Urban Design

This concentration will prepare MScPl students to practice as professional planners with specialist knowledge in the theory and methods of Urban Design, though it would not train students as Urban Designers unless they have a substantial background in a design discipline such as Architecture. Students selecting this field will complete foundational coursework in, theory/history and studio/workshops, supplemented by further electives drawn from a wide range of possible courses.

Students electing the Urban Design field of concentration will be required to take:

  • PLA 1652H Introductory Studio in Urban Design and Planning, along with 4  other electives.

The following course are recommended, along with many other courses in the department and beyond, that are of possible interest to students pursuing the Urban Design concentration:

  • PLA 1653H Advanced Studio in Urban Design and Planning (pre-requisite of PLA 1652H)
  • PLA 1654H Urban Design Research Methods
  • JPG 2150H Production of Space: Aesthetics, Technology, Politics

Advisor: Kanishka Goonewardena