Urban Design

This concentration will prepare MScPl students to practice as professional planners with specialist knowledge in the theory and methods of Urban Design, though it would not train students as Urban Designers unless they have a substantial background in a design discipline such as Architecture. Students selecting this field will complete foundational coursework in, theory/history and studio/workshops, supplemented by further electives drawn from a wide range of possible courses.

Students electing the Urban Design field of concentration will be required to fulfill the following course requirements:

  • PLA 1650F Urban Design: History, Theory, Criticism (same as URD 1031H)
  • PLA 1652H Introductory Studio in Urban Design and Planning
  • PLA 1653H Advanced Studio in Urban Design and Planning (pre-requisite of PLA 1652H)

At least two other courses must be taken from the following list of electives:

Urban Design Concentration Courses




JPG 1501H The Political Economy of Cities [not offered 2013-14]
JPG 1510H Recent Debates on Urban Form J. Markovich
JPG 1512H Place, Politics and the Urban A. Walks
PLA1516H Transportation Futures: Funding, Energies and Technologies N. Sipe
PLA1517H Special Topics in Planning TBA
PLA1553H Urban Transportation Policy J. Markovich
JPG1556H Transportation Systems R. Buliung
PLA 1651H Business and Land Use Development for Urban Designers P. Zimmerman
PLA 1654H Urban Design Research Methods P. Hess
PLA 1655H Urban Design and Development Controls TBA
JPG 1702H Historical Urban Geography and Planning [not offered 2013-14]
JPG 1804H Space, Power and Geography: Understanding Spatiality S. Ruddick
JPG 1906H Geographic Information Systems D. Boyes
JPG 1914H GIS Research Project D. Boyes
PLA1653Y Advanced Studio in Urban Design and Planning P. Hess
URD 1021H Urban Design Computation TBA
URD 1032H Urban Design in the History of the Post-Industrial World [check if offered in 2013-14] Staff
URD 1033H The City and the Text [check if offered in 2013-14] Staff

Other electives may be substituted with the permission of the urban design concentration advisor.