CVAS-Census 1991

Context: These datasets  include the following census geographic units: enumeration areas (EA), census tracts (CT), and census subdivisions (CSD).  EA geography contains population and dwelling unit counts.  CT geography contains population, household, dwelling count and a number of housing variables.  The CSD geography does not contain population or dwelling data but can be linked to lower and upper level geography.

Process: Tabular information has been added to each data set so that one geographic unit can be linked to another by name and numeric ID.  For example, with these data a user can identify all dissemination areas that reside in a lower or upper-tier municipality (CSD or CD) simply with the name of the relevant municipality. Furthermore a variable attached to that lower level of geography can be summed for a higher level of geography. This is particularly useful for calculating a ratio where the denominator may be an entire lower or upper-tier municipality.

Coverage Area: GTA, GTAH

For further information contact: Byron Moldofsky, Manager, GIS and Cartography Office, Department of Geography