Brian Greenwood , Emeritus Professor


Home Campus:
U of T Scarborough

University of Bristol, UK (1970)

Other Degrees:
University of Bristol, UK (1964)

Honours & Awards:
(Honoris Causa) University of Uppsala, Sweden (1993)

Contact Information:

Phone:    (416) 287-7326
Location: (UTSC)
Downtown Office: Room SSH5022 (100 St. George Street)

Personal Website:

Research Interests:

  • Sediment transport in wave-current boundary layers
  • Shoreface morphodynamics especially the dynamics of nearshore bar systems
  • Simulation of bedforms under waves and currents; development of wave-current
  • Boundary layer sensors;
  • Numerical models of coastal sediment transport
  • Bedforms and sedimentary structures under combined flows
  • Coastal erosion and sedimentation (lacustrine and marine)
  • Sediment parameters and paleoenvironmental reconstruction
  • Environmental impacts in coastal systems

Selected Publications:

  • Greenwood, B. 2005. Wave formed bars. In Encyclopaedia of Coastal Science, ed. M. Schwartz. Kluwer Academic Publishers (invited).
  • Greenwood, B. 2005. Bimodal cross-lamination in wave-ripple formsets: a note on possible origins. In Special Issue (Jim Allen Memorial Volume), ed. N. Psuty, Journal of Coastal Research (invited).
  • Greenwood, B., A. Permanand-Schwartz, and C. Houser. 2005. Set up, undertow and frequency dependent sediment flux on a multi-barred lacustrine beach. Proceedings 2nd International Coastal Symposium, June 5-8, Höfn, Iceland (published on CD-ROM).
  • Houser, C. and B. Greenwood. 2005. Hydrodynamics and sediment transport within the inner surf zone of a lacustrine multiple-barred nearshore. Marine Geology.