The planning internship is an essential and integral part of the Planning program. Professional work experience in a Canadian planning environment is a valuable part of a student’s education. Students will normally be expected to obtain this experience between the first and second year of the Program. Internships may be paid or volunteer work experiences that relate to any field of planning and with any kind of public/private/nonprofit or academic organization. Normally, it is expected that the length of the internship will, at a minimum, consist of at least 4 weeks of work at 20 hours a week for a total of 80 hours. This requirement is flexible and is subject to the approval from the Director of Planning. The internship may also provide an opportunity to develop the basic background data needed to prepare their planning report (PLA1107Y). While the Program in Planning faculty and staff will make every effort to assist students to find internships appropriate to their research and career interests, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain an internship. Students will need to register for the internship course, PLA 4444H. The course is non-credit and on the academic transcript will show as having a 0.00 weight.