Cities and Everyday Life

The Cities and Everyday Life research group encompasses political, cultural, social and economic analysis of urban processes. The primary focus is on the transformation of cities and the impacts of this transformation on urban lives, landscapes, and livelihoods. While our interests are wide ranging, our strengths are in the following overlapping areas:

  • Health, Housing and Marginalization
  • Governance, Social Justice and Institutions
  • Cultures, Economies and Identities
  • Mobility, Access and Transportation
Cluster Members

FACULTY  Ron Buliung, Deborah Cowen, Pierre Desrochers, Amrita Daniere, James Dunn, Matthew Farish, Kanishka Goonewardena, Jason Hackworth, Paul Hess, Mark Hunter, Vincent Kuuire, Deborah Leslie, Robert Lewis, Virginia Maclaren, Minelle Mahtani, Katharine Rankin, Susan Ruddick, Andre Sorensen, Sarah Wakefield, Alan Walks, Kathleen Wilson