Harald Bathelt, Professor

Harald Bathelt

Home Campus:
U of T St. George

University of Gießen, Germany (1991)

Other Degrees:
Habilitation in Geography, University of Gießen, Germany (Post-Doctoral Degree) (1997)
Diplom University of Gießen, Germany (1987)

Contact Information:

Department of Geography & Planning
Phone:    (416) 946-0183
Location: Room 3121, Sidney Smith Hall (100 St. George Street)
Email:     harald.bathelt@utoronto.ca

Personal Website: http://www.harald-bathelt.com/

Research Interests:

  • Economic geography
  • Relational economic geography
  • Industrial clustering
  • Innovation and knowledge creation over distance
  • Socio-economic impacts of industrial and institutional change
  • Regional governance and political economy
  • Interregional and interurban inequality

Teaching This Academic Year:

GGR324H1S: Spatial Political Economy
GGR344H1F: Political Economy of Germany and the EU
JPG1621H1F: Innovation and Governance

Call For Students:

I welcome students that are interested to work in areas related to economic geography, such as the following: I. Interregional Inequality and Regional Development: Quickly increasing inequality causes concern and drives populism. This research hypothesizes that regional development depends on the ability to mobilize resources and networks across different spatial scales. II. Knowledge Generation over Distance: This research is based on the assumption that the competitiveness of firms depends on their ability to engage in creating and circulating knowledge both within and beyond their regional environment. III. Cluster Evolution and Institutional Change: This research is interested in (i) processes of how clusters emerge, (ii) the consequences of institutional change for cluster dynamics, (iii) the impact of cross-cluster networks.

Selected Publications:

Bathelt, H. and M. Buchholz. 2019. Outward Foreign-Direct Investments as a Catalyst of Urban-Regional Income Development? Evidence from the United States. Economic Geography 95: 442-466.

Bathelt, H., J. A. Cantwell and R. Mudambi. 2018. Overcoming Frictions in Trans-National Knowledge Flows: Challenges of Connecting, Sense-Making and Integrating. Journal of Economic Geography 18: 1001-1022.

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