Stephanie Gagliardi, Course Instructor

S Gagliardi – headshot – Copy

Home Campus:
U of T Scarborough

Other Degrees:
MSc Geography

Contact Information:

Personal Website:

Research Interests:

  • Agroecology
  • Biodiverse cropping systems
  • Plant-soil interactions
  • Functional trait ecology
  • Plant pathogen dynamics
  • Global food systems

Selected Publications:

Gagliardi, S., Avelino, J., Beilhe, L. B., & Isaac, M. E. (2020). Contribution of shade trees to wind dynamics and pathogen dispersal on the edge of coffee agroforestry systems: A functional traits approach. Crop Protection, 130, 105071.

Isaac, M. E., Isakson, S. R., Dale, B., Levkoe, C. Z., Hargreaves, S. K., Méndez, V. E., Wittman, H., Hammelman, C., Langill, J. C., Martin, A. R., Nelson, E., Ekers, M., Borden, K. A., Gagliardi, S., Buchanan, S., Archibald, S., & Ciani, A. G. (2018). Agroecology in Canada: Towards an integration of agroecological practice, movement, and science. Sustainability (Switzerland), 10, 3299.

Gagliardi, S., Martin, A. R., Virginio-Filho, E. de M., Rapidel, B., & Isaac, M. E. (2015). Intraspecific leaf economic trait variation partially explains coffee performance across agroforestry management regimes. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 200, 151–160.