Ryan Isakson, Assistant Professor


Home Campus:
U of T Scarborough

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Other Degrees:
MA: University of Massachusetts Amherst
BA and BS: University of Utah

Contact Information:

Phone: (416) 287-7345
Location: MW334 (UTSC)
Email: ryan.isakson@utoronto.ca

Research Interests:

  • The Political Economy of Food and Agrarian Development
  • Financialization of Food and Agriculture
  • Peasant Livelihoods and Agricultural Biodiversity
  • Land Reform and Agrarian Transformation
  • Latin America
  • Political Ecology
  • Critical Development Studies

Teaching This Academic Year:

IDSB01 – Political Economy of International Development (UTSC)
IDSC14 – Political Economy of Food (UTSC)

IDS12 – Economics of Small Enterprise and Microcredit (UTSC)

JPG1429 – Political Ecology of Food and the Agrarian Question

Selected Publications:

Refereed Articles

  • Saturnino M. Borras, Jr., Jennifer C. Franco, S. Ryan Isakson, Les Levidow, and Pietje Vervest.  2016. “The Rise of Flex Crops and Commodities: Implications for Research.” The Journal of Peasant Studies, 43(2)
  • S. Ryan Isakson. 2015.  “Derivatives for Development? Vulnerability and the Financialisation of Climate Risk Management.” Journal of Agrarian Change, 15(4): 569-580.
  • S. Ryan Isakson. 2015.  “Small Farmer Vulnerability and Climate Risk: Index Insurance as a Financial Fix.” Canadian Food Studies, 2(2): 267-277.
  • Oane Visser, Jennifer Clapp, and S. Ryan Isakson. 2015.  “ Global Finance and the Agrifood Sector: Risk and Regulation.” Journal of Agrarian Change, 15(4): 541-548.
  • Madeleine Fairbairn, Jonathan Fox, S. Ryan Isakson, Michael Levien, Nancy Peluso, Shahra Razavi, Ian Scoones, K. Sivaramakrishnan. 2014.  “Global Agrarian Transformations: New Directions in Agrarian Political Economy.” The Journal of Peasant Studies, 41(5): 653-666.
  • S. Ryan Isakson. 2014.  “Food and Finance: The Financial Transformation of Agro-food Supply Chains.” The Journal of Peasant Studies, 41(5): 749-775.
  • S. Ryan Isakson. 2014.  “Maize Diversity and the Political Economy of Agrarian Restructuring in Guatemala.” Journal of Agrarian Change, 14(3): 347-379.
    •  Awarded the 2014 Bernstein-Byres Prize
  • S. Ryan Isakson.  2011. “Market Provisioning and the Conservation of Crop Biodiversity: An Analysis of Peasant Livelihoods and Maize Diversity in the Guatemalan Highlands.” World Development 39(8): 1444-1459.
  • S. Ryan Isakson. 2009. “No Hay Ganancia en la Milpa: The Agrarian Question, Food Sovereignty, and the On-Farm Conservation of Agricultural Biodiversity in the Guatemalan Highlands.” The Journal of Peasant Studies 36(4): 725-759.
    • Awarded the 2009 – 2010 Krishna Bharadwaj and Eric Wolf Prize
  • Susana Gauster and S. Ryan Isakson. 2007. “Eliminating Market Distortions, Perpetuating Rural Inequality: An Evaluation of Market-Assisted Land Reform in Guatemala,” Third World Quarterly, 28(8): 1519-1536.