Carl Mitchell, Associate Professor


Home Campus:
U of T Scarborough

Toronto (2006)

Other Degrees:
MSc Toronto (2002)
BSc McMaster (2000)

Contact Information:

Phone:     (416) 208-2744
Location:  SY362, UTSC
Downtown Office: Room SSH5022 (100 St. George Street)

Personal Website:

Research Interests:

  • Hydrology
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Mercury and methylmercury
  • Anaerobic soils
  • Wetlands
  • Sulfur cycling
  • Biogeochemical hot spots
  • Snowmelt
  • Redox chemistry
  • Environmental microbiology

Call For Students:

The Mitchell Research Group has positions available for students interested in research at the interface of hydrology and contaminant biogeochemistry. If you are interested, please contact Professor Mitchell to discuss.

Selected Publications:

  • Dhal, S. and Mitchell, C.P.J. (2013) Saltwater flotation for more efficient matrix separation of wetland macroinvertebrates does not affect total mercury or methylmercury concentrations. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 32, 1233-1236.
  • Haynes, K.M. and Mitchell, C.P.J. (2012) Inter-annual and spatial variability in hillslope runoff and mercury flux during spring snowmelt.  Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 14(8): 2083-2091.
  • Mitchell, C.P.J., Kolka, R.K. and Fraver, S. (2012) Singular and combined effects of blowdown, salvage logging, and wildfire on forest floor and soil mercury pools.  Environmental Science & Technology, 46, 7963-7970.
  • Sinclair, K.A., Xie, Q. and Mitchell, C.P.J. (2012) Methylmercury in sediment, water, and invertebrates in created wetlands of Rouge Park, Toronto, Canada.  Environmental Pollution, 171, 207-215.
  • Mitchell, C. P. J., B. A. Branfireun., and R. K. Kolka. 2009. Methylmercury dynamics at the upland-peatland interface: Topographic and hydrogeochemical controls. Water Resources Research 45, W02406.
  • Mitchell, C. P. J., B. A. Branfireun, and R. K. Kolka. 2008. Assessing sulfate and carbon controls on net methylmercury production in peatlands: An in situ mesocosm approach. Applied Geochemistry 23: 503-518.
  • Mitchell, C. P. J., B. A. Branfireun, and R. K. Kolka. 2008. Spatial characteristics of net methylmercury production hot spots in peatlands.  Environmental Science and Technology 42: 1010-1016.
  • Mitchell, C. P. J., B. A. Branfireun, and R. K. Kolka. 2008. Total mercury and methylmercury dynamics in upland-peatland watersheds during snowmelt.  Biogeochemistry 90(3): 225-241.
  • Mitchell, C. P. J. and C. C. Gilmour. 2008. Mercury methylation in a Chesapeake Bay salt marsh. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences 113, G00C04.
  • Mitchell, C. P. J. and C. C. Gilmour. 2008. The role of wetlands in methylmercury production. National Wetlands Newsletter 30(5): 1-6.