Lindsay Stephens, Assistant Professor (CLTA)


Home Campus:
U of T St. George

Geography (and Collaborative Program in Women's Studies), University of Toronto

Other Degrees:
MScPl, University of Toronto
BA, Anthropology, University of British Columbia

Contact Information:

Room 5063, Sidney Smith Hall
100 St. George St.
Toronto, ON M5S 3G3

Phone: (416) 978-3236

Research Interests:

  • Social justice and social planning
  • Political subjectivity, place-based relations, micropolitics
  • Qualitative research methods, community engaged research
  • Culture, emotion, affect and the body
  • Accessibility and Disability

Teaching This Academic Year:

PLA 1107Y Current Issues Paper

PLA 1101 Planning History, Thought and Practice

JPG 452 Space, Power, Geography

Selected Publications:

Stephens, L. (2019). Becoming acrobat, becoming academic: an affective, autoethnographic inquiry into collective practices of knowing and becoming. Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies. 19(4), 264-274.

Stephens, L., Spalding, K., Aslam, H., Scott, H., Ruddick, S., Young, N., McKeever, P. (2017). Inaccessible childhoods: Evaluating accessibility in homes, schools and neighbourhoods with disabled children. Children’s Geographies, 15(5), 583-599.

Stephens, L., Scott, H., Aslam, H., Yantzi, N., Young, N., Ruddick, S., McKeever, P. (2015). The accessibility of elementary schools in Ontario, Canada: Not making the grade. Children, Youth and Environments, 25(2), 153-175.  

Stephens, L. (2015). The economic lives of circus ‘artists’: Canadian circus performers and the new economy. Canadian Journal of Communication, 40(2), 243-260.  

Stephens, L., Ruddick, S., McKeever, P. (2015). Disability and Deleuze: An exploration of becoming and embodiment in children’s everyday environments. Body and Society, 21(2), 194-220.