Research Groups & Labs

Links to home pages for research groups and labs headed by faculty members in the department and by faculty members cross-appointed from other units

  • Cultural Economy Lab (D. Leslie – St. George, Sidney Smith Hall)
    Cultural industries being researched include the music, fashion, art and design sectors. Research is undertaken to understand industry contributions to social, cultural and economic development and to explore linkages within and across cultural sectors.
  • Ecological Modelling Lab (G. Arhonditsis – UTSC)
    My research program aims to develop novel modeling techniques for elucidating ecological patterns in a watershed context and to assist environmental management.
  • Environmental Chemistry Research Group (M. Diamond – St. George, Department of Earth Sciences)
    Research focuses on studying and developing defensible strategies to improve environmental quality in systems subject to elevated contaminant inputs.
  • Household-level Urban Socio-Ecology (HOUSE) Lab (T. Conway – UTM)
    The goal of the research in the HOUSE lab is to (1) explore the drivers shaping ecological conditions in urban landscapes and (2) study the process and implications of historical and future land cover change . Methods ranging from GIS analysis, spatial modeling, personal interviews, and historical data analysis are used to address questions related to environmental and land use conditions in exurban, suburban, and urban landscapes.
  • Remote Sensing, Modelling  (J. Chen – St. George, Physical Geography Building)
    The focus of our research group is spatially explicit carbon and water cycle modeling using remote sensing and other spatial datasets. Atmospheric inverse modeling is our new thrust.
  • Remote Sensing and Spatial Ecosystem Modeling Laboratory (Y. He – UTM) My research program aims to generate quantitative information about terrestrial ecosystems from remote sensing imagery that can 1) support sustainable decision-making and natural resource management and 2) be incorporated into detailed ecological models to improve our ability to predict and cope with global change.
  • Spatial Analysis of Urban Systems Lab  -SAUSy  (M. Widener – St. George)
  • Transportation and Environmental Change Lab (R. Buliung – UTM)
    The mission of the lab is to advance current thinking on the relationship between accessibility and mobility in physical (e.g., the built environment) and virtual (e.g., Cyberspace) environments, the spatial structure of cities and regions, and the sustainability of human activities.