MA Theses & Research Papers – Geography

Year Last Name First Name Thesis/Paper title
2016 Fisher David The Speculative Temporalities of Landholding: Past, Present and Future
2016 Vaz-Jones Laura The Politics of Claims-Making on Cape Town’s Urgan Peripheries: The Ithemba Farmers’ Land Occupation
2016 Zhou Lusha Grounding flows of water: Place-based green infrastructure in urbanizing Lao Cia, Viet Nam
2015 Alagraa Bador Saadeldin “Known to Police”: a Black Male Reflection on Police Violence in Toronto
2015 Chan Kelly Active Transportation: Measuring Pedestrian Trips for School Children in Scarborough, Toronto, Canada
2015 Grise Emily A Spatial Analysis of Pedestrian Injury in the City of Toronto
2015 Harris Rachel “We Exist. We’re Not Just Some Fairytale in a Book”: Migration Narratives of LGBTQ2S Aboriginal People in Toronto
2015 Paranjape Sai Rehabilitation of Bhutanese Child Refugees in Toronto in Education
2015 Pel Adrian Money for Nothing and Bits for Free: the Geographies of Bitcoin
2015 Ravensbergen-Hodgins Lea Socioeconomic Discrepancies in Children’s Accessibility to Health Promoting Resources: An Activity Space Analysis
2015 Russek Gabriela Local Complementary Currencies to Benefit the Economically Marginalized: an Analysis of the Empirical Record
2015 Sarrazin Marie-Line The Political Ecology of Indigenous Territorial Struggles in the Darién, Panama: Land Invasions, Partial State Recognition, and Racialized Discrimination in the Emberá-Wounaan Collective Land Struggle
2014 Barter Hillary Corina Slaughterhouse Rules: Declining Abattoirs and the Politics of Food Safety Regulation in Ontario
2014 Cadger Kirstie Frances Development Interventions and Agricultural Adaptation in a Changing Environment: a Social Network Analysis of Farmer Knowledge Transfer in Ghana
2014 Carter Michael Towards a Vision of Urban Security in the Smart City
2014 Egan Kathleen Glory Shoreline Modification Impacts on Lake Ecology as a Result of Intensive Cottage Cluster Development
2014 Forde Martyn Henry De Boulay Renewable Energy Technology and the Hotel Sector of Small Island Developing States (SIDS): Managing Sustainability Transitions on the Island of Barbados
2014 Fridman Joel Settlement, Food Lands and Sustainable Habitation: the Historical Development of Agricultural Policy and Urban Planning in Southern Ontario
2014 Goracinova Elena Production in the Innovation Economy: an Evolutionary – Institutional Perspective on Manufacturing in High-Wage Economies
2014 Grant Sonia The Kalamazoo River Spill: Pipelines, Politics and Economies of Knowledge
2014 Hale Jordan Claire Along the Highway: Landscapes of National Mourning in Canada
2014 MacGregor Gwen The Past, Present and Future of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche from the Perspective of Artists and Curators
2014 Schaefer Thilo On Property Ownership and the Just Use of Public Land: Introducing Public Leasehold on Toront’s Waterfront in the Context of Liberal Conceptions of Just Property Ownership
2014 Short Victor Prairie Freigeld: Alberta Social Credit and the Keynesian Frontier of Monetary Economic Though in North America, 1929-1938
2014 Simone Dylan Household Indebtedness and Socio-Spatial Polarization among Immigrants and Visible Minority Neighbourhoods in Canada’s Global Cities
2014 Vander Vecht Jennifer If a Tree Falls in the Urban Forest: Current and Future Pest Vulnerability in Toronto’s Urban Forest
2014 Zendel Adam Michael Living the Dream: Precarious Labour in the Live Music Industry
2013 Brydges Taylor Redefining Retail: A Case Study of Independent Fashion Retailers in Dundas West, Toronto, Canada
2013 Buitenhuis Amy Johanna Public-private Partnerships and Prison Expansion in Ontario: Shifts in Governance 1995-2012
2013 Dale Bryan “A Beautiful Picture of Chaos”: La Via Campesina and the Convergence of Food Sovereignty and Climate Justice
2013 Denaburg Beth Virtual Water Savings from International Agricultural Trade in the Context of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus
2013 Everest Sarah Extended Producer Responsibility EPR): Potential Implementation in Ontario Agricultural Waste
2013 Lee Gillian Denise Perceptions about Crime and Safety in the Region of Peel: A Qualitative Assessment of the Connections between the Social and Built Environment and Crime in Three Neighbourhoods
2013 Mukhtar Maria Settlement Service Providers in Peel Region Ontario: Challenges, Barriers and Opportunities in the Shadow State
2013 Ning Ashley Nicole Mobilities of Aboriginal Youth: Exploring the Impact on Health and Social Support Through Photovoice
