Richard DiFrancesco , Associate Professor


Administrative Position:
Chair, St. George and Director, Program in Planning

Home Campus:
U of T St. George

PhD McMaster University (1995)

Other Degrees:
MA McMaster University (1990)
BA (Hons) McMaster University (1988)

Contact Information:

Phone:    (416) 978-4977
Location: Room 5050a, Sidney Smith Hall (100 St. George)

Research Interests:

  • The functioning and evolution of regional economic clusters
  • The policy implications of cluster evolution in the face of changing trade environments
  • Interests also overlap heavily with the field of urban dynamics insofar as the evolution of economic clusters is most clearly felt at the urban scale

Teaching This Academic Year:

GGR374H1F – Urban Dynamics
GGR431H1S – Regional Dynamics

Call For Students:

I am interested in recruiting MA students with expertise/proficiency with GIS and who may be interested in working in the area of Global Production Networks as they relate to changing regional economic structure and outcomes in North America, China or Europe. Students also interested in working with World Input-Output Data and Models would be particularly welcome.

Selected Publications:

Refereed Articles

  • DiFrancesco, R.J. 2000. “A Diamond in the Rough?:  An Examination of the Issues Surrounding the Development of the Northwest Territories”. The Canadian Geographer, Vol. 44, no. 2: pp. 114-134.
  • DiFrancesco, R.J. and W.P. Anderson 1999. A Developing Canada’s Arctic Oil Reserves: An Assessment of Interregional Economic Impacts.  Environment and Planning; A, Vol. 31, Issue 3; pp. 459-476.
  • DiFrancesco, R.J. 1998. The Federal Crown, Territorial Jurisdiction and Aboriginal Title: An Examination of Issues Surrounding the Management and Use of Oil and Gas Land in the Northwest. Energy Studies Review, Vol. 8, Issue 3; pp. 232-248.
  • DiFrancesco, R.J. 1998. Large Projects in Hinterland Regions: A Dynamic Multiregional Input-Output Model for Assessing the Economic Impacts. Geographical Analysis, Vol. 30, No. 1: pp. 15-34.
  • DiFrancesco, R.J. and S.C. Lonergan 1994. “Examining Regional Sensitivity to Climate Change Using Aggregate Input-Output Data: The Case of Transportation in the Northwest Territories.” The Canadian Journal of Regional Science, Volume 17, No. 2., pp. 233-257.
  • Lonergan, S.C., R.J. DiFrancesco, and M.K. Woo 1993. “Climate Change and Transportation in Northern Canada: An Integrated Impact Assessment”. Climatic Change, Vol. 24, pp.331-351.

Book Chapters

  • Petrov A.N. and DiFrancesco, R. 2007 “Contract federalism? New public management and reforming Aboriginal public employment and training services in the Canadian North”. In Federalism, Power and the North: Governance reforms in Russia and Canada, CERES, Toronto.
  • DiFrancesco, R.J. 2004. “On the Macroeconomic Benefits of Brownfield Redevelopment Activities in Canada” in A. Abdel-Aziz & N. Chalifour, eds., Canadian Brownfields Manual (Toronto: Butterworths).


  • DiFrancesco, R. 2009. “Specification and Evaluation of Alternative Projections of the Magnitude and Structure of the Ontario Economy to 2020.” Published by the Martin Prosperity Institute as part of the Ontario Government’s “Ontario in the Creative Age” project.