Toronto Metropolitan Region in Context: A Perspective From 300 Kilometres Up – DEM & Satellite Imagery

Context: A number of data sets were compiled for this map including COBS data. The project-specific data sets that are available include a mosaic of 16 Landsat TM imagery files and a digital elevation model indicating relief in the terrain across southwestern Ontario.

Process: The DEM was re-sampled to remove irregularities and a smoothing technique was applied. The satellite imagery was geo-referenced and mosaicked with an emphasis made to balance the overall colour throughout the whole area of coverage. Clouds and other irregularities were also removed from the imagery. A larger (with respect to file size), enhanced mosaic of the satellite imagery is available from the Cartography Office upon request. If required, supporting documentation outlining the detailed process to produce the satellite imagery mosaic and the DEM relief can be accessed by contacting the GIS and Cartography Office.

Coverage: Southwestern Ontario

This data was used as the basis for the poster-map “Toronto Metropolitan Region in Context: A Perspective From 300 Kilometres Up”. The map is available for viewing and ordering from the Neptis website at:

For further information contact: Byron Moldofsky, Manager, GIS and Cartography Office, Department of Geography