2013 Nowakowski Kelsey Rae Confronting Blight in a Shrinking City: Assessing the Intersections between Municipal and Community-based Approaches to Addressing House and Lot Abandonment in Toledo, Ohio
2013 Plenderleith Lisa Sport and the Making of World Cities: a Case Study of South Africa
2013 Skinner Ana Unsettling the Currency of Caring: Promoting Health and Wellness at the Frontlines of the Welfare State Withdrawal in Toronto
2013 Snukal Katia Legal Absurdities and Wartime Atrocities: Post-sovereign Lawfare and the Nisour Square Massacre
2013 Wihry Katherine Researching Asylum Seekers in Portland, ME: The Role of the State in Shaping Migratory Experiences
2012 Black Shannon Ananda Making Birth Public: the Comlicated Relationship Between Birth, (Public) Space and Power in North America
2012 Gibson Melissa Banking on Remittances: Migration and Development Desires in the Philippines
2012 Lombardo Nicholas The Haj in the Urbs Prima in India: the Regulation of Pilgrims and Pilgrim Traffic in Bombay, 1880 to 1914
2012 Moses Zev Lionel Fournier Neoliberalism, the Islamic Revival, and Urban Development in Post-war, Post-socialist Sarajevo
2012 Ohberg Lisa Ann What’s Stopping Us?: Identifying Barriers to the Local Food Movement Using Ontario, Canada as a Case Study
2012 Parkinson Craig Andrew The political ecology of community conservation in northern Kenya: A case study of the Meibae Community Wildlife Conservancy
2012 Rosensweig Brahm The DNA of Slums: Generative Codes and the Morphology of Informal Settlements
2012 Serenius Ana Petroleum, Power and Poverty: Explaining Inequality with Power in Exchange
2012 Tessaro Danielle Political Ecology of Development in South Africa’s Wild Coast: Exploring Stakeholder Arguments for and Against Possible Development Strategies
2012 Thomas Cassandra Ann Newcomers and Social Inclusion in Peel Region, Ontario: Examining the Importance of Settlement Services
2011 Adler Patrick Economies of Speed? Bike Couriers, Place and Economic Development in the Global City
2011 Audet Jesse Joseph Placing Natural Resources into the Study of Resource Conflicts
2011 Blundell Caitlin ‘Artificial’ Land and ‘Natural’ Disaster: Risk and Vulnerability on Created Urban Land
2011 Depelteau Genevieve The Role of Small-Scale Water Providers (SSWPs ) in Urban Indonesia: An Exploratory Research of SSWPs in Bandung
2011 Lewison Elsie Shifting Landscapes: Practicing Participation in the Forests of New Nepal
2011 Senese Laura Exploring Gendered Relationships between Aboriginal Urbanization, Aboriginal Rights and Health
2011 Smith Matthew Desperately Seeking Representation: An Investigation into Visible Minority Electability Under Vancouver’s At-Large Electoral System
2011 Suarez Daniel Rearticulating Nature: Ecosystem Services in British Columbia and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity
2011 Zang Lijuan Location Allocation Model for Public Facility Selection – Community Access Program in Toronto
2010 Balfour Cameron Inclusionary Zoning, Brownfield Development and Urban Governance: Understanding Affordable Housing Production in Corcord’s City Place and Pacific Place Developments
2010 Barnes Julia Clare The Fiction of Globally Important Biodiversity: Scale-Talk in the Global Environment Facility’s Biodiversity Policy and Programming
2010 Cormier Caroline Leanne Narratives of Power and the Power of Narratives: Transformation Along the U.S. – Mexico Border
2010 Deutsch Rachel Writing Geographic Stories: Edward Curtis, Intimate Colonial Photographs and the Making of Space
2010 Gibson-
Hilary Frances Exploring Community Engagement and Environmental Justice in the City: A Case Study in the Latin American Community of Toronto
2010 Giglioli Ilaria Networks of Power: Water, Infrastructure and Territory in the West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territories
2010 Henry Caitlin Renee Caring Women and the Intimate Realities of Transnational Belonging
2010 Hill Jennifer Contested Streets: A Case Study Approach to Understanding Bicycle and Car Politics in Toronto, Canada
2010 Kelly Bridgette The Transformation of Landscapes in Southwest Montreal and Identity Formation During the Quiet Revolution
2010 Mckenzie-
Tyler The Social Democratic Future of Saskatchewan: An Analysis of the Electoral Geography of Saskatoon and Regina, Saskatchewan in 2003 and 2007
2010 Palmer Katelyn Spaces of Belonging: Filipina LCP Migrants and the Practices of Claiming Space in Toronto
2010 Watt Emily Sarah Barber Engaging in the Politics of Contemporary City Planning: The Case of 629 Eastern Avenue, Toronto
2009 Andrews Luke Neoliberalising Africa: Revealing Technologies of Government in the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (Nepad)
