Transportation Planning and Infrastructure

Transportation and infrastructure are two very important aspects of the planned environment. They are central to the development of healthy sustainable urban places, and also have important implications for the social and physical environments of places outside of the ecumene. This concentration within the MScPl program focusses on developing the capacity in students to understand the dynamic relationship between social, economic and environmental sustainability and the planning, implementation and maintenance of transportation and other forms of physical infrastructure.

To complete this concentration, in addition to the core courses that all MScPl students must complete, this concentration requires that students ALSO complete five half courses including PLA 1703H, JPG 1554H, and JPG 1400H. Please note that some of these courses might not be offered every year, so it is important to consult with your concentration advisor about available courses you can take instead.

Students could take one course outside the department that would qualify for concentration requirements.

Advisor: Matti Siemiatycki