Christopher Higgins, Assistant Professor


Home Campus:
U of T Scarborough

McMaster University

Contact Information:

Phone: +1 (416) 208-4871
Office: Room HL512 (UTSC)
Office: Room SSH5034 (UTSG)

Personal Website:

Research Interests:

  • Spatial analysis and GIScience
  • Built environment and urban morphology
  • Accessibility and travel behaviour

Teaching This Academic Year:

  • GGRC30H3F Advanced GIS
  • GGRD25H3F Research Seminar in Urban Spaces
  • CITC18H3S Urban Transportation Policy Analysis

Call For Students:

I am currently looking for graduate students interested in modelling the urban volumetrics of 21st-century cities, 3D/4D econometric analyses of land values and urban context, and travel behaviour and accessibility in topographically-rich urban environments. See my website at for more information.

Selected Publications:

Refereed Journal Articles

Paez, A., Higgins, C. D., & Vivona, S. F. (2019). Demand and level of service inflation in Floating Catchment Area (FCA) methods. PloS One, 14(6).

Higgins, C.D. (2019). Accessibility toolbox for R and ArcGIS. Transport Findings.

Higgins, C.D., Adams, M. D., Réquia, W. J., & Mohamed, M. (2019). Accessibility, air pollution, and congestion: Capturing spatial trade-offs from agglomeration in the property market. Land Use Policy, 84, 177-191.

Higgins, C.D. (2019). A 4D spatio-temporal approach to modelling land value uplift from rapid transit in high density and topographically-rich cities. Landscape and Urban Planning, 185, 68-82.

Mohamed, M., Higgins, C.D., Ferguson, M.R. & Réquia, W.J. (2018). The influence of vehicle body type in shaping behavioural intention to acquire electric vehicles: A multi-group structural equation approach. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 118, 54-72.

Réquia, W., Mohamed, M., Higgins, C.D., Arain, A. & Ferguson, M.R. (2018). How Clean are Electric Vehicles? Evidence-based Review of the Effects of Electric Mobility on Air Pollutants, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Human Health. Atmospheric Environment, 186, 64-77.

Ferguson, M.R., Mohamed, M., Higgins, C.D., Abotalebi, E., & Kanaroglou, P.S. (2018). How Open are Canadian Households to Electric Vehicles? A National Latent Class Choice Analysis with Willingness-To-Pay and Metropolitan Characterization. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 58, 208-224.

Réquia, W., Higgins, C.D., Adams, M.D., Mohamed, M., & Koutrakis, P. (2018). The Health Impacts of Weekday Traffic: A Health Risk Assessment of PM2.5 Emissions during Congested Periods. Environment International, 111, 164-176.

Higgins, C.D. & Kanaroglou, P.S. (2018). Rapid Transit, Transit-Oriented Development, and the Contextual Sensitivity of Land Value Uplift in Toronto. Urban Studies, 55(10), 2197-2225.

Higgins, C.D., Mohamed, M., & Ferguson, M.R. (2017). Size Matters: How Vehicle Body Type Affects Consumer Preferences for Electric Vehicles. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 100, 182-201.

Higgins, C.D., Sweet, M.N. & Kanaroglou, P.S. (2017). All Minutes Are Not Equal: Travel Time and the Effects of Congestion on Commute Satisfaction in Canadian Cities. Transportation, 39(1), 1189-1120.

Higgins, C.D. & Kanaroglou, P.S. (2016). Infrastructure or Attraction? Image-led Planning and the Intangible Objectives of Rapid Transit Projects. Journal of Planning Literature, 31(4), 452-462.

Mohamed, M., Higgins, C.D., Ferguson, M.R. & Kanaroglou, P.S. (2016). Identifying and Characterizing Potential Electric Vehicle Adopters in Canada: A Two-stage Modelling Approach. Transport Policy, 52, 100-112.

Higgins, C.D. & Kanaroglou, P.S. (2016). Forty Years of Modelling Rapid Transit’s Land Value Uplift in North America: Moving Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg. Transport Reviews, 36(5), 610-634.

Higgins, C.D. & Kanaroglou, P.S. (2016). A Latent Class Method for Classifying and Evaluating the Performance of Station Area Transit-Oriented Development in the Toronto Region. Journal of Transport Geography, 52, 61-72.

Research Clusters:
Cities and Everyday Life, Nature, Society and Environmental Change, Transportation