2009 Bissonnette Laura Cathleen Access to Primary Health Care: Does Neighbourhood of Residence Matter?
2009 Da Silva Sarah Elizabeth Beyond Indicators and Reporting: Needs, Limitations and Applicability of Environmental Indicators and State of the Environment Reporting
2009 Ferguson Hilary Smallholder Farmer Participation in Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement: Accessing the Benefits and Challenges in Uganda
2009 Fleming Julie Rozalind Farmer Perspectives on Agrifood Systems at the Local Level: A Hamilton, Ontario Case Study
2009 Hemmingsen Emma Producing Barrels from Bitumen: A Political Ecology of Price in Explaining the Classification of the Alberta Oil Sands as a Proven Oil Reserve
2009 Nugent James Patrick Changing the Climate: Labour-environmental Alliance-forming in a Neoliberal Era
2009 Reeves Andrew Water from the North: Nature, Freshwater and the North American Water and Power Alliance
2009 Reid-Musson Emily Soft workfare? Re-orienting Toronto’s Social Infrastructure Towards Employment
2009 Sabelli Andrea Carbon Opportunities and Carbon Losses in the Peruvian Amazon: Farmers’ Interests in the Offset Business
2009 Soltys Kalina Anna Toward an Understanding of Carpool Formation and Use
2008 Crafton Zachary From the Contamination of Soil to the Contamination of Morals: The Canadian Print Media’s Portrayal of Malvern and the Spatialization of Crime
2008 Kane Speer Alexis Space for Healthy Communities: An Exploration of the Social Pathways between Public Space and Health
2008 Kumar Tanya Finding a Voice: A Study of the Informal Modes of Governance in Mumbai’s Airport Slums
2008 Mckinley Andrew Christopher Barton The Drivers and Performance of Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility in the Canadian Mining Industry
2008 Shmuely Andrew Excavating the History of Counterhegemonic (and Thermidorian) Subjectivity in Kensington Market: The Rise (and Fall) of Toronto’s Jewish Left (1881-1956)
2007 Asanin Jennifer Leigh Education? It is Irrelevant to My Job Now, It makes Me Very Depressed…: Exploring the Health Impacts of Precarious Employment Among Highly Skilled Recent Immigrants in Mississauga, Ontario
2007 Ilves Eerik New-build Gentrification and the Changing Inner City Vote in Toronto and Vancouver
2007 Kear Mark Fixing nature: Economic transition, creative destruction & the remaking of Southeast False Creek, Vancouver
2007 Kortright Robin Edible Backyards: Residential Land Use for Food Production in Toronto
2007 Lutter Terris Anna Food Security and the ‘Biofuel Panacea’: A Case Study of the Barbados ‘Fuel Cane’ Project
2007 Ngan Justin J Banks and Non-banks in the Toronto CMA: The Impact of Financial Intermediaries on Spatial Justice in the City
2007 Puncher Curtis Lee Forced Evictions, Neoliberalism and Phnom Penh’s Redevelopment
2006 Angus Joanna Charlotte Bell An Evaluation of Toronto’s Heat Watch Warning System
2006 Cooke Jason Arthur Producing Chicago’s Near North Side, 1919-29: Class, Race, Ethnicity and the Politics of Localized Urban Development
2006 Croswell Darren Jonathan Political Attitudes in New Urbanist Communities
2006 English Jennifer Lynn Health, Healing and Recovery – Therapeutic Landscapes and the Everyday Lives of Breast Cancer Survivors
2006 Hanson Rebecca Lyn Hurricane Juan: A Survey of Impacts and Vulnerabilities: Implications for Mitigation
2006 Kiang Sandy Energy Efficiency at the University of Toronto: An Investigation of Four Case Study Buildings
2006 Noble Elizabeth Anne A Place and Space for Change: Exploring Resident’s Perceptions of Their Natural Environment and Health in Malton (Mississauga), Ontario
2006 Shaw Jennifer Lyn Resistance Amidst Disorganization: Understanding the Nature of Community Organizing in Toronto’s Kensington Market
2005 Beazley Kim Rachael Enclosing the Pristine Myth: The Case of Madhav National Park, India
2005 Dean Alan Vernon Brazilian Traction, Light and Power Company Limited 1899-1919 A Case Study in the Geography of Financial Capital
2005 Worth Nancy Margaret Current Discussions in Geographies of Disability
2004 Simms Nicole Colleen Women’s Indigenous Knowledge and Community Forest Management in British Columbia: A Case Study with the Huu-ay-aht First Nation
2003 Ridgley Jennifer Suzanne Theorizing the Transnational Public Sphere: Space, Scale and the Third Summit of the Americas in Quebec City
2003 Young Thomas Hugh Niven Managing Champion Strategies of Legitimation in Land Use Disputes
2002 Abu-Zahra Nadia Leila To HGIS or not to HGIS? What are the potential and actual applications in low – to middle – income countries of heath-based geographic information systems (HGIS)?
