of Mercury and PCB Contaminants in Lake Trout and Walleye from Lake Ontario, Canada
2014 Wang Ze Sunlit Leaf Photosynthesis Rate Correlates Best with Chlorophyll Fluorescence of Terrestrial Ecosystems
2013 Beck Kristen A Holocene Paleolimnological Record from the Turkey Lakes Watershed Long-term Monitoring Site in Central Ontario, Canada
2013 Binnington Taylor Optimal Siting of Dispersed Wind Farms in Ontario
2013 Henshaw Jennifer Tina Influences of Confluences on Reach Scale Morphology of Southern Ontario Stream Channels
2013 Mazur Maxwell Emerson Ercse Factors Affecting Gaseous Mercury Emissions from Soils
2013 McGovern Peter Graeme East-West Asymmetry in Coastal Temperatures of Hudson Bay as a Proxy for Sea Ice
2013 Munroe Jake Warner Nutrient Availability in the Rhizosphere of Coffee: Shade-Tree and Fertilization Effects
2013 Shiller Jennifer Factors Affecting Holocene Carbon Accumulation in a Peatland in Southern Ontario
2013 Wong Kelly Ka Lei Remote Sensing of Tall Grasslands: Estimating Vegetation Biochemical Contents at Multiple Spatial Scales and Investigating Vegetation Temporal Response to Climate Conditions
2012 Campbell Leslie Biophysical Drivers of Tree Crop Performance in Shade Agroforestry Systems: the Case of Coffee in Costa Rica
2012 Fung Jonathan Winston Atmospheric Inversion of the Global Surface Carbon Flux with Consideration of the Spatial Distributions of US Crop Production and Consumption
2012 Haynes Kristine Marie Hydrological Controls on Mercury Mobility and Transport from a Forested Hillslope During Spring Snowmelt
2012 Shakeel Tooba Homeowners as Urban Forest Managers: Examining the Role of Property-level Variables in Predicting Variations in Urban Forest Quantity Using Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS Methodologies
2012 Siddiqi Zarar Dynamic Ridesharing: Is Technology Important?
2012 Thayer James Benjamin Downstream Variability of Fluvial Forms, Process and Character in a Small Deglaciated Watershed of Southern Ontario
2012 Vanthof Stephanie Future Heat Stress in Urban Areas Based on Maximum Wetbulb Temperatures
2011 Allen Shannon Changes in Extreme Temperature Trends in the Greater Toronto Area from 1971 -2000
2011 Bourne Kirstin The Biogeography of Peel’s Urban Forest: Patterns and Correlates of Species Diversity
2011 Bui Randy Understanding the Built Environment Influences on the Carpool Formation and Use Process
2011 Friel Charlotte Ellen Diatom Records of Holocen Climatic and Hydrological Changes in the Western Hudson Bay Region of Canada
2011 Gupta Varun Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane in Northern Peatlands
2011 Iamonaco John-Paul Pollen Based Inferences of Post-Glacial Vegetation and Paleoclimate Change on Melville Peninsula, Nunavut, Canada
2011 O’Reilly Benjamin Cody Paleoecological and Carbon Accumulation Dynamics of a Fen Peatland in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Northern Ontario, from the Mid-Holocene to Present
2011 Proctor Cameron Multispectral Detection of European Frog-bit in the South Nation River using Quickbird Imagery
2011 Srivastava-Modi Shalini Evaluating the Ability of eQUEST Software to Simulate Low-Energy Buildings in a Cold Climatic Region
2010 Czurylowicz Peter Leaf Area Index, Carbon Cycling Dynamics and Ecosystem Resilience in the Mountain Pine Beetle Affected Areas of British Columbia from 1999 to 2008
2010 Devlin Jane Erica Applications of Peleolimnology in Ecosystem Monitoring for Sirmilik National Park: Developing Indicators of Ecological Integrity
2009 Adams Jennifer Quantitative Paleoclimate Reconstructions from the Melville Peninsula, Nunavut, Canada
2009 Armes Cori Methane Production, Oxidation, and Emissions under Simulated Enhanced Nutrient Deposition in a Northern Peat Bog
2009 Chow Nicole Angela Late Glacial and Holocene Environmental Change Inferred from Sedimentary Archives of Kusawa Lake, Boundary Range Mountains, Yukon Territory, Canada
