Transportation Planning and Infrastructure

Transportation and infrastructure are two very important aspects of the planned environment. They are central to the development of healthy sustainable urban places, and also have important implications for the social and physical environments of places outside of the ecumene. This concentration within the MScPl program focusses on developing the capacity in students to understand the dynamic relationship between social, economic and environmental sustainability and the planning, implementation and maintenance of transportation and other forms of physical infrastructure.

To complete this concentration, in addition to the core courses that all MScPl students must complete, this concentration requires that students ALSO complete five half courses including PLA 1703H, JPG 1554H, and JPG 1400H. In addition, students must choose two concentration elective courses (2.0 HCE=1.0 FCE) from the listing below (Students may use another course, from any graduate unit, in place of one of the non-core courses listed below as the concentration elective, with the approval of the Director of Planning).


Transportation Planning & Infrastructure Concentration Courses
Code Title
PLA 1703H (Core) Transportation Planning and Infrastructure: Concepts and Methods
PLA 1551H (non-core) Policy Analysis and Implementation
PLA 1552G (non-core) City Planning and Management
PLA 1651H (non-core) Planning and Real Estate Development
PLA 1702H (non-core) Pedestrians, Streets and Public Space
PLA 1751H (non-core) Public Finance for Planners
JPG 1510H (non-core) Recent Debates in Urban Form
JPG 1914H (non-core) GIS Research Project
JPG 1400H (Core) Advanced Quantitative Methods
JPG 1906H (non-core) Geographic Information Systems
JPG 1554H (Core) Transportation and Urban Form
JPG 1558H (non-core) The History and Geography of Cycles & Cycling
CIV 0543H (non-core) Solid Waste Management
PLA 1516H (non-core) Transportation Futures: Funding, Energies and Technologies
CIV 0531H (non-core) Transport Planning
CIV 1507H (non-core) Public Transport
CIV 1535H (non-core) Transportation and Development
CIV 538H (non-core) Transportation Demand Analysis