Funding & Fees

MSc Planning

Student categoryTuition (full year)Incidentals (full year)Total
Domestic students - full-time$10,080.00$1,769.99$11,849.99
Domestic students - part-time$5,040.00$912.51$5,952.51
International students - full-time$36,150.00$1,769.99 (incidentals)
+ $756.00 (UHIP)
International students - part-time$10,845.00$936.74 (incidentals)
+$756.00 (UHIP)

The University of Toronto Program in Planning provides financial support in the form of fellowships and/or assistantships for as many masters students as possible, although funding is not guaranteed.

PhD Planning

The Department of Geography & Planning provides a financial support package to all PhD students for 4 years and all students in the Geography Master’s program for 1 year – students who are eligible to receive this package are in the “funded cohort”. (Professional program students, such as MSc Planning, are not eligible for inclusion in the funded cohort.)

More information on PhD funding…