2009 Greenberg Tracie Nutrient Cycling and Water Pollution in Lake Zapotlan, Mexico
2009 Malczyk Evan Assessing Mercury Exposure Risk in the Lake Zapotlán Watershed, Mexico
2009 Myrans Katharine Olivia Comparative Energy and Carbon Assessment of Three Green Technologies for a Toronto Roof
2009 Siewierski Richard An Analysis of Seasonal Sea Ice off the Coast of Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Canada
2009 Stupple Geoffrey Air Mercury Speciation, Foliar Uptake, and Wash- off along an Urban-rural Gradient
2009 Tam Andrew Permafrost in Canada’s Subarctic Region of Northern Ontario
2009 Zhang Beiping Carbon Dynamics in Canada’s Managed Forests from 1991 to 2006: A Comparison of InTEC and CBM
2008 Brady Aisling Kathleen The Distribution of Coral, Reefs and Coastal Habitats in North Central Cuba
2008 Chakraborty Krishnendu Holocene Paleoenvironmental Changes Inferred from Diatom Assemblages in Kusawa Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada
2008 Ramasra Renata M Carbon Commodification: Assessing Social and Environmental Implications of Assigning Property Rights to Carbon
2008 Scott Katherine Josephine Satellite-Derived Estimation of the Surface Albedoof Peyto Glacier Basin
2008 Stewart Monique Mueller The Sediment Accumulation Record at Glacier-fed Kinaskan Lake: Implications for Changes in Holocene Hydrology and Climate in the Upper Iskut River Watershed, British Columbia
2008 Tam Benita A Climate Change Impact Assessment on the Spread of Furunculosis in the Ouje-Bougoumon Region
2008 Zhang Weitao Application of Bayesian Inference Techniques for Calibrating Eutrophication Models
2008 Zhang Xianming Measurement and Modeling of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in the Indoor Environment
2007 Biesiada Magda Alicja Spatial Distribution of Mountain Pine Beetle in the Morice Timber Supply Area in Western British Columbia between 1995 and 2002
2007 Davidson Dawn Elizabeth Modern Pollen Spectra from Mangrove Ecosystems of the Sabana-Camaguey Archipelago and Ciego de Avila, Cuba
2007 Del Gobbo Liana Consumer and Environmental Factors Influencing Benefits and Risks of Fish Consumption
2007 Hodgson Patrick Clifford Development of a Fuzzy-Based Methodology for GIS-Based Habitat Modeling Using the Worm-Eating Warbler (Helmitheros Vermivora) as a Case Study
2007 Lackner Michael An Object-Oriented Approach to Urban Land-Cover and Land-Use Classification
2007 Melymuk Lisa E Are PCBs Really Legacy Pops? A Spatial Evaluation of PCBs in Toronto, Canada
2006 Asmath Hamish Mark Nizam Vertical Decomposition of Forest Structure using LiDAR Remote Sensing
2006 Clarke John Patrick Applying the Multimedia Urban Model to Measured PCBs, PAHs and PBDEs in Urban Areas
2006 Stewart Andrew McLean Geomorphic Evolution of a Floodplain Point Bar on the Lower Thames River, Southern Ontario: Channel Stability and Archaeological Implications
2006 Wu Rosa Wing Chong Films on Impervious Urban Surfaces: Accumulation Properties, Contaminant Concentrations and Partitioning Characteristics
2006 Wun Nancy Nan Chi Seasonal Sea Ice Variations in Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay – 1971 to 2004
2005 Caldwell Ian Matthew Carbon Sequestration Capacity Enhancement and Economic Policy Implications for Liping County, China, Through Integrated Assessment
2005 Feng Xiaojuan Humic Acid Conformation on Clay Surfaces and Its Influence on Phenanthrene Sorption
2005 Ivis Frank John Spatial Patterns of Drug use Among Adolescent Students in Ontario
2005 Lelasseux Stephane A Historical and Experimental Study of the Urban Heat Island in Toronto
2005 Musso Eva Teresa Geography.  Media and the Individualization of Cancer Risk
2005 Opthof Nicholas Estimating Untapped Performance Potential in Retail Banking: a Montreal Case Study
2005 Pisek Jan Production and a Validation of Global LA1 Dataset from SPOT-4 VEGETATION Data
2005 Ralph Trisha The Influence of Sea Surface Temperatures and Northern Hemisphere Teleconnection Patterns on Eastern North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Activity
2004 Bayer Angelika Karolina Biogeochemical and Geomorphological Controls on Mercury Dynamics in a Macrotidal Salt Marsh, Bay of Fundy, Canada
2004 Chalmers Garth Anderson Clustered Risk: An Application of Cluster Analysis to the Development of a Credit Rish Assessment Model
2004 Jones-Otazo Heather Allison Screening-Level Human Health Risk Assessment: Development and Application of a Multimedia Urban Risk Model
2004 Kingston Jillian Anne Esther The Impact of Spatial Autocorrelation On Confidence Intervals in Group (Cluster) Sampling For Accuracy Assessment-
2004 Labencki Tanya Lynn Characterization of Washoff from Urban Impervious Surfaces
2004 Marosz-Wantuch Marzena Jolanta Modelling Snowline Migration and Runoff Response for Place Glacier Basin
2004 Serink Andrea Lillian Glacilacustrine Sedimentation Processes at Llewellyn Inlet, Atlin Lake, British Columbia: Implications for Little Ice Age Climate Change
2003 Archbold Josephine Anne The Multimedia Urban Model: Development and Application of a Screening-Level Ecological Risk Assessment Model
2003 Butt Craig Michael Chemical and Physical Characterization of Organic Films on an Impervious Surface
2003 Permanand-Schwartz Allana Veda Hydrodynamics, Suspended Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics Associated with a Nearshore Bar, Burley Beach, Ontario, Canada
2003 Richardson Murray The Wetland Object Model (WOM): A Geographic Object-Based Simulation Framework for Studies in Wetland Ecohydrology
2002 Ashby David Ian Addressing the Problem of Incompatible Zonal Systems. The Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Population and Health-Service Utilization in Small Areas of Inner City Toronto
2002 Croil James Stuart Channel Pattern Alternation, Anabranch Development and Floodplain Evolution of the Lower Grand River, Ontario
2002 Ju Weimin Distribution of Soil Carbon Stocks in Canada’s Wetland and Upland Forests Simulated Based on Drainage Class, Topography and Remote Sensing
2002 Mitchell Carl Peter John Hydrogeomorphic Controls on Reduction-Oxidation Conditions Across Boreal Upland-Wetland Interfaces
2002 Morgan Alexis John Evaluating and Modelling Hydro-Ecological Impacts of Urbanization and Climate Change in a Southern Ontario Watershed
2002 Simic Anita Spatial Scaling of Net Primary Productivity Using Subpixel Information
2002 Todd Kenton Wayne Characterization of the Feasibility and Accuracy of Determining Forest Structural Parameters Using LIDAR in an Experimental Maple Stand in the Turkey Lakes Watershed
2002 Weaver Kevin James Spatial Bias in Landscape Ecological Simulations: A Case Study of Accounting for Spatial Dependence in a Raster-based Stochastic Model Using a Region Approach
2002 Wong Fiona An Nee Atmospheric Deposition of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) to Soils and Occurrence of Hydrophobic Soils along an Urban-Rural Gradient
2001 Ciampini Mary-Anne Nicole The Use and Effectiveness of Voluntary Environmental Initiatives – A Case Study of the Canadian Automotive Industry
2001 Davidson-Welling Maureen Environmental Decision-Making and Organizational Change: A Case Study of the Canadian Mining Industry
2001 Hodder Kyle Ross Holocene and Recent Sedimentation Record from Glacier-fed Mud Lake, British Columbia, Canada
2001 Hodge Erin Maureen Chemical and Biological Characteristics of an Organic Film from Toronto Windows
2001 Jayasinghe Ruwan Bismuth Tissue Levels:  A First Step in Addressing the Environmental Consequence of using Bismuth Shotshells
2001 Lau Ho Pang Impacts of Climate Variability and Climate Change on Prairie Wheat Yield
2001 Lillyman Carrie Danielle The Quantification of Mobile Source Contributions to Fine Particulate Matter in the Greater Toronto Area
2001 Opoku-Boateng Ernest Climatic Variability and Municipal Water Management: a Vulnerability Assessment of Municipal Water Management: a Vulnerability Assessment of Metropolitan Toronto
2001 Pal Kevin Joseph Assessing Community Vulnerability to Flood Hazard in Ontario- A Case Study Approach
2001 Sparling Erik Implementing the Biosphere Reserve Ideal in a Linear, Multi-Agency, Urban Fringe Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges on the Niagara Escarpment
2001 Swamy Sarita Indira Exploring Sustainable Agriculture and Voluntary Environmental Stewardship within Agricultural and Voluntary Environmental Stewardship within Agricultural Plan
2001 Thornbush Mary Jessica Holocene Floodplain Development and Prehistoric Human Occupation: Lower Nottawasaga River, Southern Ontario, Canada
2001 Young Maggie Elaine Hydrological and Biogeochemical Controls on Mercury Fate and Transport in a Southern Forested Wetland
2000 Antle Tracy Lynn Mass Balance Mapping of the Wapta Icefield from Weather Station Data
2000 Cornwell Adam Robert Sunspots and the Influence of Solar Variation on Climate
2000 Hosseinian Reza The Status of Total Column Ozone Concentration over North America
2000 Kelly Syrota Jennifer Post-Ice Storm Tree Damage in Four Eastern Ontario Woodlots
2000 Law Sheryl A Factors Affecting the Occurrence, Isomer Ratio and Enantioselective Degradation of Hexachlorocyclohexane in Arctic and Temperate Aquatic Systems
2000 Poaps Sandra Lynn Palaeoethnobotanical Analysis of the Norse Period Midden at Quoygrew, Orkney, Scotland: Local Production or Importation of Economic Taxa
2000 Steenhof Paul Andrew The Climate Science and Insurance Communities and the Climate Change Issue: Risk Identification, Communication and Mitigation of Climatic Extremes
2000 Zsigovics Gabor Derivation of Biophysical Variables from Fine Resolution Imagery for Co-Processing with Socio-Economic Data in an Urban Area
1999 Kulkarni Tanuja Urban Floods in Southern Ontario:  A Methodology to Determine Causality
1999 Kumar Ashij Validation of a Critical Sulfur and Nitrogen Load Model in Southern Ontario, Canada Using Soil Chemistry Data from MARYP
1998 Basiji Ali The Direct and Indirect Effects of Climatic Variability and Change on Spring Wheat Yields in the Canadian Prairies Region
1998 Beaney Gary The Effect of Weekday/Weekend Variations in Tropospheric Ozone Concentrations on the Air Temperature of the Greater Toronto Area
1998 Everitt Kerry Gladine Gaseous Nitrous Oxide Evolution from Riparian Wetlands
1998 Garaci Michael C. River Terrace Development of the Lower Saugeen River Valley, Southern Ontario
1998 Stirling James R. Channel Morphology and Riffle-Pool Sequences in “Natural” Reaches of an Urbanized Alluvial System, the East Don River, Toronto, Ontario
1998 Tenenbaum David RAIMEnt:  RHESSys/ArcView Integrated Modelling Environment
1998 Thambipillai Ramana The Modelling of Shortwave Radiation Transfer Through the Canopy of a Mixed Forest Wetland
1998 Wyke Gordon Alexander GIS/SCADA Information Integration in Utilities: The Trinidad and Tobago Water and Sewerage Authority Archetype
1997 Antoniuk Alexandria Sonia Roxolana Estimating missing average household income values in census data
1997 Baldwin David John Bentley Quantification of existing eco-regionalizations of Ontario
1997 Chalecki Elizabeth Lynn An Index to Measure the Environmental Effects of North American Energy Production
1997 Currie Robert Emmet The use of remote sensing and geographic information systems for soil erosion hazard mapping in Chiapas, Mexico
1997 Fitzgerald Daniel Francis The Influence of Hydrogeology on the Attenuation of Nitrate in Groundwater within a Riparian Zone/Floodplain System
1997 Sumi Lisa Sanae Seasonal Availability and Mineralization of Nitrogen in Cotton and Soybean Cropping Systems in Mississippi
1997 Wright Kenneth Thomas Developing a GIS to Maximize Its Effectiveness in the Face of Significant Constraints:  A Case Study of the Credit Valley Conservation Authority GIS
1996 Addison Kara Marie Tourism Development in Hiiumaa, Estonia
1996 Brunton Dalston Alex Water and Sediment Movement through Rill Networks:  A Laboratory Investigation
1996 Canini Domenic Physico-Chemical Behaviour and Transport of Trace Metals during Storm Events
1996 Carlyle-Moses Darryl Ernest Precipitation Partitioning by a Northern Hardwood Stand, Southern Ontario, Canada:  Processes and Variability
1996 Eaton Sherry Lee Application of a Mass Balance Model to Assess the Effectiveness of Five Remedial Options for Mohawk Lake, Brantford
1996 Fedorowick Judy A Multi-media Inventory of Pollutant Loadings to the Don River Watershed
1996 Gesink Dionne Catherine Colluvial Sediment Routing in the Moose River Basin:  A Slope Stability Analysis Approach
1996 Glenfield Ross Alexander Impacts of Water Supply and Sanitation in Three Rural Guatemalan Communities
1996 Gomes Glynn Modelling the Fate of Organic Contaminants in Urban Stormwater Detention Ponds
1996 Heffernan Virginia Rae Natural Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons in Soils on Toronto’s Waterfront: Rates and Potential for Enhancement
1996 Law Neely Leda A Preliminary Multi-media Model to Estimate Contaminant Fate in an Urban Watershed
1996 Linteau Jean-Philippe An Evaluation of Agroforestry Systems in the Calakmul Model Forest Mexico
1996 Luther Wendy Barbara State of the Environment Reporting for Ontario: the Perspectives of Non-Governmental Organizations in Support of a Healthy Environment
1996 Rodie Andrew William A Study of the Geochemistry of Arsenic in Moira Lake Sediment, Ontario.
1995 Atkinson Tatiana Analysis of Waste Activities and Practices in Hotels
1995 Bisnath Sunil The Use of Global Positioning System for Georeferencing Data for Geographic Information System Applications
1995 Blasutti Angele Stella A GIS-Based Evaluation of the Geometry, Connectivity and Ecological Potential of Habitat Fragments in Part of the Upper Don Subwatershed, Southern Ontario
1995 Boldy Carl David Models of Suspended Sediment Transport under Waves and Currents: A Laboratory Validation
1995 Bush Elizabeth Joint Implementation: A Strategy for Combating Global Warming
1995 Davidson Andrew Integrating field sampling and remotely sensed data for the quantitative prediction of soil characteristics across a salt-affected grassland
1995 Grant Gary A On Estimating the Sensible Heat Flux from Profile Data over a Melting Glacier
1995 Handcock Rebecca Nina A study that incorporates spatio-temporal data within a GIS and ecological simulation modelling system
1995 Hartshorn James High energy geomorphic events in the Sawtooth Mountains, Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada
1995 Jackson Peter Stewart Weekday-Weekend Variations of Photochemical Air Pollution in the Metropolitan Toronto Region Fragments in Part of the Upper Don Subwatershed, Southern Ontario
1995 Pomerleau Angele S. A GIS-Based Evaluation of the Geometry, Connectivity and Ecological Potential of Habitat  Fragments in part of the Upper Don subwatershed, southern Ontario
1995 Woolveridge Anna Claire An Analysis of the Critical Factors Affecting the Success of Neighbourhood Composting Projects in Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia
1994 Campo Susan Heather A sediment budget for the South Saugeen River, Southern Ontario
1994 Child Emma Mary Cumulative Environmental Effects and land Use Planning in Ontario
1994 Dirszowsky Randy William Glaciolacustrine sedimentation and neoglacial history of the Chephren Lake Basin, Banff National Park, Alberta
1994 Taylor Helen Rosemary Discharge and sediment transport in three high arctic basins, Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories
1993 Atkins Rowland John Sediment suspension under irregular “groupy” waves: A laboratory experiment
