Finding a PhD Supervisor

Applicants are expected to contact prospective supervisors at the time of application. Potential supervisors names must be listed within the application documents (in the applicant statement form). Please review the Application Tips for general advice on contacting faculty members.

The list below includes faculty who are actively recruiting students. Faculty members not listed here may also be interested in supervising graduate students. To find out about the research interests of all of our faculty members, please review our full faculty listing.

Farber, StevenProfessor Farber is seeking MA and PhD students with interests in transportation geography and planning, social justice, accessibility, GIS and spatial analysis.
Higgins, ChristopherI am currently looking for graduate students interested in modelling the urban volumetrics of 21st-century cities, 3D/4D econometric analyses of land values and urban context, and travel behaviour and accessibility in topographically-rich urban environments. See my website at for more information.
Robinson, JohnThe areas I am interested in are: Sustainable building design and operation – with a focus on the behavioural interface: building/inhabitant hybrids; The potential to create processes and activities that are net positive in biophysical and human terms at the building or urban scale; Tools and processes for community engagement around sustainable futures; Methods and theories of transdisciplinary co-production of knowledge; Transformative sociotechnical and cultural change at the urban scale; History and philosophy of environmental thought; The role of the university as living lab and agent of change for sustainability
Sorensen, AndreI am actively recruiting students with an interest in the application of new institutionalism to comparative planning and urban studies. In particular, a focus on the way institutions (defined as 'the rules of the game', or 'shared norms and enforceable rules') change, and are changed, and how they regulate processes of urban development.
Spicer, JasonI welcome PhD in Planning applicants interested in three broad areas: (i) The role that politics, planning and policy play in conditioning the viability of alternative economic forms at multiple spatial scales, from the city-region to the transnational, across the Global North. These community-oriented, social and solidarity economy alternatives may include enterprise models such as cooperatives, industrial foundations, special purpose trusts (e.g. data trusts, land trusts) and innovative non-hierarchical or non-profit networked forms in the high-tech sector. (ii) Political implications of rising inter-urban/regional economic inequality, polarization, and populism in rich democracies. (iii) Links between community development, economic development, and sexual and gender diversity.
Vinodrai, TaraI am currently seeking graduate students (Masters or PhD) interested in the development and dynamics of change in urban economies. Students with specific interests related to the cultural economy of cities, manufacturing transitions, the changing nature of work and labour markets, and the geography of innovation are especially encouraged to apply. I support student using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods in their work.
Zhang, JunI'm looking for graduate students with a serious intellectual interest, specifically in economic geography, geographic political economy, and/or China.