Concentrations in Planning

The elective component of the MScPl program complements the core curriculum through advanced work in one of the six areas of concentration. The chosen concentration often provides an opportunity to build on the student’s undergraduate education, and anticipates the direction he or she will take in professional life.

Each concentration includes a number of courses which are designed to give a general introduction to the specialization and to permit the development of particular interests within it. Students must, in consultation with their advisors, select at least five half-courses within their chosen concentration, including those designated as mandatory. Students may elect to pursue two concentrations, with the approval of the Planning Director. In this case, double counting of some elective courses may be allowed.

In their plan of study at the end of the first year, students are also asked to identify the subject of their Current Issues Paper (PLA 1107Y). While for accounting purposes this course is considered part of the core curriculum, its subject matter represents a significant part of the student’s area of concentration.

Similarly, concentration themes are usually offered in the Workshop in Planning Practice (PLA 1106H).

For further information about each concentration, please consult the links below: