Vincent Kuuire, Assistant Professor


Home Campus:
U o f T Mississauga

Western University (2016)

Contact Information:

Phone: 905-828-5299

Office: DV 3278 (UTM)


Research Interests:

  • Migration
  • Transnationalism and integration
  • Environment and health
  • Health care access
  • Sub-Saharan Africa

Teaching This Academic Year:

GGR353: Geography of Health and Health Care

JPG1814H: Cities and Immigrants

Selected Publications:

Refereed Articles

Kuuire V.Z., Kangmennaang, J., Atuoye, K.N., Antabe, R., Boamah, S., Vercillo, S., Amoyaw, J. A. & Luginaah, I. (2017). Timing and utilisation of antenatal care services in Nigeria and Malawi. Global Public Health, 12(6), 728-743.

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Research Clusters:
Cities and Everyday Life