Zachary Hyde, Assistant Professor


Home Campus:
U of T Scarborough

Contact Information:


Personal Website:

Research Interests:

  • Urban Governance
  • Economic Geography and Sociology
  • Development and Housing
  • Culture
  • Theory
  • Qualitative Methods

Selected Publications:

Hyde, Zachary. 2020. “‘Ethical’ Gentrification as a Pre-emptive Strategy: Restaurants and Resistance in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside,” in The Taste of Gentrification: Food, Power and Resistance in the City, edited by Alison Hope Alkon, Yuki Kato and Joshua Sbicca. New York City: New York University Press.

Hyde, Zachary. 2018. “Giving Back to Get Ahead: Altruism as a Developer Strategy of Accumulation Through Affordable Housing Policy in Toronto and Vancouver,” Geoforum (online ahead of print).

  • Winner, Student Paper Award, Community and Urban Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association (2019)

Gross, Neil and Zachary Hyde. 2017. “Norms and Mental Imagery,” Pp. 361-391 in Social Theory Now, edited by Claudio Benzecry, Monika Krause and Isaac Reed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Hyde, Zachary. 2014. “Omnivorous Gentrification: Restaurant Reviews and Neighborhood Change in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver,” City & Community 13(4): 341-359.

  • Winner, Student Paper Award, Consumers and Consumption Section of the American Sociological Association (2015)

Hanser, Amy and Zachary Hyde. 2014. “Foodies Remaking Cities,” Contexts 13(3): 44-49.