Political Spaces

This group’s starting point is that space is produced at multiple scales through contested power relations. We explore political space through the investigation of the following themes:

  • bodies, socio-spatial ordering of difference, racialization, gender, sexuality, class
  • identity, subjectivity, citizenship, governance
  • neo-liberalism and the social construction of markets
  • security, mobility, transnationalism, critical/geopolitics, and borders
  • commons and counter-cartographies
  • nature, land and rights
  • post-coloniality, modernity, modernization
Cluster Members

FACULTY  Alana Boland, Deborah Cowen, Matthew Farish, Emily Gilbert, Kanishka Goonewardena, Mark Hunter, Thembela Kepe, Deborah Leslie, Kenneth MacDonald, Deborah McGregor, Scott Prudham, Katharine Rankin, Susan Ruddick, Rachel Silvey, Alan Walks