1993 Butt Anya Zarina Characterization of alluvial fans near Lake Baringo, Kenya through stratigraphic analysis
1993 Campbell Lisa Margaret Environmental Assessment in the World Bank –  an Evaluation
1993 Cowell Sarah Jane The Role of Geographical Variation in Product Life Cycle Assessments
1993 Ling Wen Application of the QWASI fugacity/aquivalence model to assessing the fate of contaminants in the water and sediments of Hamilton Harbour
1993 Lowe Andrew Timothy Estimation of visible and near-infrared reflectivity for Peyto Glacier Basin using satellite data
1993 Tague Christina Lee Evaluation and Potential Applications of a Combined Crop Productivity and Hydrologic Model for the Loess Plateau Region in China
1993 Willson Carole Sources and sinks of the fine alluvial sediment fraction: Saugeen River, Ontario
1992 Gudjonsson Kristinn Arnar Hummocks on the Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories
1992 Huang Zhen An Analysis of the Hypothetical Climatic Impact of Methane-Hydrate Destabilization
1991 Brander Robert Williams Bedform Constraints on Sediment Re-Suspension and Transport Under Shoaling and Breaking Waves
1991 Cutler Paul Michael Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectivities in a Mid-Latitude Glacier Basin
1991 Mackay David Scott Knowledge Based Classification of Higher Order Terrain Objects on Digital Elevation Models
1991 Mcintosh Debbie Lou The Environmental Management Plan and the Ontario Environmental Assessment Process
1991 Spencer Christine Sara Anne Hydro-Climate and Tree Growth in the Beverly Swamp
1991 Wang Guiping Modelling Soil Erosion From Hillslopes in the Hilly Loess Region, China
1991 Wang Xuewen Modelling Solar Radiation Transmission Through a Partial Canopy
1990 Blane Jean Margaret Avoidance and Interactive Behaviour of the St. Lawrence Beluga Whale (Delphinapterus Leucas) in Response to Recreational Boating
1990 Fox Dennis Michael A Field Experiment Testing a Synthetic Soil Conditioner to Improve Infiltration and Reduce Erosion in the Baringo District, Kenya
1990 Lammers Richard Characterization of Mountainous Terrain Using Spherical Statistics
1990 Merz Wolfgang Hans Threshold Conditions for Rill Erosion on Sandy Loamy Brunisols – Results of Laboratory and Field Experiments in Southern Ontario
1990 Schnabel Susanne Cacilia The Application of Dendrochronology in Soil Erosion, Research in Semi-arid Tropical Areas, Studies in Baringo District, Kenya
1990 Slattery Michael Coleridge Laboratory experiments on the mechanisms of rill formation and the effect of dynamic soil properties
1990 Stoker Klaas Jelle Louis Active layer detachment slope failures on Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories
1989 Bubelis Paulius G Conservation Evaluation and a Framework for the Selection of Ecological Reserves in Ontario
1989 Clarke Daniel Mansley Erosion Processes and Sediment Budget of an Actively Eroding Gully, Shenchong Basin, South China
1989 Davis Laurence Howard Morton Bedload Transport in a Sand-Bed Ephemeral Stream Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada
1989 Ollerhead Jeffrey William Bedform Geometry and Dynamics During Storms in a Barred Nearshore Zone, Bluewater Beach, Ontario, Canada
1989 Robins Janet Anne An Application of Innovation Diffusion Theory to the Adoption of Recycling Technology within Ontario’s Electroplating Industry
1989 Vles Raymond The Politics of Risk Management
1989 Xu Zhiming Wave-Formed Structures and Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction
1988 Beech Kennedy Margot Elaine Physical and Elemental Properties of the Soil in Tuckamore Domed Islands at L’ Anse-aux-Meadows National Historic Park, Newfoundland
1988 Irwin Theodore Emmanuel Geochemical and Palynological Stratigraphies of a Hummock and Hollow in the Wylde Lake Bog, Ontario
1988 Young Kathy A Study of the Hydrology of a Perennial Snowbank in the Continuous Permafrost Zone, South-East Melville Island, N.W.T.