2002 Bendavid Judith Corporate epistemic communities affecting global environmental change : a case study of the partnership for climate action
2002 Frost Heather Danielle From Action to Discourse: Community-based Environmental Groups Transforming Local Environments
2002 Graci Sonya Rita The Greening of Accommodation: A Study of Voluntary Environmental Initiatives in the Hotel Industry
2001 Bedford Melissa Danielle Investigating Community Indicator Reporting in the City of Toronto
2001 Cadieux Kirsten Valentine Imagining Exurbia: Narratives of Land Use in the Residential Countryside
2001 Christensen Hejsa Clearing a Common Ground:  WTO International Trade Regulations and Sustainable Forest Management
2001 Donnelly Francis Patrick The Geographical and Statistical Associations Between Noxious Land Use, Mortality, and Environmental Justice in Salem County, New Jersey
2000 Arku Godwin Collaboration with Industry: The Case of Small Electronics Establishments in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
2000 Forester Deborah Lynn Water Quality in the Credit River 1964-1998
2000 Gray-Donald James Peterson The Potential for Education to Improve Solid Waste Management in Vietnam: A Focus on Hanoi
2000 Hilson Gavin An Examination of Environmental Performance and Eco-Efficiency in the North American Gold Mining Industry
2000 Stairs Gavin Simeon Ecosystem-Based Protected Area Management in a Municipal Landscape: The Case of The Rouge Park
2000 Tkachev Sergey A Post-assessment Review of the Site Selection Methodology among Selected Landfills in Ontario
1998 Bain Alison Louisa From Hollywood Reels to Toronto Realities:  An Alternative Conceptual Framework for Understanding How Adolescent Girls Use Urban Space
1998 Beaulieu Patricia Lynne The relationship between the pricing of linear infrastructure and urban development patterns: The Metro Toronto experience
1998 Etcheverry Jose R. Photovoltaic Electrification in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico:  A Case Study of the Mexican Renewable Energy Rural Electrification Programme
1998 Ferguson Christine Ann The Household Re-use Economy in Hanoi, Vietnam:  A Conceptual Model
1998 Hall Jennifer Rebecca An Experiment with Heritage:  Time, Consumption, and Surface at a Postmodern Site
1998 Kohm Steven Arthur Regulating Prostitution and Morality in Canada:  Putting commercial Sex in Its Proper Place
1998 Lane Carolyn Patricia Recreating Recreation: Critical Issues for Municipalities to Consider before Entering into Partnerships with the Private Sector for the Provision of Multi-Use Spectator Facilities
1998 Lass Jennifer M Location and Menstruation
1998 Lee Sungho Hydrological Metabolism and Water Resources Management of the Beijing Metropolitan Region in the Hai River Basin
1998 Legare Gerry John From Hollywood to Toronto:  Parallels in the Organizational Structure of the Film Industry
1998 Mackenzie Peter Telework Adoption and Potential Office Space Savings: Discussing the Actors
1998 Marseglia Angela A Gendered Occupation: The Case of Street Sweepers in Hanoi, Vietnam
1998 Petty Diona Lane The Topographic Maps of the U.S. Geological Survey:  An Examination of a Source for the Study of Indigenous Place Names
1998 Rigg Catherine M. Policy, Philosophy or Propaganda?  Ecosystem Management in Sequoia National Forest
1998 Rochon Lisa Mary The Loss of Collective Memory in Post-Disaster Reconstruction:  The Kobe Case
1998 Saunders Stephanie Christine The Second Hand Clothing Sector of Toronto:  Towards an Understanding of Traditional and New Interpretations of Space and the Retail Economy
1998 Yacoumidis James Jacques The Value of Public Liaison Committees in Solid Waste Landfill Post-Siting Issues
1996 Borrows John Joseph Living between Water and Rocks:  the Environment, First Nations and Democracy
