Amanda Loder, Physical Geography PhD Candidate


Home Campus:
U of T St. George

Other Degrees:
MSc in Biology, Acadia University
BScH in Environmental Science, Acadia University

Honours & Awards:
C. David Naylor University Fellowship
NSERC (CGS D) Scholarship
Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Donald F. Putnam Graduate Scholarship

Dr. Sarah Finkelstein

Contact Information:


Office: Earth Sciences Building 4116

Research Gate Profile:

Research Interests:

  • Wetland conservation and restoration
  • Carbon cycling in wetlands
  • Paleoecology
  • Environmental change
  • Global biogeochemistry
  • Ecosystem services

Teaching This Academic Year:

TA (Fall 2020) ENV1001H – Environmental Decision Making

TA (Winter 2021) JEG100H1S – Introduction to Physical Geography and Earth Sciences

Selected Publications:

Loder AL, Finkelstein SA (2020) Carbon accumulation in freshwater marsh soils: A synthesis for temperate North America. Wetlands,

Loder AL, Weeber R, Wong SNP, Spooner IS, Mallory ML (2019) Correlates of waterbody characteristics and occurrence or diversity of larval amphibians in central Ontario, Canada. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 103(4), 571-578

Loder AL, Spooner IS, McLellan N, Kurek J,  Mallory ML (2018) Water chemistry of managed freshwater wetlands on marine-derived soils in coastal Bay of Fundy, Canada. Wetlands, 39(3), 521532

Kickbush JC, Mallory ML, Murimboh JD, Rand J, Klapstein SJ, Loder AL, Hill NM, O’Driscoll NJ (2018) The influence of avian biovectors on mercury speciation in a bog ecosystem. Science of the Total Environment, 637-638:264-273

Loder AL, Mallory ML, Spooner IS, Turner M, McLellan N (2018) Nutrient availability reduced in older rural impoundments in coastal Bay of Fundy, Canada. Hydrobiologia, 814(1), 175-189

Loder AL, Mallory ML, Spooner IS, McLellan N, White C, Smol JP (2018) Do rural impoundments in coastal Bay of Fundy, Canada sustain adequate habitat for wildlife? Wetlands Ecology and Management, 26(2), 213-230

Loder AL, Mallory ML, Spooner IS, McLauchlan C, Englehardt PO, McLellan N, White C (2016) Bioaccumulation of lead and arsenic in gastropods inhabiting salt marsh ponds in coastal Bay of Fundy, Canada. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 227: 75