Rachel Goffe, Assistant Professor


Home Campus:
U of T Scarborough

City University of New York, 2017

Other Degrees:
Bachelor of Architecture, Temple University

Contact Information:

Email: rachel.goffe@utoronto.ca

UTSG office: Room 5027D, Sidney Smith Hall
UTSC office: Room HL544, Highland Hall

Personal Website: https://www.rachelgoffe.org/

Research Interests:

  • Black Geographies
  • Racial capitalism
  • Caribbean Studies
  • Land, livelihood and informal economies
  • Social reproduction
  • Urban-rural interfaces

I am a geographer and a licensed architect. My work is concerned with place-making, livelihood and the state regulation of space. I look at how formal and informal relationships to land and livelihood are defined through conflict. My research is sited in Jamaica where I am from originally and focuses on the encounter between recent policy to curtail squatting and traditions of Black life that emerged through durable yet insecure possession of small parcels of land.