Environmental Planning

This concentration aims to provide a basic understanding of the environmental factors and processes that affect, or are affected by, nearly all planning decisions, and to prepare planners in the fields of sustainable development, environmental assessment and environmental policy. Examples of environmental planning are drawn from experience in Toronto and other areas in Canada as well as from ‘Third World’ countries. Students entering this concentration are not expected to have previous course work or experience in the field of environmental planning, although these would clearly help.

Students choosing this concentration will select at least five half-courses, subject to the approval of the concentration advisor, from the list below.

Environmental Planning Concentration Courses




JPG 1402H Environment and Development [not offered 2013-14]
JPG 1404H Issues in Global Warming [not offered 2013-14]
JPG 1408H Carbon Free Energy D. Harvey
JPG 1410H Institutional and Organizational Ecology[not offered 2013-14]
JGE 1425H Livelihoods, Poverty and Environment in the Developing Countries C. Abizaid
JPG 1416H Environmental Consequences of Land Use Change [not offered 2012-13]
JPG 1419H Aboriginal Canadian Relations in Environmental and Resource Management [not offered 2013-14]
JPG 1421H Health in Urban Environments [not offered 2013-14]
JPG1423H Political Ecology of Food Systems [not offered 2013-14]
JPG1424H Comparative Farming Systems [not offered 2013-14]
JPG 1502H Global Urbanism and Cities of the Global South R. Narayanareddy
JPG 1508H Planning with the Urban Poor in Developing Countries A. Daniere
JPG 1510H Recent Debates on Urban Form J. Markovich
JPG1518H Sustainability and Urban Communities S. Bunce
PLA 1551H Policy Analysis and Implementation [not offered 2013-14]
JPG 1554H Transportation and Urban Form [not offered 2013-14]
JPG 1556H Transportation Systems R. Buliung
PLA1601H Environmental Planning and Policy V. Maclaren
PLA 1801H Urban Infrastructure Planning M. Siemiatycki
JPG 1914H GIS Research Project D. Boyes
CIV 0543H Solid Waste Management [check if offered]
CIV 1303H Water Resources Systems Modeling B. Karney
ENV 1002H Environmental Policy D. MacDonald
ENV 1004H Urban Sustainability  [not offered 2013-14]
ENV 1444H Capitalist Nature  [not offered 2013-14]
ENV 1701H Environmental Law P. R. Muldoon
ENV 1703H Water Resources Management L. Grima
ENV 1704H Environmental Risk Analysis and Management C. Ollson
ENV 1707H Environmental Finance and Sustainable Investing J. Ambachtsheer, S. McGeachie
HIS 1111H Topics in North American Environmental History L. MacDowell
JPV 1201H Politics, Bureaucracy and the Environment [check if offered]
JVP 2147H Environmental Philosophy [not offered in 2013-14] TBA
JFS 1460H Community Based Resource Management [not offered in 2013-14]

Additional courses may be added with the permission of the environmental concentration advisor.