Mischa Young, Planning PhD Student


Home Campus:
U of T St. George

Other Degrees:
MSc in Urban Studies - UQÀM
BA in Economics - McGill University

Professor Steven Farber

Contact Information:

Phone: 514.268.8698
Email: mischa.young@mail.utoronto.ca
Office: Spatial Analysis of Urban Systems Lab (SAUSy), Sidney Smith, Room #608

Personal Website: mischayoung.com

Research Interests:

  • Travel behaviours
  • Shared mobility
  • ride-hailing
  • Urban economics
  • transport policies
  • Emerging transportation technologies
  • Public transit

Selected Publications:

Young, M., & Farber, S. (2019). The who, why, and when of Uber and other ride-hailing trips: An examination of a large sample household travel survey. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice119, 383-392.

Young, M., Allen, J., & Farber, S. (2020). Measuring when Uber behaves as a substitute or supplement to transit: An examination of travel-time differences in Toronto. Journal of Transport Geography82, 102629.

Young, M., Savan, B., Manaugh, K., & Scott, J. (2020). Mapping the demand and potential for cycling in Toronto. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 1-9.

Research Clusters: