CVAS-Census 2001

Context: This geodatabase includes the following census geographic units: blocks, dissemination areas (DA), census tracts (CT), census subdivisions (CSD), and census divisions (CD).  Block and DA geography contains tabular information on population counts, dwelling counts and a number of housing variables .  In addition, the DA geography also contains special order workplace location data by NAIC code.  This same employment data as well as occupation class by NAIC is available for CT geography.  CSD and CD geography do not contain any population, dwelling or employment information, but information can be aggregated to these levels of geography from the smaller census geography.

Process: Tabular information has been added to each data set so that one geographic unit can be linked to another by name and numeric ID.  For example, with these data a user can identify all dissemination areas that reside in a lower or upper-tier municipality (CSD or CD) simply with the name of the relevant municipality. Furthermore a variable attached to that lower level of geography can be summed for a higher level of geography. This is particularly useful for calculating a ratio where the denominator may be an entire lower or upper-tier municipality.

Coverage Area: GGH, GTA, GTAH

For further information contact: Byron Moldofsky, Manager, GIS and Cartography Office, Department of Geography