Michael Ekers, Associate Professor


Home Campus:
U of T Scarborough

University of Oxford, UK (2010)

Other Degrees:
MES, York University (2005)
HENS, Lakehead University (2003)

Contact Information:

Phone:  416-208-4764
Office:   Management Wing (MW) 366
Location: Email: michael.ekers@utoronto.ca

Research Interests:

  • My research mobilizes social and political theory and political economic approaches to understand:
  • (1) the production of different environmental landscapes, and
  • (2), the’ identities’ of the people that produce environmental spaces and their social positioning in the production process.

1)  What are the cultural, political and economic relations that produce resource landscapes?  I am interested in how specific subjects, defined by relations of gender, sexuality, class and ‘race’, are made in conjunction with the production of different social and environmental landscapes.  Here, I engage with debates on the production of nature and social difference to argue for a wider understanding of how specific social groups are enrolled in the labour of making natures.  I examine these questions through two concrete research projects including: (1) my doctoral research that examined the cultures of labour in the British Columbia tree planting industry, (2) my current research that develops the concept of ‘socio-ecological fixes’ through a conceptual engagement with David Harvey’s work and an investigation of the intersection of urban unemployment and forestry relief projects in British Columbia during the 1930s depression.

2)  What might an engagement with Antonio Gramsci’s work mean for contemporary debates in geography and environmental studies?  Despite his formidable presence in many disciplines, Gramsci has been conspicuously absent in debates in geography and environmental studies.  I am interested in whether Gramsci’s work can enhance our understandings of environmental politics and questions of labour and unemployment.  In addition, I have co-edited a collection titled Gramsci; Space, Nature and Politics, with Gillian Hart, Stefan Kipfer and Alex Loftus, which addresses Gramsci’s relevance to debates on geography, political ecology, ‘the political’ and difference.

Teaching This Academic Year:

GGRA02  – Geographies of Global Processes
GGRB21  – Environments and Environmentalisms
GGRC24  – Socio-Natures and the Cultural Politics of ‘the Environment’
GGRC26  – Geographies of Environmental Governance

Current Students:

I am interested in how debates in political ecology, agrarian studies and social theory can help in understanding the making and contestation of different environmental landscapes. My current research focuses on the financialization of private forest land in British Columbia and ongoing Indigenous and settler opposition. I welcome inquiries from prospective PhD students interested in any of the areas noted above and that are keen to blend substantive qualitative and ethnographic research with different theoretical debates. I am on leave in 2020-2021 but would consider applicants if the fit is very good.

Selected Publications:


  • Ekers, M., Loftus, A., Hart, G., Kipfer, S. (Eds.), (2013) Gramsci: Space, Nature and Politics. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, (Wiley-Blackwell Antipode Book Series)

Refereed Articles

  • Ekers, M. and Prudham S. 2017. The Metabolism of Spatial Fixes: Capital Switching, Spatial Fixes and the Production of Nature. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, (in press)
  • Ekers, M. and Prudham S. 2017. The Socio-Ecological Fix: Fixed Capital, Metabolism and Hegemony. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, (in press)
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Book Chapters

  • Ekers, M. (2017) The Social Construction of Nature. In Castree, N., Hulme, M. and Proctor, J. (Eds.), Companion to Environmental Studies. London & New York: Routledge (in press)
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