Cheryl Rogers, Physical Geography PhD Candidate


Home Campus:
U of T St. George

Other Degrees:
M.Sc. in Natural Resource Science, McGill, 2011.
B.Sc. in Atmospheric Environment and Air Quality and GIS, McGill, 2009.

Honours & Awards:
2019 Student Research Award – University of Toronto
2019 School of Graduate Studies Conference Grant – University of Toronto
2019-2020 Oscar J. Marshall Graduate Fellowship – University of Toronto
2018-2019 Ontario Graduate Scholarship – Province of Ontario
2018 Geography & Planning Research Fellowship – University of Toronto
2017 Oscar J. Marshall Graduate Fellowship – University of Toronto
2016 Entrance Award - University of Toronto
2011 Best Master’s Thesis Award - Canadian Remote Sensing Society
2010 Graduate Research Enhancement & Travel award, McGill University
2010-2011 Provost’s Graduate Fellowship - McGill University
2009-2010 Provost’s Graduate Fellowship - McGill University

Jing Chen

Contact Information:


Research Interests:

  • Remote Sensing
  • Carbon Cycle
  • GIS
  • Climate Change
  • Phenology

Selected Publications:

Li, Y., Ma, Q., Chen, J.M., Croft, H., Luo, X., Zheng, T., Rogers, C., Liu, J., 2021. Fine-scale leaf chlorophyll distribution across a deciduous forest through two-step model inversion from Sentinel-2 data. Remote Sens. Environ. 264, 112618.

Rogers, C., Chen, J.M., Croft, H., Gonsamo, A., Luo, X., Bartlett, P., Staebler, R.M., 2021. Daily leaf area index from photosynthetically active radiation for long term records of canopy structure and leaf phenology. Agric. For. Meteorol. 304–305, 108407.

Rogers, C. A., Chen, J. M., Zheng, T., Croft, H., Gonsamo, A., Luo, X., et al. (2020). The response of spectral vegetation indices and solar‐induced fluorescence to changes in illumination intensity and geometry in the days surrounding the 2017 North American solar eclipse. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 125, e2020JG005774.

Gonsamo, A., Chen, J.M., He, L., Sun, Y., Rogers, C., Liu, J., 2019. Exploring SMAP and OCO-2 observations to monitor soil moisture control on photosynthetic activity of global drylands and croplands. Remote Sens. Environ. 232.

He, L., Chen, J.M., Liu, J., Zheng, T., Wang, R., Joiner, J., Chou, S., Chen, B., Liu, Y., Liu, R., Rogers, C., 2019. Diverse photosynthetic capacity of global ecosystems mapped by satellite chlorophyll fluorescence measurements. Remote Sens. Environ. 232.


Research Clusters:
Climate Processes and Climate and Carbon Cycle Modelling, Earth-Surface Processes and Hydrology