Melanie Sommerville, Postdoctoral Fellow

Sommerville Profile Pic

Home Campus:
U of T St. George

Geography, The University of British Columbia (September 2019)

Other Degrees:
MA, Geography, Carleton University (2006)
BSc Hon., Land Resources Science, The University of Guelph (2000)

Honours & Awards:
The University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts and Science Postdoctoral Fellowship
SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
The University of the Western Cape, Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies Visiting Scholar
International Development Research Centre of Canada, Canadian Window on International Development Award
Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute, Advancing a National Dialogue Award
The University of British Columbia, Department of Geography Four Year Fellowship

Emily Gilbert

Contact Information:

100 St. George Street, Sidney Smith Hall, Room 5047
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 3G3

Research Interests:

  • Processes of agrarian transition and change
  • Settler colonialism and racial capitalism
  • Financialization of agro-food systems
  • Marxist and Feminist political economy
  • Geopolitics and the security of rural spaces
  • Politics of reconciliation
  • Regional specializations: Canada and South Africa

Selected Publications:

Sommerville, Melanie. 2019. Agrarian Repair: Agriculture, Race and Accumulation in Contemporary Canada and South Africa. PhD Dissertation. The University of British Columbia. [Book prospectus under development]

Sommerville, Melanie. 2018. Naturalising finance, financialising natives: Indigeneity, race, and “responsible” agricultural investment in Canada. Antipode. Advance online publication. DOI:

Sommerville, Melanie. 2018. Old roots, new shoots: Thickening the local histories of agri-food financialisation. In: Bjorkhaug, Hilde, André Magnan and Geoffrey Lawrence (Editors). Financialisation of Agri-Food Systems: Contested Transformations. London: Routledge. pp.223-243.

Le Billon, Philippe and Melanie Sommerville. 2017. Landing capital and assembling ‘investable land’ in the extractive and agricultural sectors. Geoforum. 82:212-224

Sommerville, Melanie and André Magnan. 2015. ‘Pinstripes on the prairies’: Examining the financialization of farming systems in the Canadian prairie provinces. Journal of Peasant Studies. 42(1):119-144.

Sommerville, Melanie, Jamie Essex, and Philippe Le Billon. 2014. The ‘global food crisis’ and the geopolitics of food security. Geopolitics. 19(2):239-265.