Adam Martin, Assistant Professor

Adam Martin image

Home Campus:
U of T Scarborough

University of Toronto, 2012

Other Degrees:
Masters of Forest Conservation, University of Toronto, 2006
BA (Hons) Geography, University of Guelph, 2004

Cross Appointments:
Physical & Environmental Science, UTSC

Honours & Awards:
Connaught New Researcher Award. University of Toronto. 2020
Assistant Professor Teaching Award. University of Toronto Scarborough. 2019

Contact Information:

Personal Website:

Research Interests:

  • Global environmental change
  • Agroecology
  • Forest ecology

Teaching This Academic Year:

  • Introduction to Environmental Science (EESA01). University of Toronto Scarborough.
  • Biodiversity and Biogeography (EESC04). University of Toronto Scarborough.
  • Directed Readings/ Research (EESC24, EESD19, EES1114). University of Toronto Scarborough.
  • Environmental Science Field Course (EES1108). University of Toronto Scarborough, held in Dominica, West Indies.

Call For Students:

Graduate student positions are available in the for research in the areas of forest- and/or agroecology. In the area of forest ecology, graduate research will be related to better understanding: i) how and why wood traits (e.g., wood density, wood chemical composition) differ among and within tree species, and ii) the role this variation plays in governing forest ecosystem functions including carbon (C) storage and cycling. In the area of agroecology, graduate research projects will be designed to evaluate: i) how leaf functional traits (e.g., photosynthesis, leaf chemistry) differ among and within crops; ii) the role this variation plays in governing agroecosystem functions such as soil C dynamics; and iii) the role this variation plays in governing crop responses to environmental change such as extreme temperature events.

Selected Publications:

Martin A, Cadotte M, Isaac M, Milla R, Violle C, and Vile D (2019). Regional and global shifts in crop diversity through the Anthropocene. PLoS ONE 14(2): e0209788.

Martin A, Doraisami M, and Thomas S. (2018). Global patterns in wood carbon concentration across the world’s trees and forests. Nature Geoscience 11(12): 915-920.

Martin A and Isaac M (2018). Functional traits in agroecology: advancing description and prediction in agroecosystems. Journal of Applied Ecology 55: 5-11.

Martin A, Rapidel B, Roupsard O, van den Meersche K, Virginio Filho E, Barrios M, and Isaac M (2017). Intraspecific trait variation across multiple scales: the Leaf Economics Spectrum in coffee. Functional Ecology 31: 604-612.

Martin A, Isaac M (2015). Plant functional traits in agroecosystems: a blueprint for research. Journal of Applied Ecology 52(6): 1425-1435.

Research Clusters:
Climate Processes and Climate and Carbon Cycle Modelling, Nature, Society and Environmental Change, Paleoclimate and Biogeography