1987 Adair Michael Raymond Attitudes of Cottagers to the Establishment of A Provincial Waterway Park
1987 Dales Maura Marjorie The Effects of Urbanization on the Shear Stress Distribution and Erosion around Meander Bends, Cooksville Creek, Mississauga, Ontario
1987 Macleod David Thomas An Examination of Current and Future Use of the Class Environmental Assessment Approach in Canada
1987 Osborne Philip Daniel Equilibrium Nearshore Slopes and Cross-Shore Velocity Asymmetry
1987 Wolde Fissiha Tefera Influence of Heat and rainfall on Effectiveness of Separan AP30 on Ontario and Kenyan Soils
1986 Abbott Robert Martin The Economic Impact of Non-Resident Recreational Fishing in Ontario An Input-Output Analysis
1986 Nordstrom Kerstin Elisabeth Gully Erosion in Tropical and Subtropical Environments: A case study from Lesotho, southern Africa
1986 Serafin Rafal Krzysztof Attitudes to hazardous waste facility siting in Niagara Falls, Ontario: a questionnaire survey study
1986 Weninger Jane Late Holocene History of the Humber River Marshes: Sediment, Pollen and Pollutant Accumulation
1985 Botar Oliver Arpad Istvan Modernism In Hungarian Urban Planning: 1906-1938
1985 Ferguson J. Andrew A cost Effectiveness Comparison of the Conventional Ground Based Snow Survey and the Airborne Gamma Ray Snow Survey
1985 Harvey Lawrence Edward The Potential use of Selected Synthetic Soil Conditions in Reducing the Erodibility of Two Southern Ontario Soils
1985 Hickman Philip Douglas Voluntary Source Separation Recycling in Kitchener
1985 Watters Robert John Water and Chemical Fluxes in a Forest Ecosystem
1984 Bowyer-Bower Tanya Adele Syndonia A Study of Rills in a Natural Landscape
1984 Kelly Geraldine Anne The Sulphate Budget of a Deciduous Forest Ecosystem during the Snowmelt Season
1983 Rush Diana Energy Exchange in a Passive Solar Assisted House
1983 Sutherland Ross Andrew Mechanical and Chemical Denudation in a Semiarid Badland Environment, Dinosaur World Heritage Park, Alberta, Canada
1983 Wright Douglas Stock Preparing an Environmental Impact Statement: A Case Study of the Midwest Lake Uranium Project.
1982 Green David Richard Optical Density Measurements on Colour Infrared Transparencies
1982 Rudolph Mark S Opportunities for the Use of Biomass as a Source of Energy in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Sectors in Canada
1981 Jaffray Beverley Ann A Critique of Public Involvement Mechanisms and Assessments: The Canadian Experience
1981 Jefferies William Charles Chromaticity Analysis of Colour Aerial Photography and its Application to Detecting Water Quality Changes in Acid Stressed Lakes
1977 Nawaz Rasheda Service Facilities and Locational Criteria of Senior Citizens Housing in Metro Toronto
1977 Whillans Thomas H. Fish Community Transformation in Three Bays Within the Lower Great Lakes