Virginia Maclaren, Associate Emeritus Professor


Home Campus:
U of T St. George

Cornell University (1984)

Other Degrees:
MS Cornell University (1980)
MPl University of Ottawa (1978)
BA Bishop's University (1974)

Contact Information:

Phone:    (416) 978-3378
Location: Room 5016A, Sidney Smith Hall (100 St. George)

Research Interests:

  • Waste studies
  • Discard studies

Call For Students:

I look forward to working with master’s students who have interests in waste studies or discard studies. The research can focus on any type of waste (e.g. household waste, food waste, e-waste, textile waste, plastic waste).

Selected Publications:

Refereed Articles

  • Li, B., Maclaren, V. and Soma, T. (in press) Urban Household Food Waste: Drivers and Practices in Toronto, Canada. British Food Journal.
  • Ikiz, E., Maclaren, V., Alfred, E., Sivanesan, S. 2021. Impact of COVID-19 on Household Waste Flows, Diversion and Reuse: The Case of Multi-residential Buildings in Toronto, Canada. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 164, 105111.
  • Soma, T., Li, B., Maclaren, V. 2020. Food waste reduction: A test of three consumer awareness interventions. Sustainability, 12(3), 1-19.
  • Baxter, J., Maclaren, V., Bayne, J. 2020. How energy from waste (EFW) facilities impact waste diversion behavior: A case study of Ontario, Canada. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 158, 1-11.
  • Baxter, J., Ho, Y., Rollins, Y., and Maclaren, V. 2016. Attitudes toward waste to energy facilities and impacts on diversion in Ontario, Canada. Waste Management, 50: 75-85
  • Wang, C. and Maclaren, V.W.  2012. Evaluation of Economic and Social Impacts of the Sloping Land Conversion Program: a Case Study in Dunhua County, China.  Forest Policy and Economics 14(1) 50-57.
  • Hostovsky, C., Maclaren, V.W. and McGrath, G. 2010. The role of public involvement in environmental impact assessment in Vietnam: towards a more culturally sensitive approach.  Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 53(3): 405-25.
  • Parizeau, K., V.W. Maclaren and Lay Chanthy. 2008. Budget sheets and buy-in: financing community-based waste management in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Environment and Urbanization 20(2).
  • Nguyen, V. H., S. Kent and V. W. Maclaren. 2008. Shadow prices of environmental outputs and production efficiency of household-level paper recycling units in Vietnam. Ecological Economics 65: 98-110

Book Chapters

  • Mitchell, C., Parizeau, K. and Maclaren, V. 2017. Delivering and managing waste and sanitation services in cities. In A. Bain and L. Peake (eds) Urbanization in a Global Context.  Toronto: Oxford University Press, 394-409.
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  • Maclaren, V.W. and Gad, G. (eds) 2010. Reflections on the History of Geography at the University of Toronto (Toronto:  Department of Geography, University of Toronto) 100 pp.


Research Clusters:
Nature, Society and Environmental Change