Gameboard Map 2001

Context: The data sets created for the gameboard map are derived from existing data sources from the collection but tailored to the geographic extent of the gameboard.  The most noteworthy data set is the gameboard’s urban base.  It is a composite of two data sets, TAZs and 1999 urban area, that shows two variables simultaneously, population and employment densities mapped at TAZ geography and clipped to a 1999 urban area.  The map shows both the intensity and mix of the two variables through the mixing of red and blue hues.

Process: Densities were created for both population and employment.  These densities were broken down into 4 categories and 16-cell matrix was created that was colour-coded using blue hues to represent predominantly employment areas, red hues to represent predominantly residential areas and pink and purple hues to represent a mix of the two variables.

Coverage: Urbanized area of the GTA.

For further information contact: Byron Moldofsky, Manager, GIS and Cartography Office, Department of Geography