Urban Planning and Development


This concentration is concerned with the processes through which the physical fabric of the city is developed, redeveloped and revitalized, and the ways in which these development processes can be modified or directed by public policy and regulation on the one hand and by the policies, practices and decisions of private corporations on the other. Depending on the particular subject of interest, the geographic scale may vary from a concern with the metropolitan region to a focus on the neighborhood. The concept of the development process is intended to be interpreted broadly, including the political and institutional context within which public decisions are made, the social and environmental consequences of those decisions and the economic context within which private sector decisions are made.

Students choosing this concentration will be taking five courses from the list below. Courses not on this list may also be chosen by students as part of their concentration with approval of the concentration coordinator and under the assumption that course material is directed to urban topics.

Within the general scope of urban planning and development, there are a number of sub-areas which might serve as the focal point of the concentration. Students should consult the concentration coordinator in the first term in order to develop an appropriate mix of courses, given the particular focus of their interests. For illustrative purposes, students in the specialization might want to concentrate on one or two sub-areas such as Housing, Neighborhood Planning, Real Estate Development, Transportation and Infrastructure, Metropolitan Development Policy, Land Use Regulation or Urban Revitalization.

Courses for this concentration may be chosen from the following:

Urban Planning and Development Concentration Courses




JPG 1416H Environmental Consequences of Land Use Change [not offered 2013-14]
JPG 1421H Health in Urban Environments [not offered 2013-14]
JPG 1501H The Political Economy of Cities [not offered 2013-14]
JPG 1505H The Multicultural City: Diversity, Policy and Planning [not offered 2013-14] 
JPG 1507H The Geography of Housing and Housing Policy L. Bourne
JPG 1508H Planning with the Urban Poor in Developing Countries A. Daniere
JPG 1509H Feminism, Postcoloniality and Development [not offered 2013-14] 
JPG 1510H Recent Debates on Urban Form J. Markovich
JPG 1512H Place, Politics and the Urban A. Walks
JPG 1514H The Role of the Planner: Making a Difference P. Bedford
JPG1516H Declining Cities [not offered 2013-14]
PLA1516H Transportation Futures: Funding, Energies and Technologies N. Sipe
PLA 1551H Policy Analysis and Implementation [not offered 2013-14]
PLA 1552H City Planning and Management   J. Farrow
PLA 1553H Urban Transportation Policy Analysis J. Markovich
JPG 1554H Transportation and Urban Form [not offered 2013-14]
JPG 1556H Transportation Systems Analysis: An exploration of concepts, methods, applications R. Buliung
PLA1650H Urban Design: History, Theory, Criticism TBA
PLA1651H Business and Land-Use Development for Urban Designers P. Zimmerman
PLA 1652H Introductory Studio in Urban Design and Planning TBA
PLA 1653Y Advanced Studio in Urban Design and Planning P. Hess
PLA 1654H Urban Design Research Methods P. Hess
PLA 1655H Urban Design and Development Controls TBA
JPG 1702H Historical Urban Geography and Planning [not offered 2013-14]
PLA 1751H Public Finance for Planners TBA
PLA 1801H Urban Infrastructure Planning M. Siemiatycki
JPG 1804H Space, Power and Geography: Understanding Spatiality S. Ruddick
CIV 0531H Transport Planning M. Roorda
CIV 1507H Public Transport [not offered 2013-14]
CIV 1535H Transportation and Development E. Miller
CIV 1538H Transportation Demand Analysis [ K. Habib