COBS-SWO-Standard Urban Area 2001

Context: This geodatabase is based on the original 2001 data set that was interpreted and classified from satellite imagery and created for the Greater Golden Horseshoe for the purpose of estimating urban land growth and estimating residential intensification.  The original data set classifies pixels in the image as urban if a certain percentage of the pixel is covered by impervious surface.  Two versions of the data set exist, a non-continuous version that retains all “green” holes that are greater than one hectare in size and a second version that closes all holes yielding a continuous urban surface  that can be combined with other geospatial data sets.

Purpose: The original 2001 data set contained some misclassified pixels which were than corrected for the urban area covering the GTAH.  The data sets in this geodatabase have been generalized for the purposes of mapping at 1:250,000 scale.

Coverage Area: Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton.

For further information contact: Byron Moldofsky, Manager, GIS and Cartography Office, Department of Geography