1994 Sutijastoto Franciscus Xaverius Controlling CO2 emissions through energy policy : An industrial sector case in Indonesia
1993 Baird Stuart Eric Investment in Home Energy Conservation Retrofits
1993 Barton Michael Ian Utopia – Framework and focus for environmental thought
1993 Brace Catherine Sylvia One hundred and twenty years of sewerage: The provision of sewers in Toronto, 1793-1913
1992 Maurer Jeannette Elise Marginal farming communities: Prospects for sustainability
1991 Letch David John The Sensitivity of a Globally-Disaggregated Terrestrial Biosphere Model to Changes in Temperature and C02
1990 Patterson James Pitman Integration of a Distributed Hydrologic Model, Topmodel, with an Ecosystem Process Model, Forest-BGC
1985 Bixby Alicia Ann The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and Areas of Concern: A Program Audit for Assessing an Institution
1984 Rogerson Philippa Mary Water Pollution Abatement in the Great Lakes, 1890-1978
1980 Friedman Susan Walker Public Schools and Residential Areas in Toronto, 1871-1921
1978 James Loretta Marie Urban Development in New Kingdom Egypt
1977 Crowfoot Garry David Short-run Growth and Regional Income Inequalities in Canada, 1957-74
1977 Hanna David B. The New Town of Montreal, Creation of an Upper Middle Class Suburb on the Slope of Mount Royal in the mid-nineteenth Century
1976 Kellock James Neil To Let Earth: A Pre-Socratic and Phenomenological Interpretation
1975 Hawkins Sandra Camille The Métis: Who were they and Who are they now? (M.A. in Museology)
1975 Phillips Susan E. Recreational Preferences in Lake Planning: A Survey of Cottagers and Campers at Six Mile Lake, Muskoka, Ontario
1974 Morgan Christopher The Recent Glacio-Dynamic Response of the Grosser Aletschgletscher, Switzerland, as an Interpreter of Climatic Change
1973 Bien Wasyl Modelling Petroleum Spills at Supertanker Ports
1969 Douglas David Towards an Analysis of the Functional Efficiency of the Rural Service Base
1969 Wynn Graeme The Utilisation of the Chignecto Marshlands of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, 1750 – 1800
1968 Auty Richard M. The Demerara Sugar Industry 1930-65: A Geographical Study of Rural Change
1968 Barker Mary L. The Perception of Water Quality as a Factor in Consumer Attitudes and Space Preferences in Outdoor Recreation
1968 Crothall W. Robert French Canadian Agriculture in Ontario, 1861-1871
1968 De Lisle David De G. An Analysis of the Layout of the Agricultural Holdings in Four Townships of Eastern Ontario
1968 Ennals Peter M. The Development of Farm Barn Types in Southern Ontario During the Nineteenth Century
1968 Liddle David B. The Intrametropolitan Location of Manufacturing and the Industrial Land Market: A Case study of the Toronto Region
1968 Wagner Michael J. Gentry Perception and Land Utilization in the Peterborough- Kawartha Lakes Region 1818-1851
1967 Cave Peter W. Residential Change – a Discussion and Analysis of Recent Changes in the Junction, West Toronto
1967 Horner John H. Changing Spatial Patterns in the Production and Utilization of Milk in Southern Ontario, 1910-1961
1967 Northcliffe Glen B. The Influence of Isolation on the Economy of Prince Edward Island
1967 Taylor lain C. Components of Population Change, Ontario: 1850-1940
1967 Walker David F. The Role of Coal as a Location Factor in the Development of Manufacturing Industry in Southern Ontario. 1871-1921
1967 Wilkinson Anthony Land Use and Traffic Flow
1966 Collins Lyndhurst Industrial Migration and Relocation: a study of European branch plants with special reference to Metropolitan Toronto
1966 Lister Ruth Dynamic Processes in a System of Urban Centres
1966 Mcconnell J.G. The Fort Smith Area 1780 to 1961: a historical geography
1966 Mcilwraith T.F. Accessibility and Rural Land Utilization in the Yonge Street Area of Upper Canada
1966 Retallack Joan The Changing Distribution of Wheat in Southern Ontario, 1850-1890
