Paul Hess, Associate Professor


Administrative Position:
Director, Program in Planning (designate)

Home Campus:
U of T St. George

PhD Washington (2001)

Contact Information:

Phone:    (416) 978-4955
Location: Room 5067, Sidney Smith Hall (100 St. George)

Personal Website:

Research Interests:

  • Pedestrian environments and design
  • Planning for active transport modes
  • Streets as public space
  • Transport and equity
  • Suburban form and development
  • Planning history
  • Planning systems, development control and urban form

Selected Publications:

Refereed Articles

  • Paul Hess and André Sorensen. (forthcoming) “Compact, Concurrent, and Contiguous: Smart Growth and 50 Years of Residential Planning in the Toronto Region.” Urban Geography.
  • Larsen, Kristian, Jason Gilliland, and Paul M. Hess. 2012. “Route-Based Analysis to Capture the Environmental Influences on a Child’s Mode of Travel Between Home and School.” Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 102 (6): 1348–1365.
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  • He, Meizi, Patricia Tucker, Jennifer D Irwin, Jason Gilliland, Kristian Larsen, and Paul Hess. 2012. “Obesogenic Neighbourhoods: The Impact of Neighbourhood Restaurants and Convenience Stores on Adolescents’ Food Consumption Behaviours.” Public Health Nutrition.  15(12): 2331–2339.
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  • Paul M. Hess. “Measures of Connectivity.” 1997. Places. Vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 58-65.

Book Chapters

  • Buliung, R., Larsen, K., Hess, P., Faulkner, G., Rothman, L., Fusco, C. (forthcoming) “Driving to School: Child Safety andSocial Fear” in A. Walks (ed), Urban Political Economy and Ecology of Automobility, Routeledge.
  • Paul Hess, Helen Huang, and Mirej Vasic. (forthcoming) “Automobility, adaptation and exclusion: immigration, gender, and travel in the auto-city,” in A. Walks (ed), Urban Political Economy and Ecology of Automobility, Routeledge.
  • Graeme Stewart and Paul Hess. 2014. “Neighbourhood Planning: Smart Growth in the Context of the 1960s” in France Vanlaethem and Marie-Josée Therrien (eds), La Sauvegarde de l’Architecture Modern. Quebec: Presses de l’Université de Quebec.
  • Paul M. Hess  2005. “Neighborhoods Apart: Site/Non-sight and Suburban Apartments” in Site Matters, Andrea Kahn, Carol Burns, editors. Routledge, 223-247.

Research Clusters:
Cities and Everyday Life