The transportation cluster is engaged in research on urban and regional transportation and land use planning, and its intersection with social, economic, health and environmental conditions of people and places. We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Automobility and automobile dependence
  • Land use, urban form and street design
  • Social equity and environmental justice
  • Accessibility and participation
  • Time use and travel behaviour
  • Transport, health and environment
  • Affordability and gentrification
  • Child and youth transport studies
  • Transport and critical disability studies
Cluster Members

FACULTY Ron Buliung, Steven Farber, Paul Hess, Anna Kramer, Matti Siemiatycki, Andre Sorensen, Alan Walks, Michael Widener

Transportation Courses:

While many courses in geography, planning and cities studies include transport topics as part of a larger area of study, here we list the undergraduate and graduate level courses that specifically focus on transportation.


    • CITC18H3  Transportation Policy Analysis
    • GGRC12H3  Transportation Geography


    • GGR370  The Geography of Transportation


  • GGR424 Transportation Geography and Planning
Grad Courses:
  • JPG1554 Transportation and Urban Form
  • JPG1558 Transport: Contemporary, Historical and Geographical Perspectives
  • PLA1702 Pedestrians, Streets, and Public Space
  • PLA1801 Urban Infrastructure Planning
Links to faculty research and lab pages:
Ron Buliung
Steven Farber
Paul Hess
Anna Kramer
Matti Siemiatycki
Andre Sorensen
Alan Walks
Michael Widener
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