1966 Semple Robert Keith A Quantitative Separation and Analysis of Spatial Trends in the Viability of Small Urban Centres in Southern Ontario
1966 Williams Keith Graham Income Changes and Urban Economic Growth in Selected Canadian Cities, 1941 and 1961
1966 Winter John 0. The Centre of a City: an examination of the fringe of Toronto’s central business district
1965 Heidenreich C.E. A Study of Functions and Form in Business Districts of Some Small Urban Centres in Southern Ontario
1965 Riddell John Barry Toward an Understanding of the Friction of Distance: an analysis of long distance telephone traffic in Southwestern Ontario
1965 Roberts Michael Charles Aspects of the Physiography of the Humber River Basin
1965 Walker John The Building Materials Industries of the Niagara Escarpment: a study of changing locational patterns
1964 Gilmour J.M. Economic Geography of the Pulp and Paper Industry in Ontario
1964 Stebelsky Ihor An Analysis of Agricultural Production and Land Productivity Gradients on the Soviet Union in 1953
1963 Balins Arnold Analysis of Rural Land Values in Southern Ontario
1963 Jones Owen D. The Historical Geography of Edmonton, Alberta
1963 Smith Herbert A. The Holland Marsh
1962 Cramm Earl Wesley Reid An Analysis of the Urban Process in Pickering Township
1962 Reitsma H.J.A. North York. The Development of a Suburb
1962 Silva W.P.T. Some Aspects of the Development of the Fruit and Vegetable Canning Industry in Southern Ontario
1961 Hodges Richard C. Landforms, Soils and Associated Land Use, Kirindi Oya Basin, Ceylon
1961 Zeiber G.H. Toronto’s Central Business District  (missing)
1960 Rees R. Brampton, Ontario: an Urban Study
1960 Yamaguchi Takashi The Single-Enterprise Town of Wawa and Algoma Ore Properties Limited
1959 Sitwell O.F.G The Great Lakes Ports of Ontario
1958 Wood John David Historical Geography of Dumfries Township- Upper Canada 1816-1852
1957 Cunningham Griffiths Lawrence The Manitoulin District: A geographic survey
1957 Meghu Joyce Some Aspects of the Physiography of Trinidad and their Relations to its Economic Geography
1956 Canoun C.A. The Litani River Valley
1956 Irving Robert M. Agricultural Land Use in the Beatty-South Saugeen Watershed
1956 Prior Leonard L. Sault St. Marie and Algoma Steel Corporation Ltd
1955 Fraser J. Keith A Geographic Study of the Northern Coasts of Lakes Huron and Superior (Two Vols.)
1954 Warkentin John H. The Geography of the Dauphin Area
1953 Brown Roger J.E. The Bonavista and Burin Peninsulas, Newfoundland – a geographic study
1952 Baine Richard Paul The Settlement of Sudbury Region
1952 Davidson Alex T. Forest Versus Agricultural Land Use Along the Pioneer Fringe in Saskatchewan
1952 Douglas Mary C.V. The Sligo Area, Ireland
1952 Morris Florence E. The Urban Geography of Iowa City (Two Vols.)
1952 Smythe James M. Huntington and Bowman; a comparative study of their geographic concepts
1951 Mccutcheon M.K. Racial Geography in the Twentieth Century
1950 Byrne Thomas C. The Automotive Industry in Ontario
1950 Dean Wm. G. Physiographic Regions of the Barren Grounds
1949 Jackson W.A.D. A Geographic Study of Early Settlement in Southern Ontario – historical geography
1949 Kling S. King, Markham, Vaughan and Whitchurch Townships (with particular emphasis on rural urban relationships and the resulting land use problems)
1947 Richards J. Howard Land Use in Bruce County -a regional approach
1947 Wolfe Roy I. Study of the Dermatoglyphics of the Six Nations Indians, Southern Ontario
1945 Kirk D.W. The Dishtowel Region of South-western Ontario -a regional study
1943 Kerr Donald P Vancouver-a Study in Urban Geography
1942 Reeds Lloyd G. Agricultural Geography of the Lindsay-Peterborough Region
1941 Hooper N.A Toronto – a study in urban geography
1940 Brookstone Mildred Correlation of Oat Yields with Temperature and Precipitation in Southern Ontario