Julie Mah, Sessional Lecturer


Home Campus:
U of T St. George

Contact Information:


Research Interests:

  • Housing policy and affordable housing issues
  • Social housing development
  • Gentrification and displacement
  • Evictions
  • Planning for spatial justice and equitable development approaches

In general, my research looks at how income inequality manifests itself spatially through unequal housing patterns. I examine issues of housing affordability, evictions, gentrification and displacement, and the planning mechanisms that can be employed to address spatialized inequities, such as the use of value capture tools (e.g. inclusionary zoning).

Selected Publications:

Mah, J. (In Press). Gentrification-induced displacement in Detroit, Michigan: An analysis of evictions. Housing Policy Debate.

Mah, J. & Jones, E.C. (2020). ‘Adding Marcuse’ to equitable development approaches: Combatting indirect displacement. Progressive City.

Gauger, B., Gelbard, S., Kayanan, C.M., Mah, J., Sherman, S., & Vasudevan, R. (2019). Spaces of Struggle. Critical Planning, 24: 13-18.

Ross, T., Mah, J., Biggar, J., Zwick, A., Modlinska, E. (2018). Student Needs, Employment Realities, and PhD Program Design in Canada: The Case of Planning PhD Programs. Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 48(3): 82-97.

Mah, J. and Hackworth, J. (2011). Local politics and inclusionary housing in three large Canadian cities. Canadian Journal of Urban Research, 20(1): 57-80.