Harald Bathelt, Professor


Home Campus:
U of T St. George

University of Gießen, Germany (1991)

Other Degrees:
Habilitation in Geography, University of Gießen, Germany (Post-Doctoral Degree) (1997)
Diplom University of Gießen, Germany (1987)

Contact Information:

Department of Political Science
Phone:    (416) 946-0183
Location: Room 3132, Sidney Smith Hall (100 St. George Street)
Email:     harald.bathelt@utoronto.ca

Personal Website: http://www.harald-bathelt.com/

Research Interests:

  • Economic geography
  • Relational economic geography
  • Clusters, innovation systems and knowledge-creation
  • Political economy
  • Industrial restructuring and globalization
  • Regional policy and governance

Teaching This Academic Year:

  • POL 371H1S – Institutions and the Spatial Construction of the Political Economy (Relational Economic Geography)
  • POL 372H1F – Political Economy of Germany and the EU (=Regional Economic Geography)
  • POL 408H1F – Innovation and Governance
  • POL 2338H1F – Innovation and Governance
  • POL 2800H1S – SPECIAL TOPICS (Statistical Analysis and Inference for Political Scientists)

Selected Publications:

  • Bathelt, H. and J. Glückler. 2011. The Relational Economy: Geographies of Knowing and Learning. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Bathelt, H. and J. Glückler. 2011. Wirtschaftsgeographie. Ökonomische Beziehungen in räumlicher Perspektive (Economic Geography. Economic Relations in Spatial Perspective). 3rd, Completely Restructured Wdition. Stuttgart: UTB – Ulmer.
  • Bathelt, H., M. P. Feldman and D. F. Kogler. (Eds.). 2011. Beyond Territory: Dynamic Geographies of Knowledge Creation, Diffusion, and Innovation. London, New York: Routledge.
  • Bathelt, H., A. K. Munro and B. Spigel. 2012: Challenges of Transformation: Innovation, Re-bundling and Traditional Manufacturing in Canada’s Technology Triangle. Regional Studies 46): forthcoming.
  • Bathelt, H. and G. Zeng. 2012: Strong Economic Growth in Weak Networks: Producer–User Interaction and Knowledge Brokers in the Greater Shanghai Chemical Industry. Applied Geography 32: 158-170.
  • Li, P.-F., H. Bathelt and J. Wang. 2012. Network Dynamics and Cluster Evolution: Different Trajectories in the Aluminum Extrusion Industry in Dali, China. Journal of Economic Geography 12: forthcoming.
  • Bathelt, H. and P. Turi. 2011. Local, Global and Virtual Buzz: The Importance of Face-to-Face Contact in Economic Interaction and Possibilities to go Beyond. Geoforum 42: 520-529.
  • Bathelt, H. and N. Schuldt. 2010. International Trade Fairs and Global Buzz, Part I: Ecology of Global Buzz. European Planning Studies 18: 1957-1974.
  • Bathelt, H. (2006): Geographies of Production: Growth Regimes in Spatial Perspective 3 – Toward a Relational View of Economic Action and Policy. Progress in Human Geography 38: 223-236.
  • Maskell, P., H. Bathelt and A. Malmberg. 2006. Building Global Knowledge Pipelines: The Role of Temporary Clusters. European Planning Studies 14: 997-1013.
  • Bathelt, H., A. Malmberg and P. Maskell. 2004. Clusters and Knowledge: Local Buzz, Global Pipelines and the Process of Knowledge Creation. Progress in Human Geography 28: 31-56.
  • Bathelt, H. and J. Glückler. 2003. Toward a Relational Economic Geography. Journal of Economic Geography 3: 117-144.